Selena McCauly
Age 18
Nickname Mutt
Status Non-Active
Color Mauve
Gender Female
Race Faunus
Species Dog
Born 02/26
Handedness Left
Complexion Pale
Hair Black
Eyes Gray
Semblance N/A
Height 5'3
Weight 112
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team N/A
Partner N/A
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Mother (Unnamed)

Father (Unnamed)

Step-Father (Unnamed)

Additional Info
Likes Sunny Days, Nature, Sweets, Dogs, Warmth
Dislikes Enclosed Spaces, the dark, Cats, Coldness
Special Skills Cooking, Cleaning, Household Engineer, Pickpocketing
Weaknesses Claustriphobic


Selena is a short, skinny girl who always stands in a slouch with her eyes staring at the ground. Her black hair is cut of roughly in the back, with a longer strand on each side of her face. Her small black dog eyes poke out, only slightly visible out of unruly hair. Selena's eyes are a silvery gray color.



Weapons & Abilities


  • Selena's name is a corruption of the Greek word Selene, meaning Moon, identifying a moon-like silver/gray color

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