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"If you’re going out with a bang, might as well be done by a pretty lady~!"
— Sara Cruz
Sara Cruz
Age 17
Title Explosive Queen
Alias Cross
Nickname N/A
Status Active
Color Red
Gender Female
Race Latino
Species Human
Born  ???
Handedness Right
Complexion Tan
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Height 5’5”
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team AZIC
Partner Sebastian Ira
Occupation Student/Mercenary
Personal Status
Relatives The Cruz Family
Additional Info
Likes Dancing, explosions and being the main attraction.
Dislikes Not having fun, things not going boom or being the center of attention.
Special Skills CQC & Explosions
Weaknesses LRC & Self Damage
Character Theme

Sara's Theme


Sara is a gal who just wants to have fun even if it means blowing up a building once or twice. She loves being the center of everyone’s eye nd even loves the sound of an applause if she puts on a show. She is the life of the party as one will put it and she won’t has no problem pulling out the big toys to do it.
Sara in a fight is often two face as her first side is her typical playful side. She will often use her explosives to create a big show, but if one gets past that, she will resort to her killer Argi. When she is challenged, she becomes rather dark and sinister as she will aim to mortally wound a person. In this state, she can become rather fearsome and not afraid to get up close and use her explosives at point-blank.
Sara’s also not completely black hearted as she does have a goal to get married to a man who stands out and even have a family. Though she does hide this, she seems to take a liking to guys who are odd to most. She even keeps a list of men she be interested in.



Sara’s clothing consists of a red maroon color with her torso encased in a button down long-sleeve blazer. The buttons are a gold color. Her undershirt is a no-sleeve yellow shirt with a red cross planted on the center of her chest. Her blazer is matched with a long skirt that reaches down to her knees before it takes on the rings of a Flamenco dress. She also wears yellow high-heels that have coils that go up her calves. Her blazer’s trimmings resembles the rings of the Flamenco dress and are a Gold color. She also wears maroon gloves.


Sara is a slim woman whose curves pop out, but from muscle. She has a lean build and her slender legs seem to be the best example of this. She has an average length neck, though her long fingers are complimented by her long nails. She has small feet and her waist is smaller than average. Her dancing also makes use of her body and shows it off as well as keeping her body in balance. Sara’s hair is also fairly average that is held in a French braid, though she switches style. Her hair is is a reddish brown tint and her eyes often come off a bit smaller, though they still have an average size to them.

Weapons & Abilities


  • Magdalenas - Her main weapons are Multi-Dust Grenades or MDGs. They are actually often hidden beneath her dress and wrapped her upper thighs or calves. In her heels are trigger that when activated drop live grenades from their slots. This trigger is also built into her gloves. She can even remove them manually if she desires.
  • Argi - Her secondary weapon is a polearm axe that has a built in rocket-launcher feature or ARPDG. The pole itself for the most part remain long and slim, but when it turns, the long polearm expands as the pole retracts and a hand drops out. Though it is already loaded, she can also feed in her own MDGs into it if she ever desires. The regular ammunition is filled with red dust for explosive damage.

Combat Style

Sara tends to be one to get in close and surprise her opponent with an explosive attack. The method is to drop a Magladena and kick t up close at her opponent. If it misses, she will continue to drop more. She is one to use her Flamenco-based dancing style to dodge attacks and drop grenades where her opponent will go. If one manages to strike her a couple times, her anger will rise and she will unsheathe her Argi to which she will use with her style to make strikes and follow through. If one tries gaining distance, she will alter Argi into it’s RPG state and fire Grenades directly at them or at their feet.


Sara is a strong explosive expert even to the point that using explosive weapons is a bad idea. Her large artesanal of grenades makes her a deadly opponent up close as she isn’t afraid to use the grenades even in explosive range. Her dancing style allows her to distract an enemy and drop grenades at their feet. Her dark-side also makes use of a durable blade weapon that also can even up mid-range combat by firing her grenades at her opponent.


Sara is generally bad at long range and with her weapon’s arch fire, aiming can become a bit tricky to use. Her talent in using explosives up close can also cost her as she may also harm herself or even knock herself out if she has consumed a bit of her stamina. Though she has fair stamina, long battles are not a viable option for her in any manner. This being said, she also lacks any formal aura training that leaves her open to attacks unarmed or even healing injuries in combat.


Sara is a member of the Cruz family, a family known to serve as Mercenaries from after the Great War. The Cruz family rose as those who had fought Grimm now only protected safe havens and the paay not being the same, they turned to Black Warfare, assassinations to be exact. They didn’t hesitate to kill and many came to know the Cruz family for their work.
Sara’s father, Roland Cruz was like the rest of the Cruz, until he met Sara’s mother Selena Flores, a beauty like no other. roland began to take less work to be with Selena who had never heard of the Cruz family as she wasn’t from the same region as the Cruz family. Taking this, he would hide it until three years later, when Selena had been impregnated by Roland who revealed the truth to her. Selena didn’t care about it in the slightest as she loved Roland for him, not for what he does.
Sara was born and she was raised under the influence of her mother, though her father noticed his daughter loved dancing for her papa. Roland raised her and slowly began to slip the message of the Cruz into her and sure enough, he began to teach her how to use the tool of the Cruz family, a polearm with an axe-head on it or a halberd as many named it. Though she didn’t care for it, she did it to make her Papa happy and she continued to dance to make her Mama happy as well.
Time passed and Sara became a mercenary for the Cruz family. She began to dance for the wealthy and not revealing her age, she managed to get in close, but she tricked old men who became her targets and blew them up by placing a grenade in their mouth when they tried kissing her. She leave and evidence of her being involved was never found as oher Cruz members cleaned up and paid the local Police Force to look the other way.
Sara not being known as a mercenary had an interest in being a Huntress after she encountered a girl at a local Dance Competition whose goal was to become a Huntress. Sara had lost to her, so she decided to hunt grimm and enter Beacon. With no real ties to any of the events related to the Cruz family, her superb skills and having experience, she was gladly accepted, though she wishes to take revenge and surpass the one person who had only beaten her, Akane Date.



  • Entering a fight “My, my, let the Grand Show begin~!”
  • Winning a fight “Oh, are you already tired little lamb~?”
  • Losing a fight “T-This isn’t true, I’m suppose to be the star!!!”
  • Becoming enraged “I shall make you feel the pain of the dead~!”
  • Victory “Your swan song had no rhythm~!”
  • Lost the fight “I lost. . . this is not my swan song!”
  • Seeing a man she likes “Mmm, I wonder how he is when he performs~?”
  • Seeing Akane “It’s her, my one and only rival!”


  • Sara Cruz means 'Princess Cross'
  • Her list of guys has a surplus of guys who are anywhere from the 6’2” upwards
  • She seems to have a rivalry with Akane Date
    • Despite Akane not being aware of it in any form
  • She has taught a couple classes for young girls in her family’s dancing.
    • She taught in place for her mother on occasion.


  • Her name meaning Princess can relate to royal colors
    • Red being one
    • Even more so, her last name Cruz being of Spanish origin
      • Red being another related color of the country
  • Her first name was inspired by the dancer Sara Baras
  • Fem!Spain, Fem!France and Belgium from Hetalia
  • Agustina de Aragón inspired her weapons
  • Rosarita from Black Lagoon inspired her use in grenades.
  • The Dark Queen of Spain lead to her nickname.
    • Said to haunt the roads of Estantiqua, which she once ruled, but only at night
  • Her Magdalenas refers to the name Magdalena which is a ‘Woman from a river’
    • Them dropping from her dress could be a reference to water exiting a river.
  • Her axe Argi means ‘light’
    • This could reference that when firing ammunition it creates a light.
  • Her dancing style is based on the Flamenco style of Spain

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