This original character was created by CardinWinchester. Do not steal the character or info.


  • Meeting someone “You better be worth my damn time.”
  • Given a present "Guess you have some worth. . . for now."
  • Show of Respect "Don't go thinking you're better then me, because you aren't!"
  • Idle "This is a waste of time."
  • Idle 2 "I now know know what dead feels like."
  • About to eat "Guess I can grab a bite."


  • Getting a woman's attention "Excuse me Miss, may I ask for your name? You are quite the sight to behold and I don't think Gorgeous is your name~!"
  • Complimenting their clothing "Your clothes are stunning, but you are blinding me with your elegance and beauty~!"
  • Rejection "Well then, I will say good bye to you My Lady."
  • Acceptance of a date "hen I shall set up for a grand date my dear~!"


  • Entering a battle “So this is your strength?
  • Winning a fight “Come on, show me that you’re not completely a waste of space.”
  • Losing a fight “Huh, so you aren’t just an air sucker then.”
  • Victory “Guess you're below the dirt beneath my feet.”
  • Lost “You beat me. . . how cute.”
  • Aiding a teammate “Guess I’m picking up your slack.”
  • Overpowering someone “Do not speak when you are worthless creature who should be use as the dirt for my garden. At least my garden provides oxygen and isn’t complete garbage like you.”

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