Salem is generally a very social person. He enjoys talking to others and findes his best moments are with friends. Salem tries to be friendly to everybody, even if they are not to him in turn. Salem feels that he must be kind to all if the faunus will ever gain equality. Salem will not stand for bullying, period. He disregards the discrimination against the faunus as an act of misunderstanding rather than an act of hate. 

Salem hopes that his actions and good deeds will reflect on the Faunus as a whole, and thinks that, in time, those around him will begin to pen up to the idea of Faunus equality.

Salem Caeruleo
Age 18
Color Pale Blue
Gender Male
Race Faunus
Species Scimitar Oryx (Oryx Dammah)
Handedness Right
Complexion Normal
Hair Pale blue
Eyes Grey
Height 5'9"
Weight 140 Lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation (former) White Fang
Team -

Salem doesn't believe in fighting anything save for Grimm. As such, he will do his best to avoid coming to blows in a confrontation with humans or faunus. Unfortunately, it is not always avoidable. If Salem feels that the other person is about to attack him, he'll try to escape. 


Salem was born into the "Old" white fang. He protested with the group for many years. He believed that the Faunus and the Humans should coexist peacefully, with neither side hating on the other. He grew very close to the group's ideals. Which is why he  started to notice changes happening within the White Fang and the way they did things. He saw the old leader step down, and what the new one had in mind, and Salem decided that the White Fang was no longer the right place to stay. He fled the group without telling anyone anything, and wondered for a week and a hald before ending up in Vale. Here, he found Signal academy. He decided that he would prove just what a faunus can do. 

Unfortunately, He was behind a year at Signal. Even though he tried very hard, he was held back a year. Salem didn't let this development stop him, and continued to train, learn, study and work. He graduated Signal only a year after he should have. 


Having a general philosophy of peace, Salem disliked the iea of fighting others. Instead of a weapon, he built a suit of armor that would allow for quick getaways, and if the need should arise, a fully protective armor. The armor is susceptible to Dust attacks, which means it isn't any good against other faunus or humans. 

Salem's sword was a family heirloom heed taken when he'd fled the White Fang. It is a simple Wakizashi, the only defining features being the tassle with the old White Fang logo on it's end, and it's pale-blue hilt.


Salem was a victim of discrimination himself, and witnessed several accounts of bullying. Salem took it upon himself to help the people he saw being bullied in any way possible. He would get very angry at the thought of one doing harm to another, and would vocalize this to his human and faunus friends. However, if he was intercepting a bully, or stopping such activities, he'd make a concerted effort to appear calm, keep his voice even, and he would appear as if nothing bothered him. His friends knew otherwise, but he was happy he was able to keep them safe.

Salem got in a fight but once, stopping a classmate from bullying another. Both were human, and both had regarded him as a freak in the past. Salem cared not, and stopped the bullying anyway. The classmate he'd saved simply walked away with no words of thanks, or even a departing thought. A disheartened Salem was confronted by several classmates, who said that what he'd done was very appreciated, and that they had been wrong for judging him as a criminal for simply being a Faunus.


Salem's weapon is a simple Wakizashi with a tassle that has the old White Fang logo on it.

Salem's armor, however, is his special tool.The Dust Manipulated Armor (DMA) is a suit of armor that uses a material that hardens in the presence of Dust, creating a suit of armor that is reacive to trauma. Dust can also be used to manipulate portions of the aror into shapess by stretching the material. The armor is computerized to a degree, having four voice-controlled modes:


The armor is not pumping Dust and has the texture and durability of cloth. This allows free movement and is good as everyday wear. Salem will use this mode at almost all times when on or around Beacon or Vale.


The armor is on and will respond to Blunt and Cutting/stabbing Force trauma. This is the average mode of Salem's armor when out fighting Grimm. 


Disabling Hardening armor in favor of a fast-attack method, Dust's magical properties are exploited to create thrusters that are attached to various places of his chast, feet, and hands. These allow for powerful kicks, enhanced sword-swinging, and greater movement.


Used as a final line of defense or to cover a retreat. This will more than likely be Salem's last sentient action, as this mode will more than likely kill or severely cripple him. This is to be used when the Grimm being fought is gaurenteed to not be killed, but needs to be stalled. 

Despair mode was designed to utilize Salem's own life force as a means of energy. His blood is drained from his body and fed into the suit. The hope is that the blood will carry enough of his life force to power the suit. Unfortunately, due to the fact that blood is easier to take out of the body than get in, Salem will have about four and a half minutes to either cripple or kill the threat before he himself dies of lack of oxygen due to blood loss. The blood is pumped around in the same "Veins" that the dust was pumped through, as such the blood takes on a glowing red color. 

This mode is designed as an absolute last resort. In the case where he and his team are almost gaurenteed to die, this would be the employed option. It should be noted that if salem can defeat the Grimm or what-have-you that he is fighting, he can deactivate despair mode and possibly save himself, or course this will still take a huge toll on his body, and he may die anyway.


>What is it you are feeling?_



Fighting style

Inspired by those who use a shield and sword combonation,  Salem developed a fighting style based on that., but utilies his armor as a shield instead. 

Salem's first action is to block the enemy's attack. If he is attacking, he will attempt to deflect the blow away from his person without losing momentum.  If he does ulose momentum, he will make an eggression in order to try again. Currently, His role is more that of a tank than a fighter, He absorbs damage due to his armor while his team attampts to flank the opponent. Salem is generally quick enough to intercept an enemies attacks on his team mates, but sometimes it comes down to a 1v1. In this instance, Salem would use the armors hardening as a shield, only attacking once successfully blocking or deflecting an attack. This allows him to take advantage of the breif loss of control the enemy has on their body once they no longer own the attacks energy.

Or, for a TL:DR of the above,  It's a shield-like block-and-parry, except using his armor as the shield.


Salem's color motif is Blue-white-black. (See CA)

The scarf he bought in Vale.
In Despair, the blue is replaced by Red, and he has white wings and a white tail. (See CA)

please refer to the Concept Art I've made for each one of his armor configs.


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