Don't let the soft looks fool you, boys. This little kitty's got claws. And I ain't afraid to use them.
— Selina Pisică


Selina Mavi Pisică
Age 17
Nickname Sel
Gender Female
Race Faunus
Species Cat
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Tanned
Hair Brown
Eyes Violet
Height 5'6"
Weight 125 lbs.
Professional Status
Social Rank Upper-Middle Class
Occupation Huntress-in-Training
Personal Status
Relatives Mina Pisică - Oldest Sister

Anastasia Pisică - Cousin(Deceased)

Additional Info
Emblem SelinaEmblem
Likes Cute Girls, nice guys, good food, reading, drawing, dancing, wild nights
Dislikes Racists, Perverts, Stalkers, Jerks, dumb people, buzzkills
Special Skills Agile, close-mid range combat, hit-and run attacks
Weaknesses Prolonged fights, short temper, a bit gullible, not good at leadership
Character Theme

Love and Loss
Battle Theme


Selina Pisică


Selina doesn't try to stand out in a crowd, just the fact that she's a faunus often does set her apart from most girls she's around, people immediately noticing the ears on first sight; and often overlook her violet eyes. She wears her light brown hair long, letting it flow to just a little past her shoulders, which can be seen as more pragmatic for her fighting style. Her choice of clothing--entirely in light blue and red fringed in parts--, however, is less out of being attractive and more about being pragmatic --in her opinion, that is--, exposing large portions of her tanned skin. Pair of black streaks go down from each eye, a mark that she has chosen to leave there.

She wears a collared, button up vest --she choses to leave it undone-- that barely down to her stomach, exposing a short sleeved shirt that's a bit shorter than the jacket, exposing a large portion of her midriff --not that she doesn't mind, of course--. She wears a pair of slightly worn jean-shorts--held up by a belt--that almost reach her knees, exposing most of her legs. She wears a pair of short socks, and a pair of custom boots that go a little above the ankles. She sports a pair of glasses that  protect her eyes from blast glare and blood spray--she fights up close, people--. And around her neck, on a collar, she wears a light blue cross rosary, given to her by her late cousin Anastasia.

A few of the weapons she carries on her are a fit for her in terms of size and cutting power. On her back, she carries a pair of kilij swords in a pair of sheathes on her back. On the small of her back, she carries a pair of spiked tonfas that she can easily draw at will, both packing a nasty little surprise. On a pouch on the left side of hip, she carries with her a pencil and sketchbook, and no one know why she carries it around the battlefield. Maybe, one must get to know her more to get the method behind her apparent madness. 


Selina CG

Selina in her alternate outfit (art credit to Flora)

Her overall personality is a reflection of her animal side: a playful one, people often mistaking it for being on a constant sugar high. She's a bi, and has been one since birth. But she often prefers the company of a cute girl more than a guy, and she still like a nice guy when she sees one, often taking them into bed and having a wild night with them. When she's not doing that, she can often be seen outside or in her room, drawing in her sketchbook, or even reading. Sometimes, she can even be found outside, dancing to a tune inside her head. Treat her to a great lunch or dinner, and she may just treat you to what becomes a very steamy evening.

There are people she hates that don't set off her temper: people who have a tendency to be buzzkills, and those who both act and talk dumb. Jerks and racists she rarely puts up with, and often gets her temper to flare slightly. But, she never puts up with perverts--both guys and girls-- unleashing her temper with sudden and terrifying violence. So, it's fair to warn you to not get on her bad side.


Her weapon are a match for her style of fighting; consisting of hard and fast strikes, she strikes at an opponent and moves out of the way, striking them from a different position. Although these are a bit small, they pack a decent punch: 

  • Gaia and Artemis: A pair of red- handled kilij swords that she has learned to wield with ease. The blades are sharp enough and heavy enough to cut through most opponents with terrifying ease. Of's helped her to develop a bit of upper arm strength. 
  • Tiger's Wrath: A pair of Spiked Shotgun Tonfas (SSTs) that are spiked on one end, and have a trigger on the handles just above her hands. The sharp spikes on the tonfas lend them a much more lethal edge over normal ones. That, and they become a pair of powerful single barrel shotguns. She also knows how to use this weapon with surprising skill. 

As a cat faunus, she has some advantages in combat that a normal human simply doesn't have. She was gifted with the ability to see in the dark and blessed with tremendous agility because of her heritage. She uses these abilities in combat to great effectiveness. 

Her Aura glows a deep violet when active. 

Battle Style

Selina's battle style is all about utilizing her agility and speed advantage that she has over her opponents. She often waits in the shadows before she pounces, bashing them with a fast series of strikes from Tiger's wrath, and then finishing them off with the shotgun built into the weapon itself. If those don't work at that range, she mauls them to death with her claws, often leaving them a bloody mess. 

For a larger opponent, she attacks those opponents with Gaia and Artemis, using her speed to wear down her opponents. Once she feels that she has done enough, she'll finish them off with a swift coup de gras, not wanting them to suffer. 


Selina's past is a mix of happiness and pain, having gone through her share of trials growing up. Born a faunus, the racism was only just part of those problems. However, this was alieved by growing with her older sister Mina, and her cousin Anastasia. Ana and Selina remainded very close growing up with her parents, forming a bond that Mina slightly envied. Selina had a liking for Mina as a sister...she just felt that Mina acted too distant with her. Then, almost by complete surprise, something happened that changed all of that. 

At thirteen, Selina went to Signal Academy, Mina and Ana both happy that she had made it. Her first two years, apart from the sporadic racism, went realitively uneventful for her, excelling in her classes. However, her third year was marked by tragedy. Selina came home one day to find her cousin dead, multiple suspects claiming their resposibility for the act. 

Selina, along with Mina, attended her funeral a few months later, Mina giving Selina Ana's Rosary. "Selina...she said she wanted you to have it...before she died. She wanted to give you it as a gift for doing so well..." When Selina took it from Mina's hands, she broke down into tears, hugging Mina for comfort.  

Selina, for the last year at Signal, became reclusive an inconsolable  for several months, mourning Ana's death as if were still that tragic day. Mina and Selina graduated, Mina from Beacon and Selina from Signal, having become closer after Ana's passing.

Mina said to Selina, "I got you an apartment near my, you can stay close when you don't have classes," Selina said, "Thank you...for everything. Wish me luck?" Mina gave her a sisterly kiss on the cheek, "I wish you the best of luck at Beacon, sis." The two the hugged, Selina then departing for Beacon the next week, hoping to leave her past behind her. However, Ana's memory still remained close to her heart, her rosary hanging on a collar around Selina's neck in Ana's memory. 

Author's Notes.

  • Last name comes from the Romanian word for cat, Pisică
  • Middle name is the Turkish word for blue, Mavi
  • First name comes from Batman's love interest, Selina Kyle (aka Catwoman) :P
  • Sword names are the Greek Titan of the Earth, Gaia; and Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt
  • Original weapon was to be a scythe  but I changed it at last minute, sorry for any confusion that you may have gotten.
  • OC art credit goes to  Chris (Dustpeltx) :D

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