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Scarlet Flor de Lis Desierto





Ereshikigal and Flora


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Hair Color


Eye Color

Hazel Green

Professional Status

Beacon Academy



Personal Status

Older Sister
Sinan (little brother)

Scarlet Flor de Lis Desierto is a student at Beacon Academy. She holds two swords as a weapon: Ereshikigal and Flora.


Scarlet has sharp, hazel green eyes. She has a headpiece, designed with blue dust crystals. She wears a long, combat dress. Scarlet also has knee-high boots and arm guards. Because of her faunus heritage, she has the ears of a tiger.


Untamed. Shrew-ish. Unpredictable. The three answers when being told to describe who Scarlet is. Because of her rough childhood, she doesn't know how to socialize around normal people. She is a very proud character who doesn't care what others think of her. All she cares about is how her little brother, Sinan, thinks about her. Scarlet has stated in the past that "everything she does is in the name of [Sinan]."

Scarlet, at times, does have a gentle side to her. Under her tough exterior personality, Scarlet is like a big sister. Unfortunately, she only shows this side to Sinan. She rarely shows this off, even to her own team.

Like Cordelia, she is distant from both her team and her classmates. She has a hatred for Grimm, specifically the King Taijitu.

Weapon, Abilities, and Skills

Ereshkigal is a long single-edged scimitar sword meant for heavy hitting. The blade is much thicker than its thin and slender counterpart, so it is more widely used. It can be used on many different types of enemies and is held in the dominant hand; hence it is the primary weapon. But since it is heavy, it takes a lot of stamina to swing it down. Ereshkigal, unlike Flora, is a pretty ordinary sword that cannot channel dust. The only "special" thing about it is its shape where the curve helps to allow easier (yet still heavy) slashes of such a thick blade, resulting in fast yet very strong and forceful hits.

The Flora sword is a "straight single-edged saber". It is very light and used for quick slashes and thrusts. It's not necessarily recommended for use against armor, but since its slender and pointed it can be used to pierce through skin and tissue. The Flora sword has the ability to use dust. Scarlet holds this in her left hand.

When sheathed, The Flora is tucked away in a pouch-like sheath, installed within the blade of the Ereshikigal. The Ereshikigal is attached to the back of her waist.


Scarlet has a two siblings: an older sister and a little brother named Sinan. Growing up, Scarlet and Sinan were negleted by their parents since they were born, only caring about their first born child to take their place as cheif of a small faunus village. Scarlet usually spent her time playing around in a human village close by. One day, she meets a homeless young boy named Arlyn Yuanjun and she talked with him for a while.

When she finds out that he was abandoned by his parents, Scarlet took him home. However, Scarlet's parents would never accept a human into their household. Instead, Scarlet took him to a monastery, where he was taken in. Scarlet and Sinan often visited him, but after her older sister left Scarlet took her place as the next successor of the throne.

Months later, she understood the reason why her older sister left. Scarlet overheard her parents talk about marrying her off when she would turn 15 to a man she didn't know. At the point, Scarlet didn't like the idea of arranged marriages and couldn't put Sinan in her position. She took Sinan and left the village. They went to the monastery and took Arlyn as well, seeing as he was her only friend at the time. Not long into the three running away, Arlyn (out of thinking it was best for her village) ratted Scarlet's location out to her parents and the three were forced to go home.

Five years later, Scarlet was going to marry a man by the name of Menefer when her village was mysteriously attacked by a King Taijitu and Scarlet ran away with Sinan. Since then, she's learned to be a thief in order to provide for her little brother and herself.


Beacon Academy

She is a first year student at Beacon Academy.



She cut all ties with her parents and older sister, wherever she may be. Scarlet's only considered family is Sinan, her little brother. She has a very close relationship her little brother.

Arlyn Yuanjun

Scarlet has mixed feelings for him. She utterly hates him after she found out he was responsible for the attack at her village and causing the death of her best friend/ fiancee. She wants to kill him out of vengeance when she saw him again. However, she can see his guilt and, in turn, makes her feel twice the guilt.

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