People are cruel, even if they don't know it
Scarlet Sang
Age 18
Nickname Scar
Color Scarlet
Gender Female
Race Human
Handedness Right
Hair Red
Eyes Bark brown
Height 171cm
Weight 73kg
Professional Status
Team Team SCAR
Partner Rovell Aurton
Occupation Student
Additional Info
Special Skills Extensive skill with her exoskeleton
Weaknesses Fragile state of mind, very little combat training
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Scarlet had worked with her mother from a young age. Her mother, Rouge, designed and made a variety of exoskeletons to increase durability, manoeuvrability or just accessibility to any that needed it. Scarlet didn't have the same creative mind as her mother but she helped to test, maintain and repair the exoskeletons that were made. Because of the testing done over the many years she developed a unique set of skills with the exoskeletons. Part of this she also performed repairs on some of the more fiddly weapons that needed a fine touch. This meant over the years, Scarlet came into contact with many warriors and hunters. With the time she spent with her mother, and using the exoskeletons she made, many of them spent some time with her. She picked up bits and pieces because fo them, building a small routine when she tested the exoskeletons.

Her father watched her 'training' one day, had asked her a question. "My dear girl, I look at you and see a warrior, but you stay and help your mother. What is it that keeps you here?"

Scarlet's answer had not surprised him "She helps people. So if I help her, I help people."

He had put his hand on her shoulder. "I hear those at Beacon help people too"

Holding out some forms, Scarlet didn't know it at the time that they were transcripts for the academy. Her parents had given her a way before she'd even thought about it.

She had hesitated at this, "If I went to Beacon I wouldn't get to see you"

Seeing him was very important for her he knew. His job had kept him away from home often. He had kissed her forehead and led her inside.


She woke up. Looking for the source of her name. It was her mother, standing by the doorway with a large container. Scarlet rubbed her eye and stood up, trying to rid herself of the drowsiness. Rouge placed the container of the table, and opened it for her to see. Scarlet looked inside, seeing an exoskeleton with many modifications. This must have been the project she kept from me.

She noticed the bracers were significantly larger, feeling their edge. Her mother gestured for her to turn around. She began clipping on the exoskeleton as she talked.

"It will be my last one. Every since..." Scarlet felt her pause, she knew that her father's death had struck her deeply. The accident had been two months ago, the day after he had suggested going to Beacon. Rouge continued.

"This is my gift to you, with it I want you to go and help as many as possible"

She finished attaching the final piece, then  looked into her eyes.

"I have completely reworked the system, you know the thruster controls, but I added some things to the bracers. They each contain a blade and small gauss rifle. These can be controlled with these movements" She traced the movements with Scarlet's thumb, describing the use of each control.

"There is one more thing, just let me get it" Her mother walked back to her workshop.

Scarlet heard glass break somewhere outside, briefly wondering what got broken.

She brushed her thumb along her fingertips, turning on the controls. With the system on she tested the modifications. The blade slid smoothly from the bracer and she examined it for a moment, before retracting it. The gauss rifle reminded her of a weapon her mother had repaired long ago, and remembering the damage it could cause, she decided it could be tested another time.

Scarlet heard footsteps behind her.

"Hey kid. Where are the armoured ones?"

She turned around, seeing a man pointing a pistol at her.

He spoke again. "Tell me where your mother keeps the armour and no one gets shot."

Scarlet thought about her father. There is more than one way to help people.

She flicked her fingers, the mini-jets on the exoskeleton launching her straight at him.

The blade emerged and she swept it across, knocking his gun away. He pulled the trigger, startled by her sudden lunge. Scarlet heard a cry of pain and spun around. Rouge was clutching her chest, a large patch of blood around her hand. She fell to the ground. Another shot was fired and Scarlets throat exploded in pain. She knew the wound was serious but she didn't care. She looked at her mother. The man had shot the bullet, but she had shifted his aim. The man was cursing under his breath behind her. She flicked her fingers, the mini-jets firing into action. The blade slid from the bracer, and with both her strength and the thrusters, she plunged it deep into his chest. She could feel herself losing consciousness, and in her last moment of anger, closed her eyes and fired the gauss rifle.

Scarlet opened her eyes. A white room greeted her. She tried to look around, but a neck brace held her head still. She reached up to touch it and felt the weight of her arm. She still had the exoskeleton on. Her hand brushed against the brace, feeling the patch around her neck. She let out a soft sigh.

A voice drifted in the door "She's awake."

Footsteps sounded in the room. Scarlet didn't wait. "My mother, is she alive?"

Her throat burned as she spoke. The dull ache flaring with the movement. The doctor stopped. "She's fine at the moment, but you should get"

Scarlet cut him off "At the moment? She could get worse?"

The doctor held up his hand "She is in a coma, we don't know what will happen. But you need rest, that neck wound won't heal if you keep moving."

Scarlet rolled to the side of the bed. She felt dizzy as she sat upright, but she continued anyway. The doctor was saying something and trying to stop her from leaving the bed, but she couldn't hear him. As she went to stand the doctor held her shoulders. Scarlet wouldn't let him stop her, if she didn't see her mother now, she might not at all. The blade slid out and the doctor backed off quickly. She started walking. She made it down the hall and into Rouge's room.

She was pale, too pale to be healthy. Scarlet stroked her cheek, the glove removing her chance to feel her skin. A tear fell onto the bed. She kissed Rouge's forehead.

"I'll make the world better for you."


Scarlet has a somewhat daggy appearance, her time spent in Rouge's workshop has seen to that. Her dark blue jeans are covered in patches where dirt, grease or oil has just refused to be washed out. There are a few tears along them, as well as the bottom of the left leg being frayed. Her faded red shirt is in better condition, with only a few dirty spots and a couple of tears. The tough leather boots she wears where once a dark brown, but after being scuffed for several years and having many things being dropped on them, they are scratched across most of their surface. Scarlet herself is rather well built, reasonably tall and not lacking any muscle. Her nose is slightly crooked after breaking it during a exoskeleton test, and while this doesn't detract from her looks, the large scar on her throat usually puts people off. She keeps her dark red hair reasonably short, pulled back from her face. Her symbol is a spanner.

Weapons and skills


The mini-jet assault exoskeleton (MJAE) Scarlet named after Rouge, was designed to increase manoeuvrability dramatically while giving offensive potential. This is done by incorporating weapons into the exoskeleton itself, allowing the operator use the extensive controls for the jets while engaging an opponent. The bracers were enlarged to accommodate a blade along the forearm and a small gauss rifle. The overhauled control system now allows the occupant to use the full range of thruster commands, including controls for deploying the blades and firing the rifles. The exoskeleton itself is sturdy enough to endure the punishment of close combat, but will not support the use of the mini-jets if weakened or broken. The mini-jets have been redesigned for more sustained use, now being able to fire for up to 20 seconds, rather than 8 seconds, before overheating. A minor modification by the current user included clips for gauss refills along the thigh plates, along with dispersion system to stop her getting electrocuted from the gauss rifle. This will shut down the electronics if a significant amount of energy is flowing through it.

Abilities and skills

Scarlet has not yet developed her fighting skills, but can use all aspect of Rouge with ease. The extra speed and power gained from the mini-jets can make up for her lack of skill, provided she only faces one or two foes. Her inexperience can lead to her stepping past her bounds, missjudging her oponents skill or making rash decisions. Typically, her style is based around using the exoskeleton to enhance her attacks, and speed up her movements. Quick stabbing movements and swinging strikes are her most common attacks, meant for being employed by the mini-jets extra power and speed.

Semblance: Progressive Toughening

While this semblance is as of yet unknown to Scarlet, what it allows her to do is gain a resistance to damage when receiving damage. When a hit connects, her semblance gives her aura a slight increase in resistence to further damage for a short time. This effect stacks with each hit, meaning Scarlet can gain a great tolerance to damage if taking many hits. The only draw back to this is needing to be hit to gain this, as stronger blows will do their damage before her semblance boosts her aura, and that she needs to receive damage constantly to retain this buff. It can be very tiring for her, but means that her lower skill level will not automatically hold her back.


Scarlet is currently in a state of flux. Before the attempted robbery she was a very passive person, simply letting life drift by. Now she has taken her families words into account and is trying to make something of her life. She is most often quiet, mainly due to not having been actively social. Another reason for this is after the wound to her throat, talking can cause her pain. This doesn't stop her at all but her secluded life can leave her unsure of how to go about situations. She has a fragile state of mind after being involved in her mothers injury, and her subsequent coma. Shouldering the blame often leads to her being in a depressive mood. Most of the time she will try and cheer up with people around, but rarely gets to a happy state. Scarlet's attitude has been bent somewhat, for she once valued life greatly and believed that everyone deserves help. Now she is very willing to kill others if they are willing to do the same. 

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