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I seek to destroy their lives as they did mine.
— Sekhmet
Sekhmet Red
Sekhmet Red
Age 17
Status Active
Color Amber
Gender Female
Race Faunus
Species Lion
Born City: Nubia

Date: November 4

Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Tanned
Hair Golden brown
Eyes Gold
Semblance Sunstorm
Height 5'10
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team SGRA
Partner Kohaku Säde
Occupation First year Huntress-in-training
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed mother and father
Additional Info
Likes Danger, her friends, common sense, having a plan
Dislikes Doing nothing, people who use no common sense, stupid or annoying people
Special Skills Very acrobatic, hand-to-hand fighting, melee combat
Weaknesses Low defense, ranged combat, impatient, sadistic, defiant

Sekhmet Red is a Lion Faunus, and a member of the first-year Beacon team Team SGRA. Her partner is the leader of the team, Kohaku Säde.

After the Fall of Beacon, Sekhmet has struck out on her own. She's currently travelling around Vale.


Sekhmet is pretty tall, standing at 5'10. She has long, wavy golden brown hair that slightly resembles a lion's mane. Her eyes are cat-like, and are gold in colour. Her Faunus feature is a pair of lion ears. She has a long scar slashed across her face, from above her right eyebrow to below her left eye.

Pre BoB

Sekhmet's main outfit consists of a golden-yellow sleeveless shirt with an orange vest over it. Over both of these, she wears a light yellow jacket with red insides, with the edges of the shirt folded to reveal the red. She wears a brown belt over the jacket, in which her weapon is held. To add to her outfit, she wears an orange bandanna around her neck. She wears red pants with flame patterns on the edges near her feet, and black ankle boots.

For formal occasions, Sekhmet will wear a flame orange dress. The dress has long, off-the-shoulder sleeves, a red ribbon on her chest, and reaches down to her knees. Sekhmet will also have a pair of red thigh-high socks, and she will keep her ankle boots.

Post BoB

Sekhmet's outfit recieves a few changes. She ditches her old vest and jacket, instead wearing a blood red, knee-length coat. The coat has a hood, which Sekhmet often uses when she's out. Sekhmet keeps her bandanna around her neck. Her shirt now reveals a bit more of her cleavage. She also wears loose, black pants tucked inside dark maroon boots. On her back, she has a large sheathe for Wildest Dreams.

Her hair is also a little longer and messier, and she has bags under her eyes due to exhaustion.


The best word to describe Sekhmet is defiant. She has a liking for defying orders and doing things her own way. Her way, though can be reckless and dangerous, but she doesn't care. As long as she enjoys it, that's all she needs.

She is also sadistic in battle. She shows a strong blood lust for it, and is always very eager to fight. You could say she loses control in battle, and can easily strike a killing blow to someone, whether it be human or Grimm.

Despite this, Sekhmet is fiercely loyal to her team and friends. She might be a pain in the ass to deal with, but she does care about people. She wouldn't do anything to put them in danger, and if she did that unknowingly, she would be guilty about it.

She values strategy in battle, and always likes having a plan before charging in. (Though, ironically, she is often one of the most likely to mess up the plan.) Common sense is also something she likes in a person, and she will slap some sense into them if they don't have it. Literally, she'll slap them.

Sekhmet is also quite impatient, and will not wait to do something she is eager or anxious about. This can lead to her getting in trouble or doing something that she'll regret. But she, quite frankly, doesn't give a damn and just wants to get it done.

But if you want to tell her your secrets, Sekhmet is probably one of the most reliable people out there. If you tell her anything, she'll keep it a secret, and won't tell it to anyone without permission.

When she is bored, oftentimes Sekhmet will resort to annoying people to entertain herself. She's the type of person who always needs to be doing something - she'll irritate you to death if she isn't. Sekhmet can also be quite flirty when she wants to be, however she's not interested in having a real relationship at the moment.

Sekhmet's dreams are huge. She's got lots of ambitions, and it appears almost impossible to crush them. Though her ambitions are often unrealistically huge, and hard to fulfill.

Even though she appears to have potential, Sekhmet's only reason for being at Beacon is to become stronger. She knows it's the only way to fix the mistakes she's made in the past. In terms of schoolwork, Sekhmet is quite lazy, slacking off and doing something she'd rather be doing.

On an unrelated note, she has always been interested in going to a bar. No one ever lets her, so she often sneaks in to give it a try. She has always gotten kicked out due to her ridiculously low liquor tolerance and the fact that she really shouldn't be drinking at her age.

Post BoB

After the Fall of Beacon, Sekhmet is more angry and shut in. She knows what happened to Beacon, and wants to keep it from happening again. However, she is more focused on destroying the people who ruined her town, due to a fear that maybe in the next attack, they will participate. She's so focused on preventing this unlikely possibility from happening that she's exhausting herself, not caring about her own welfare.


Sekhmet was born in Nubia, a small town in Vale filled with both humans and Faunus alike. It was a peaceful place to live - everyone got along and helped each other. The town was far from rich, but due to the friendly and supportive nature of its citizens, a lot of people didn't think they needed wealth. Grimm attacks were also quite rare.

Due to the diversity of the town, Sekhmet had many friends that were human. Due to this, she grew had no negative feelings toward them, like many other Faunus do. She was also encouraged at a young age to help people and not turn her back on the injured or weak.

Sekhmet always followed the example her parents set for her. One day, when she was ten years old, she and a few friends went outside the town to explore the nearby forests. While heading back, they bumped into a strange man.

At first, the group of kids were frightened, but then their curiosity overtook them. Sekhmet, one of the more confident kids in the group, asked him who he was and what he was doing there. The man replied that he didn't know where he was and needed food and water. Sekhmet, due to her parents teaching her to help others, thought that they should take him back to town to give him what he needed.

The adults were less willing to help this stranger, however they eventually did. Sekhmet's parents told her that she did the right thing, helping a starving person. And Sekhmet, thinking that her parents may be even prouder of her, suggested that the man could stay overnight at their house if he needed to. Her parents were less thrilled about this.

That night, Sekhmet was unable to sleep, thinking of why her parents would be so upset with her being good to another person. But when she felt like she would finally drift off to sleep,, she heard a noise from the main room of the house. Sneaking towards the area, she quickly hid out of sight.

She heard her parents and the town council accusing the stranger of being part of a shady organization. He denied their claims, and asked Sekhmet's father to dismiss everyone he had brought over. When he refused, the man was out the door and the house was on fire.

Everyone in the house was able to escape in time, but when they got out, the whole town was burning. Not all the citizens made it out alive. Sekhmet realized that everything was all her fault. She was the one who had spoken to this stranger. She knew she couldn't allow herself to be used again, hardening and becoming more like she is today.

The remaining townspeople were relocated to another, safer area by the Vale government. On the way to their new home, Sekhmet's parents explained what she had overheard that night. The stranger that she had met was the member of a secretive cult. The cult's purpose was unknown, but it was known for destroying small towns. Her parents didn't tell her the name, as they didn't want her to go searching for them. However, this information was enough for Sekhmet, and she knew she had to avenge her town and fix her mistake by eliminating this cult.

When she came of age, she signed up for Signal Academy and got accepted into it. She built her weapon, Wildest Dreams, there, and spent most of her free time practicing wielding it. Due to all the time she spent training, she grew to become a skilled fighter. However, due to a lack of interest in anything other than fighting classes, Sekhmet's marks slipped a bit.

One day, during her third year at Signal, while she was on her free time, that Sekhmet left the grounds of Signal to go Grimm hunting. But she wasn't ready yet, and after a short scuffle (in which she was thoroughly beaten), some of her teachers found her, killed the Grimm she had found, and brought her back (and also severely punished her). This was how Sekhmet got her scar.

In the end, when Sekhmet graduated, she was able to make it to Beacon, though some of her marks left a bad image on her record. After passing the initiation with her partner Kohaku, Sekhmet was placed on Team SGRA. She still keeps in contact with her parents, still happy in their new home, and still has her desire for revenge on the people who ruined her life.

Post BoB

After her leader left the team for reasons unknown to them, Sekhmet decided to leave as well, to see if she could get any information on the cult she is seeking to destroy. She told Ila and Jinn about leaving them, but told them no details about what she was doing. Currently, Sekhmet is travelling Vale to search for information, posing as a mercenary to prevent any suspicion that she may have been a Beacon student, as if any undesirables knew she was a student, they may seek to harm her team.

Sekhmet has had many sleepless nights where she's awake because of worry or anger, or where she's busy hunting for information.


(Note: To be expanded on in RPs and when the rest of her team is completed.)

  • Sekhmet likes her leader, Kohaku, due to the two having a similar like of fighting. However, when she's bored, he is no exception to her obnoxiousness. Her habit to ruin plans pisses him off a little too.
  • Ila is nice, and Sekhmet enjoys being in her teammate's company. But she's a little jealous that the other girl was given the position of second-in-command, even though she knows that Ila is perfect for the job.
  • In Sekhmet's mind, Jinn is a little nerd. He likes reading, and he's pretty boring sometimes. But he knows how to crack good jokes, which Sekhmet always likes in a person. Jinn is a little awkward around her, since she flirted with him when they first met.


Wildest Dreams

Sekhmet Red


War hammer-spear-rifle


Melee/ranged, Dust

Weapon Derivation

War hammer, spear, rifle

Sekhmet's weapon is a combination of a war hammer, a rifle and a spear. It uses Dust in its sniper form, and is named Wildest Dreams.

Spear form: This is the basic form of the weapon. It stands about as tall as Sekhmet herself. The spear tip is a red-tinted copper, and the grip is golden-orange.

Rifle: The spear folds up until it has reached the shape of a rifle. The colour of the rifle is the same as the grip of the spear. There is a slot for Sekhmet to place a Dust crystal. Her preferred type of Dust is Burn Dust, as when her bullets are powered by it, they produce a small explosion. However, Sekhmet also uses many other types of Dust, including Earth, Lightning, Impact, Gravity and Wind.

War hammer: The spear's blade starts unfolding and expanding until it has transformed into the blade of a war hammer. The colouration of the blade and grip are the same as that of the spear.

Powers and Abilities


Sekhmet's Semblance is Sunstorm. She can illuminate things like sand or loose dirt (or anything similar to it), making it glow as bright as she desires. Then, with a wave of her arm, she can make a sandstorm out of her glowing objects. It is mainly used as a tactic for escaping, as the sandstorm can blind her enemies. A major flaw is that it also blinds her allies, as well as Sekhmet herself, meaning that anyone fighting alongside her has to clear the area. Another major flaw is that there has to be a lot of sand, loose dirt, etc. in order for her to use it. It is completely useless if she is fighting in a city with paved roads. The sizes of her storms vary, but normally can go up to fifteen feet around her. The length can get bigger if she practices more, something which she has done a lot of to get it up to its current length.

Sekhmet has adapted to getting sand in her eyes, and while it still blinds her temporarily, she has worked her ways of getting out.

The Semblance can also be infused with Dust (oftentimes by throwing a Dust crystal into the center of the storm), but this is extremely dangerous, especially with Burn and Lightning Dust. Sekhmet doesn't normally do this unless she's certain there are no allies in the range of her storms.

Natural Abilities

Due to immense training while at Signal, Sekhmet has honed her skills to a fine edge, though she is not without her weaknesses.

Sekhmet is quite agile and acrobatic. Often while fighting, she does moves like backflips to dodge her opponents, and often uses other acrobatic actions during battle as well. She can also dodge many attacks with her agility, and uses some catlike movements to do so. However, despite her agility, she is not as good a runner as she is a dodger. It's easy to outrun her, and she lacks the endurance to run for long periods of time.

Sekhmet has a good amount of physical strength, and she can fight very well without her weapon. In fact, she actually prefers a battle of strength to a battle of weapons. Due to her weapon having a war hammer form, her upper body strength is quite high.

She also has a high pain tolerance. Even though she can be weakened by a hit to her weak spot, she can normally withstand a lot of painful hits.

Sekhmet is also quite good at deciphering lies. It's almost like a sixth sense for her, and it's something she developed while on the streets.
Sekhmet Red's Stats :

Class Warrior
Job Attacker
Critical Damage
Attack Speed
Dust Use
Semblance Power
Parry/Block Rating
Vitality (Fitness)
Tech Skill
Movement Speed
       ~Adapted from Jollyjo by JayHart
Battle Skill
Semblance Mastery
Social Charm


  • Sekhmet is the Egyptian goddess of lions. She is often shown with a lion's head. Lions are a tawny gold colour.
  • Sekhmet sort of alludes to Cana from Fairy Tail.
    • This is shown mainly in her desire to drink booze.
    • It's also evident in some parts of her personality, since Cana is often a blunt and sometimes rude loud-mouth who cares for her friends and guild behind her alcohal addiction.
    • Sekhmet's desire for revenge sort of reflects Cana's desire to be an S-Class wizard.
  • Nubia is possibly derived from the Egyptian word meaning gold.
  • I know the cult idea is unoriginal. I needed someone for Sekhmet to want revenge on, and I didn't want it to be the White Fang or a family member. This was what I thought of next, and I know it's shitty.
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