I'm not good at fighting, but when you're in my sights then there will be no escaping.  


—Sapphire Hoyle

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Sapphire Hoyle

C) Sapphire Hoyle and Photon Blaster
Age 17
Color Blue
Gender Female 
Species Human
Born September 25
Handedness right
Complexion Pale
Hair Blue
Eyes Purple
Height 5'3"
Weight 105 Pounds

Professional Status

Affiliation Beacon Academy
Occupation Student
Additional Info
Likes Guns, Anything that's cute, School
Dislikes Getting bad grades, Anything that's scary
Special Skills Very good marksman, nimble, calm in combat, smart. 


Pre-Fall of Beacon

Sapphire is a girl who is quite confident in her marksman skills, but not so much in her CQC ability. She's a hard worker for school. Whenever she has bad grades (which doesn't happen) she'll be realy sad. The things she really like are guns or anything that has a connection to it. She even threats her gun like a person meaning she's taking really good care of it. If she doesn't have it with her then she will feel weak and vulnerable. She can't ignore anything that she thinks is cute, but when something is scary she will try to run away from it or shoot it. She will support her friends on the battlefield, but also in daily life.

Post-Fall of Beacon

Sapphire emotions were shookened from the Fall of Beacon, the road to recovery was tough, but as long as Eventi was there to cheer her up she would be happy. Her confidence and her hard working attitude hasn't wavered the slightest, but she'll still feel weak and vulnerable without her weapons and will try to run away from or shoot whatever scares her. Her kind and gentle behaviour is good when outside of combat, but when in combat, she is focused and determined to complete her objective.


Pre-Fall of Beacon

Sapphire has blue hair that gradually fade to purple when reaching the tips of the hair. Her eyes are the same color as her hair, but having a more purple tint to them. She wears rather light clothing. Wearing a white one piece dress, white stockings and black pointed heeled shoes. She also wears black gloves that reaches her upper arm. In her hair she has a diadem with a blue flower on each side. Around her waist hangs a brown belt with a little pocket. She has blue/purple earrings. Some say she has a princess look, but she isn't one. She caries her weapon around in a case on her back

Post-Fall of Beacon

After the Fall of Beacon, Sapphire has changed her outfit to suit the change in atmosphere during the travels to her preferred liking, retaining her light clothing style and her black gloves, her outfit now consists of a dress colored in blue and white, her belt now containing more pocket with ammunition as well as 2 holsters on either side of her hip, her shoes and stockings haven't changed. As for herself she has developed some muscle strength to help maintain movement speed while carrying her main weapon on her back.


Sapphire her mother is a huntress who is really good with a gun. She was one of the better marksmans of the huntresses. At young age Sapphire learned from her mother how to use a gun with succes and she became her private teacher. Sapphire always admired her and thought she was the coolest of all mothers. When she asks about her father then her mother will always dodge the question and just talk about something else. To this day Sapphire still doesn't know who and where her father is or if he is still alive. Sapphire was always a fast learner. Learning the way of using a gun like a proffesional quite fast. Her mother was impressed and of course happy.

On the 16th birthday of Sapphire her mother gave the Photon Blaster, the gun her mother always used in combat. At first Sapphire didn't want to accept it because it meant a lot to her mother. Her mother told her she was going to retire her job as a huntress in order to look for Sapphire's father. Telling Sapphire that she started to wonder herself where he was since Sapphire was always asking about him. At first was Sapphire shocked, but after thinking for a while she accepted the Photon Blaster. Her mom left to look for her father, but not without giving Sapphire something. Thanks to her mother Sapphire was accepted in Beacon in order to follow in the footsteps of her mother.


Pre-Fall of Beacon

Her weapon is called the Photon Blaster. It's a gun meant to use in long range combat supporting allies from a distance. It has a rectangular shape to it. The gun features a scope that has multiple zoom levels in order for the user to be as precise as possible. It is semi-automatic, but the user may not be able to use the gun in a rapid succesion. The gun itself has rather high recoil, but still manageable enough considering its size. It shoots what looks like blue laser bullets powered by dust. There is no magazine, but there are little storage capsules in the middle of the gun where the dust is stored in. The gun has two settings. The user can choose for explosive rounds or penetrating rounds. The explosive rounds detonate by impact and the penetrating rounds can pierce through thick steel. On the stock there is a small switch that is used to turn the gun on or off. The bullets travel fast and hit hard, but as said earlier the recoil is quite high.

Post-Fall of Beacon

After the Fall of Beacon, her Photon Blaster has been modified to use less power and increase ammo capacity by decreasing the ammount of Dust used in the Storage Capsules, the reduced power also lessens the recoil a bit, but the drawback to the increased Dust Effeciency is that the Photon Blaster's penetration power with normal rounds is weakened... In addition to the Photon Blaster's modifications, she has also spent several days and Lien to build herself a pair of Photonic Dual Wielding Pistols [PDWP] that she calls "Lluvias Benditas". The power and ammo capacity of the Lluvias Benditas are inferior to Photon Blaster's, but the recoil of the pistols are greatly reduced to ensure that she stays on the move when traversing sniper spots while fending off hostiles.

Teamwork with Eventi

Sapphire is confident in her LRC abilities, but she's a poor CQC fighter. She became friends and allies with Eventi A. Takeshi-Meso who exhales in CQC. They are a perfect duo. Eventi taking care of enemies that are nearby Sapphire and Saphire can protect her from a distance from enemies that are far away. Both of them belong to different teams, but Sapphire is certain that she made a good friend and a reliable partner.

Creator's Notes

  • Sapphire is one of the 4 traditional gemstones and has a blue color to it.
  • This image is found on the website called "Konachan".
  • In the Spanish language, "Lluvias Benditas" means Blessed Showers
  • The blue and white dress of her Post-Fall of Beacon attire is a reference to the partnership she has with her fellow teammate, Eventi

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