Schimugia Hasegawa
Codebreak icon
Age 19
Nickname CodeBeak
Status Active
Color Brass Brown
Gender Male
Professional Status
Occupation Student


Schimugia is a Steampunk person having Onyx Black hair, brown eyes, and wears anything related to being a blacksmith, with gears, sprockets, and of course, steam.


He's shy at first, but given enough time to warm up to anyone, he can be very reliable. His downside, is that he cannot lie at all.


He is friends with Robin Arashi Vitian and Demetri Anacona.


At a young age, he was born into being a weapon smith, but has to run away since his family was killed in a robbing. He till carries the tradition of making weapons out of scrap, brass an sheet metal.


His weapons, called Yamato Arms, are Sprocket Bracelets which can turn into arm blades. It's the only weapon that he didn't make and it's made of Iron and Steel.


Due to not being able to have his hands on other weapons, he is granted with bringing the unfamiliar weapon's hidden abilities according to it's history.

More is to come



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