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  • Dust Rings - Samson wields eight rings that are placed on every finger besides his thumbs. Each ring has a different Dust gem in it and each one is rechargeable. He can only use up to two different rings at once and each dust crystal is protected by a material layered over them.
    • Yellow - On his right index finger is the wielder of his yellow dust crystal. This crystal appears to deal with lightning as in two ways. The first is offensive which in cases his hand in a lightning. The second is an agility boost as this allows him to increase his agility. Both appear the same with electrical sparks, but only one ability may be used.
    • Red - On his right middle finger is a red dust crystal that deals with two offensive powers. The first appears to be causing a blast of fire, though it can outwards for a bit of distance, it can be used with a punch. The second is a latter ability which allows him to cause an explosion. Though the secondary ability works after a normal punch, it cannot follow up a fire blast.
    • Green - On his right ring finger sits the green dust crystal. This crystal seems to increase his overall strength. When used a hard green light appears on his hand and can easily deal damage to armor enemies. Though the burst time is rather short, so it is often used when up close and has the highest chance of hitting as the power doesn’t very long when being used in burst.
    • Orange - On his right pinky sits the orange dust gem. This gem’s purpose is to blind his opponent and follow up with an attack. It also seems to have a secondary ability that opposes green dust as it can increase the speed of his punches for a short time. It seems to have a longer duration the green, though the amount of punches in this time may match the power of the one or two blows used when green is active.
    • White - On his left index finger sits the white dust gem. This gem is a more passive ability as it seems to be linked to him increasing his speed. Though he can use it with a physical attack, it is mainly used to close in gaps.
    • Black - On his left middle finger rests the black dust gem. This gem seems to be a darker version of a violet, though it seems to be used if he is need to angle himself in mid air or correct his position. It also seems he can use focus rubble into a shield or a weapon he can launch. This ability seems to be used the longest in burst effects.He cannot do both at the same time, so he has to chose between correcting himself or focusing rubble together.
    • Blue - On his left ring finger sits the blue dust crystal. This is a shield effect that seems to repel incoming attacks or block a foe’s strike. Though this has a short burst effect, it can be followed up by a yellow or red dust attack.
    • Light Blue - On his left pinky sits his light blue dust crystal. This ring is used to trap an opponent by capturing them in ice. He will often pair this with green dust as it can increase the hit chance. Furthermore, he can use this at a bit of a distance if he aims it correctly.


Samson is well versed in the use of aura that it appears when he makes use of his Dust Rings. His aura is a orange color that is notably larger than most. He seems to focus his aura through his limbs as he connects to the use of rings.
  • When using dust, he casts spell circles that consists of one large ring and lines inside that resemble the constellation of Draco. Though Hercules connects to the large ring via runes that circle around inside the circle’s inner trimming.

Move Set

  • Yellow Ring
    • Lightning Stream - Combination of Yellow and White. This move follows a similar effect of Flash Stream, but for mid range as it dodges an attack and dashes in with a white circle to get in close.
    • Volt Step - Combination of White and Yellow. This move basically comprises of the same principle as Solar Arch, but instead, it is one blast of lightning from his Yellow ring. This with it’s momentum can equate to a devastating blast to internals and armor alike.
  • Red Ring
    • TnT Palm - Combination of Red and White. This move is to be used up close as he will activate Red as he throws a punch causing an explosion knocking his opponent back, but he will use White to get behind them and throw one more punch knocking them into the ground or to the side.
    • Hell Rain - Combination of White and Red. By launching himself into the sky above his opponent, he can release a stream of fire downwards upon his opponent. This move can cause the area to catch fire, but this move lasts for a moment meaning that the initial flame gets hotter over time with more fire being released.
  • Green Ring
    • Titan Fist - Combination of Green and White. This move is used up close, but is rather focus. He will activate the green fist, but as he throws it, he will activate white centered on his fist and launch it into his opponent with even greater force. If it lands, this devastating move can attack can shatter armor and internals upon contact if it lands.
    • Green Comet - Combination of White and Green. This is one of the most dangerous uses of using his Green ring. By launching himself at his opponent, he will activate the green ring and cause a massive strike that can launch an opponent and if not defended correctly can inflict heavy damage to internals.
  • Orange Ring
    • Flash Stream - Combination of Orange and White, this move blinds his opponent, then launches himself at them while they are blinded. This move is often used at long range to blind a marksman and close the gap on them.
    • Solar Arcs - Combination of White and Orange. This move launches him directly into his opponent, but up close he will launch a flurry of blows with the effect of the dash in hand. The lack of power is added in the first punch with a stream of punches that add additional damage.

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