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"Hmm. . . will you be worthy for me even using one hand?"
— Samson Ethan
Samson Ethan
Age 26
Title Boss
Alias Sol
Nickname Sam or Sammy
Status Active
Color Orange
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Species Human
Born December 31st
Handedness Right
Complexion Fair
Hair Grey
Eyes Orange
Height 6’6”
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team TBD
Partner TBD
Occupation Hunter/Mercenary
Personal Status
Relatives His Father
Additional Info
Emblem Samson emblem
Likes Being the Boss, women and showing off.
Dislikes Being opposed, fake strong guys and those who look down on him.
Special Skills CQC, Dust & Aura
Weaknesses His pride, LRC & overuse of dust
Character Theme

Samson's Theme


Samson is a stubborn man with pride that can rival the sun in size. He is a man who self promotes his strength and will display it if he must. He doesn’t take kindly to anyone who thinks they're better then him and will gladly show them why he earned the title ‘Boss’ by others. In the likely case, he is thick headed and will keep a grudge and take it to the grave if it hasn’t been resolved.
Samson is also a ladies man and takes pride in taking company with a woman. Known to be a flirt and playboy, he has no problem with short relationships and has never really felt love. Though he doesn’t see women as weak, he will hold back unless a woman proves they are strong enough to make him fight seriously.
Samson’s pride can also be noted in a fight as he he doesn’t hold back when enraged. If one trashes his pride, he will not hold back and go out with killer intent. In this state, he becomes rather quiet and menacing. Even more, he aims to kill with no show of mercy. Often than not, he will resort to brutality and in some cases will turn against those who may be on his team. He will calm down if the person begins to beg for mercy and plead for their life admitting that his pride and stature is just.
Samson is also a man who respects those who have proven themselves. He seems to respect Hunters and Huntresses who are both powerful and respectful. He also seems to keep respect for his passed away grandfather and his uncle, while having a deep hatred for what his father had done to the family name. His hatred even brought upon his now secondary work as a mercenary.


Samson loves to show off and one fashion statement may be long jacket he wears. It is black with what appears to be fur that is a shade of maroon. On the back of it is a symbol of the sun with a crown in the center colored orange with black lines. His shirt is a black button down long sleeve shirt. He tucks his shirt into a his loose black pants held up by a maroon colored leather belt. He also sports a pair of maroon leather boots that resemble the era of cowboys. His Dust Rings are actually primarily platinum with a gold ring placed around the dust in the center.


Samson is a very built man who leans a tad on the bulkier side as his muscles are thicker than most. His muscles are a bit larger compared to most and it seems that is biceps and chest muscles are the most pronounced of the bunch. His tall height also makes him tower over average size people. His head is covered by grey hair that has short spikes. His face is covered in multiple scars from bladed weapons and his eyes both have scars that are a bit wider from his youth that seemed to be caused by the claw of a Grimm. His hands and fingers are a bit thicker than most, but his wide shoulders makes him come off as a big man.


Dust Rings - Samson wields eight rings that are placed on every finger besides his thumbs. Each ring has a different Dust gem in it and each one is rechargeable. He can only use up to two different rings at once and each dust crystal is protected by a material layered over them.

Combat Style

Samson is undoubtedly a close-quarters fighter who makes use of his strength, dust and aura. As is stands, Samson is a large bruiser with endurance to match. Though he lacks a large source of dust on his person at times and long-range, he makes up for this by making use of burst strikes. He does have larger stamina, but this doesn’t mean his pain tolerance is subject to larger amounts of pain. His pride also factors as if enraged, his strength and overall drive to fight go up, but his agility and speed go down to some degree. He is also quite skilled in hand to hand combat making him a fearsome brawler and distance becomes an issue unless he has access to white dust which can fill the distance gap fairly easily.


Samson overall is a powerful fighter with a marginal stamina that can make him threat in combat. His combination of aura and dust can also make him quite the beast. The different combinations of dust can also be quite threatening as he can mix up attacks of one aggressive and nonaggressive in a row.His physical brutality makes him quite the monster.


Samson has no long range strikes that are viable as he fights up close and personal. This can cost him if he runs out of dust as his dust resources aren’t meant for extended combat. If he runs low, he is left to use aura and hand to hand combat which can stress his stamina even further, this leaves him open after a bit and combined with stomping on his pride can also make him an easier target to defeat if he has been in combat for too long.


The Ethan clan was once a powerful Hunter clan lead by his Grandfather who became renown for their ability to make use of up-close weaponry and physical combat. The Ethan clan even formed a pact with other clans to support them in their battles against Grimm, sadly the last Ethan Hunter was Evan Ethan, Samson’s grandfather.
Evan passed away on the day that Samson came into existence and his father, Isaac Ethan took over the clan. Isaac, a weak man, tried to persuade new methods and sure enough, he ended up killing most of the remaining hunters in his clan. Over time, Isaac disappeared as Samson came to be raised by his mother and the only hunter to oppose Isaac’s choice, his own younger brother, Noah.
Noah taught Samson the ways of the Ethan clan and showed him to make use of their weapons. Over time, Noah came to see that their Evan, a man considered a hero and the oldest Ethan clan’s leader had his spirit and strength passed down to his Samson.
Noah, thus took Samson to their old training grounds outside the safety of their home nation. There Noah began pitting Samson against Beowolves, Ursa and other various smaller Grimm. Samson was scared by these beast, but the worst scars came from practicing with Noah who used a bladed weapon. It wasn’t until his mid teenage years that Samson managed to defeat his uncle and gain the Dust Rings used by his grandfather in his later years.
Samson soon became a student of Beacon and graduated as a Hunter, though he did often butt heads with other students who would later remember him as ‘Boss’ as he was one to show his dominance through fair fights. Though becoming a Hunter was just a step to his goal. His goal was to get back at his father as Samson read up on the history of the Ethan clan and even how they were one of most praised clans to only be later lead by his father who corrupted the clan.
Samson located his father and easily beat him to death with his hands without aid of his rings or his aura. Samson then began to work as a mercenary gaining a thrill in killing those who he considered weak physically and mentally. Samson sure enough kept his two works apart, but he does hold his title as a Hunter higher despite being a known mercenary to the underworld.


  • His first name derives from Hebrew meaning “The Sun’s Man”
  • His last name Ethan derives from Hebrew and means “Enduring”
    • Combine his name and you may get “The Sun’s Man Whose Endured.”
  • He seems to have a history with Huntresses that graduated from Beacon if they were in school with him.
    • He had either flirted or dated them to some extend even if they were teacher during the time.
  • Despite his personality, he seems to respect Professor Ozpin.
  • He has been the target of a multiple mercenaries who had been killed or been let go depending his mood.
    • The pattern seems to favor women, as the male assassins have all been killed, while the few females had been let go, one had even went on a date with him strangely enough.


  • His character basis comes from Laxus of Fairy Tail and Xanxus of KHR
  • Samson is based off Louis IX of France
    • Louis believed that he was the sun
  • His rings and overall style references the solar system
    • His rings may reference the number of planets and the sun in the Solar System.
  • His quotes are influenced by Bane of the saints Row Franchise.

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