I'm not doing this just to fight Grimm. There are more monsters than just the Grimm...I aim to help fight the monsters closer to home.
— Scarlet


Scarlet Johnson
Scarlet Johnson
Age 18-19
Status Active
Color Scarlet
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Species Human
Handedness Right handed
Complexion Light tan
Hair Brown
Eyes Green
Semblance Quick Time
Professional Status
Affiliation Student, Vale Police (Junior Detective, Wolfpack)
Team Team RDLS
Personal Status
Relatives Carmine Johnson (Mother), Cornell Johnson (Father)
Additional Info
Emblem Images?q=tbn-ANd9GcSV36WI95rvNACqIsgyeDVUrc3YvuQ8quFCstIQ0OfAuvMjMyjD
Likes Weapons, Mechanics, Sleeping
Dislikes Major social situations
Special Skills Marksmanship, Tech knowledge
Weaknesses non-social, lacks CQC skills
Character Theme

AC/DC - Back in Black
Battle Theme

Simon Viklund - Mayhem Dressed in a Suit


Scarlet is a moderately built male with brown hair and has bright green eyes. His hair is somewhat bushy but still kept neat to a degree, and is kept this way by him as it feels comfortable. Johnson wears a black suit with a scarlet tie, the suit of which has been modified to withstand more wear and tear than a normal variant. Instead of wearing a Beacon Academy uniform, he wears his suit, which they let slide because it looks close enough to the uniform (almost the same, minus the blue undervest). Rather than wearing shoes to go with the suit, he wears white sneakers with a red trim which helps him move about better. On his left wrist is a device which helps plot trajectories as well as projecting a hologram around his body to help him hide when necessary, which can also house his Scroll when needed, and on his right is a small frame which locks his weapon in place when stored. His casual appearance consists of a black T-shirt with a red outlined Beowulf head and the world "Wolfpack" under it in red lightning letters, cargo pants, a brown jacket for cold weather, a shoulder holster that formerly belonged to his mother and a neck chain with his official Junior Detective badge attached.  


Being lazy when it comes to most things, Scarlet doesn't usually socialize with other people, except while in the field or when needed. When motivated, he is straightforward but generally kind and considerate towards most others and can work well when he wants to. Johnson is also a gun/weapons nut, and loves studying and pulling apart weapons whenever he has the spare time. He also collects bottle caps, and can play guitar If he can be bothered to pick it up. Due to his enthusiasm with weapons, most people find him uninteresting or somewhat weird due to his passion for weapons.


Scarlet's family have been in law enforcement for generations, whether it be police, military or hunters/huntresses. Being born and raised in Vale's Residential District with his mother Carmine and father Cornell, he had fairly happy and content upbringing, albeit a somewhat boring and lonely one. Training to be a hunter like his father, Scarlet spent most of his time practicing fighting or making weapons. His lazy attitude comes from his mother, due to most of Scarlet's time being spent with his father. To make up for lost time he spent several years of holidays in his down time with his mother, training to be a junior detective with the Vale P.D. He entered Beacon after finishing at Signal with some other combat worthy graduates, hoping to prove his worth and maybe even find someone that he can finally "talk shop" with. During the Grimm invasion of Vale, Scarlet was called away from Beacon to assist the P.D with protecting and evacuating civillians in the city.

New York Minute

Weapon: Compact High Velocity Pistol

Type: Ranged, Melee

Gauss pistol

early variation with lasersight

Derivation:  Pistol, Rifle, Nightstick

New York Minute  is Scarlet's weapon of choice. It is a compacted long range, high velocity Pistol, which at the press of a button the back can be folded out to create a high durability nightstick. Not being a fan of close quarters combat, he usually leaves the nightstick feature as a last resort. The weapon is a light grey colour, with some outer parts having a polished chrome finish. It also comes with a detachable long range scope/flashlight/lasersight, which can be attached to either the slide on top or the bottom of the barrel. For sniping, the barrel extends out and allows for a bipod, with the back folded out for stability. This feature can be used both for sniping and the use of a battle rifle, the latter of which is used for medium to long range shooting while on the move.

The weapon is stored either in Johnson's right sleeve, which has been modified to house the gun, or his shoulder holster on the left side of his chest. At the press of the cuff link on the sleeve, the gun slides out to be used in an instant. Magazines are carried either in the underside of the jacket or on his belt, varying from Armour Piercing (AP) and High Explosive (HE), to sleeping gas and Shock bolts, which can fit up to 14 (7 for shock bolts) rounds per mag.  

MOR-94 Hammer image

finished version (without attachment)

However, due to the large amount of firepower, the weapon has a slow rate of fire and large kickback when being used. To compensate while sniping, the weapon must be extended, stationary and if necessary mounted via a bipod to a static surface (i.e a wall or the ground) if long range accuracy is to be guaranteed.


Not being very athletic, Scarlet has little close quarters combat training, preferring do the fighting at medium to long range. He is very accurate and claims to be able to hit a target over a kilometer away, however this has not been proven. Johnson also has the uncanny ability to do repairs (minus welding due to lack of equipment) in the field. He has also received police training from his mother and her friends in the force, which includes (but not limited to) how to non lethally take down an opponent with a gun, combat with a nightstick (however limited) and weapon discipline. 

Scarlet's semblance is called "Quick Time". It is a reaction enhancer, specifically with his eyes. This enhancement allows him to react quicker with his eyes, giving him the ability to assess and process information faster (this does not "slow down" time, it simply allows him to use his eyes quicker). For combat purposes, he uses this ability to either try and read an opponent's moves, allowing for a faster reaction to dodge or counter, or to pull of accurate snapshots. Outside of combat, he uses this ability to help study for exams and tests. To avoid strain on the eyes and brain, this ability has a cool-down of five minutes, after a maximum use of one minute. Excessive use can lead to headaches, nausea and inability to concentrate. 


- Medium to long range 

- Marksman

- Tech Savvy

- Only works well with those he has formed a bond with

- Average mobility

- Dedicated (if lazy at times)


  • His name and weapon is a reference to Scarlet Johannson, who was born in New York.
  • The phrase "New York Minute" means in the blink of an eye, or in an instant. A high velocity weapon allows rounds to travel very long distances while maintaining  a high amount of velocity/speed, therefore earning the weapon's name "New York Minute".
  • Scarlet's parents are former Pro-Faunus activists.
  • Scarlet has a crush on Yang Xiao Long, but hasn't told anyone.
  • Scarlet is mainly based on 2 fictional characters. Agent 47, a professional assassin from IO Interactive's Hitman franchise who is known for his trademark suit and tie; and Cole Phelps, an LAPD Detective from Rockstar Game's L.A Noire.
  • Scarlet, Carmine and Cornell are all different shades of the color red.

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