Samael Ahfohr Thanatos is the first member, and leader, of Team SCRL(t), pronounced Scarlet.


Samael is a tall, lanky individual, standing at about 6' 4" and weighing in at ~170 pounds, and clocking in at 22 years old. He sports a head of shaggy, black hair that just covers his eyes. His skin itself is very pale, although very little of it shows. His outfit consists generally of a long white trench coat with two short tails around the back of his knees. On the back of the coat sits his individual crest, which lies above the phrase "שוויון במוות" which means "equality in death" in Hebrew. The interior of the trench coat is a solid black all the way around. Beneath the coat, he wears a baggy black t-shirt with a light grey image of a skull with a bullet wound situated dead center on his chest. A white undershirt is just visible around the neckline beneath the t-shirt. He also wears a pair of dark grey (not quite black) cargo pants, with a chain hanging out of (when looking at him) his top right pocket. Samael wears white socks (although they aren't really visible) and an old, beat-up pair of black dress shoes.


Samael is rather dark individual. Because of this, very few people actually approach him. In actuality, he is a caring, compassionate man, who is just unable to show it. He is very timid, and is afraid of getting close to people because of his past before coming to Beacon. He will go out of his way to help a stranger on the street, but refuse to say a word to them during or afterwards, often disappearing before said stranger even gets a chance to say "thank you."

He is also a very intelligent individual, capable of thinking quickly while put on the spot. While often times he abhors the thought of work, he is willing to apply himself when necessary. His intelligence comes naturally to him, and he has a knack for understanding new concepts as if he'd been studying them for months. Despite a lack of any social skills, people are often surprised by his participation in any intellectual discussion, and refusal to say hello when greeted.

Samael also has a very direct sense of justice. Those who are good people should prosper, and those who are inherently not should suffer. There is no middle ground. Samael's epithet "the Reaper" came as a result of his Signal Academy classmates watching him demolish random students who were aggressing others, often threatening them with death should it happen again. His refusal to dissect fetal Grimms, on the basis that, despite instinct, there was a chance that they would not cause harm to others, and should not have been harmed themselves, and then calmly cutting his way through scores of creatures during training exercises soon after, also helped educate the other students about the consequences of crossing him, further isolating him from the rest of his peers.


Samael was born into money. His parents were established business people of less than ethical backgrounds, and he grew up used to wealth. His father had known connections to the mob, and was likely a central part of it. Despite his parents' attempts to keep him in the dark about their "business," he overheard conver

sations and meetings and phone calls, and with his intellect, deduced what his parents did behind the scenes.

Despite the family business, Samael grew up convinced that he wanted to go into law enforcement. He questioned his parents' ethics, and saw firsthand how what they did hurt other people, and his compassionate side made him want to stop it from happening any more. Growing up, he forsook his family name and the money and power that came with it and pursued a more modest way of living. During his final year at the police academy, he was approached by a man who informed him that his parents were dead, and that it was up to him to take over the business. He learned that his parents weren't involved directly with the mobs, but with larger organizations who presided the entire underground of the world. After declining, Samael's girlfriend Anna was found days later, left for dead in an alley. Despite not being on the best of terms, the loss of his parents, coupled with the loss of his girlfriend, sent Samael into a spiralling state of depression.

His mental state deteriorated, and was deemed unfit to serve as a member of the police force. Deciding that he still wished to help others who couldn't help themselves, he attended Signal Academy (already years older than the others in his class) and moved on from there to Beacon, to become a hunter, and to protect against what even the police could not.


Samaels weapon, Saint Peter, is a tall, shoulder-height metal staff. It is a metallic grey all the way through, except for two dark black grips (1 for regular use, and 1 for the spear on the end). The staff itself is completely straight from the bottom to elbow-height, at which point it stops, and curves off into a pronounced "C" shape, and continues straight for another couple of inches at the top of the C. At the point where the staff-part meets the C-part, the staff itself is hollow for about 8 inches down, and contains a 

Saint Peter 2

3D Model of Samael's Saint Peter

thick, pure-white metal spike that, upon being released, juts out of the opening and into whatever happens to be resting in the "C" at the time. The bottom of the staff is equipped with a spear-head, also white, attached to a chain, so that it may launch out at a distance and automatically return to the bulk of the weapon.


-Samael's biggest asset is his ability to think on the spot. He demonstrates great foresight and a knack for strategy both on the field and on paper.

-Samael'is very proficient with his weapon, using the spike as a finisher/cleanup and the spear as an effective mid-range weapon. His primary fighting style is to use the staff as a conduit to shape and utilize dust as an offensive force (Creator's Note: think Glynda without as much proficiency, or diversity)

-His frail physique makes him a relatively poor close-range fighter, and he relies on range when fighting most enemies.


Born of battle

Risen from dust

A king is born

Of wicked lust

Pestiferous will

And craving for pain

Brave men turned cowards

Beneath hellish reign

And light turned dark

The days of lore

Whenst came to pass

An cogadh mór

Acrossthe plains

A dreadful sigh

For thorns grow tall

Where dead warriors lie

Beware thy kin

O king of the West

For the usurper

Comes from thy nest

Eyes carved out

The reaper now comes

The land will be free

The throne to your son

Now find solace

And in darkness end

Í ríocht shíoraí

your soul will spend

The fields now empty

beneath tranquil sky

for nothing grows

where dead kings lie.


-Samael is the name of the Angel of Death in Jewish lore.

-Ahfohr is Hebrew for "Gray" or "Grey".

-Thanatos translates roughly to "death" is Greek.

-Saint Peter is the name of the angel who guards Heaven, and passes judgment upon those who meet him at the pearly gates.

-Samael's emblem is of two crimson skulls, representing his parents, both facing a black rose, reprenting, with the darkness representing the corruption of beauty.

Creator's Notes

-I'm not an artist, so there is no quality art to depict any of what is described. AdvancedPwng has agreed to help me make the emblem, so a visual representation should exist soon. A sketch/drawing of the character may or may not exist in the future, depending on whether I can get somebody else to draw one for me.

-Samael is the first of four characters I'm planning on creating, and should all go together as one team.

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