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Sefu Mercury
Age 18
Alias Dead Leaf
Nickname Sef, Mercury
Status Active
Color Silver
Gender Male
Race Human
Born Where: Mistral

When: ???

Handedness Right
Complexion Fair
Hair Brown
Eyes Hazel
Height 5'5"
Professional Status
Affiliation Haven Academy
Team Team MRCY
Partner Kishan Chandra
Occupation 2nd-year Huntsman-in-training
Personal Status
Relatives Father - Unknown

Mother - ??? Mercury (Deceased)

Additional Info
Dislikes Kishan, racism.
Special Skills Shooting.
Sefu Mercury, usually just called Sef or Mercury, is the leader of Haven's 2nd-year Team MRCY (Mercury). His partner is Kishan Chandra.


Sef doesn't look very intimidating. His thin frame doesn't seem to have much muscle, and he doesn't really stand out with an around-average height of 5'5" and a fair complexion. He keeps his brown hair neat and his face clean-shaven. His hazel eyes can look either brown or green depending on the light.


At first glance, Sefu looks like a laid-back, carefree, and easygoing individual. This is mainly because he's found that if he's relaxed, others will be as well. He'll even go and make jokes, sometimes at his own expense, to help clear up tense situations between people.

The truth that most don't realize, however, is that Sef is actually a quite serious person. He may joke around and seem not to give a damn, but he's no slouch.

Sefu cares very much for those whom he leads, and sees it as his responsibility to make sure they're safe. If they get hurt in any way, he will take it very personally, and will find a way to see how it's his fault, whether it actually was or not. Sef still believes it's solely his fault that (TBA) died, and has vowed to never let anyone get hurt, let alone die, on his watch again.


Sefu doesn't remember much about his early years, besides what the police told him when he was 5: His mother was dead. Killed. And supposedly, he had seen something. However, Sef couldn't remember anything of what happened - nothing at all. It was clear that whatever happened was so traumatic, his brain had basically erased it, shut it away, to never be seen again.

As for his father, the police couldn't find him. Apparently, Sef's mother hadn't kept anything on the guy. And as a result, Sef was placed in an orphanage, where he was soon to meet one of his best friends.

One day, Sef found some slightly older kids picking on this one girl who looked a little weird. Wondering why they were picking on her, he went over and asked, and was told she was a "dirty Faunus." Being the young kid he was, Sef didn't really get what they meant, for he'd never met a Faunus before, nor could he remember being told about them. So, he defended the girl.


  • Silver, to Sef, is a hot-headed one-woman army. He often (metaphorically) tiptoes around her, not wanting to push one of her buttons. When he or someone else does, however, he's quick to try to calm her down, knowing her temper could put all their lives at risk.
  • Sef doesn't really know what to do with his arrogant partner. He sees Kishan as a know-it-all, one that likes to show off and have an attitude - a racist one, at that. If he wasn't leader, Sef would probably sock the guy upside the head. As it is, he knows he needs to set the example, especially with Silver's temper. But despite the guy's attitude, Sef knows he can trust Kishan with his life.




Semblance & Abilities




Sefu is a great shot, due to both regular practice and constantly challenging himself with harder and harder shooting conditions (as in crosswinds, range, etc).

Trivia & Author's Notes

  • Sefu means "sword" in Swahili.
  • Mercury is a silver metal. It's also the name of the Roman god of all travelers (whether thieves or merchants or anything in-between) and thievery.
  • Sef is the RWBYfied (and more fleshed-out) version of one of my previous OCs, Brandon Williams. While not totally the same, as they're in two completely different worlds, they are still similar in a variety of aspects.
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