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Don't take shit without permission, bitches
Calm your heart and mind...
— Serene Nevee

Serene Nevee
Age 25
Title Undine
Nickname Blue
Status Active
Color Snowy Mint
Gender Female
Race Human
Born December 22nd
Handedness Right handed
Complexion Fair
Hair Snowy mint
Eyes Cyan
Semblance Serene Mind
Height 6'
Weight 100 lbs
Professional Status
Team Team KEST
Partner Tatsu Blaine
Occupation Ex-Huntress
Jobs None
Additional Info
Emblem Serene Symbol
Likes Books, tea, clean living space, garden
Dislikes Loud and reckless people, arrogant people, violence, these two

Note: Anything in italic is meant to be in the story and not for RP


Just look at the artworks that I've spent money commissioning other artists/spent time and effort to draw them out. Do I really need to describe it out in text ?


From first impression, most people would describe Serene as a "calm, polite and gentle" type of person, fits to be a mistress from a rich family. However, that's no more than a mask.

Underneath that, she is stoic, calculative and uncaring. Serene has a set of really high standard for everything around her, and more than often she refuses to go for anything less than her standard. She is picky, hard to please and quite frankly, hard to get along.

Upon being upset, she will not hesitance to look down and point out everything about them that she doesn't like, even the tiniest mistake she could remember, completely disregard their feeling.

She doesn't like act of violence, nor wanting to injure other people, so Serene often resolves in other methods other than fighting to get her way. Because of this, she doesn't get along with most of her team (or pretty much everyone in Beacon). She holds a dislike toward people who brag about their strength and power, believing that it's "simple" and "shallow".

Serene is also a clean freak, and she often demands her living space be spotless all the time - even if it means that she herself has to clean it (Though she will throw out everything that looks dirty or old, even if it's other people's belongings).

After the "Darkening": Serene has become more and more jaded toward everything and everyone around, and as long as they don't get within her eye sight, she couldn't care less. It's impossible for her to tell another person's emotion unless they directly tell her how they feel, and even then, she will likely to brush it off. She starts isolating herself from other people - unless they are directly involved in her plan or unlucky enough to be around her at the wrong place, at the wrong time.


She is from a middle class family from Atlas, applied to Beacon at 17 years old and graduated from it at 21 years old. Not much about her is known.

Weapon and Ability:


Water Waltz

Water Waltz

Serene's weapon is a DCC (Dust Casting Scepter). It's a long scepter with a chamber resemblance an egg with Dusts inside it. The two Dust types she uses are cyan and blue (Ice and Water) and while they can be used separate, they are very destructive when combining together.


While Serene isn't much of a fighter, she has been known as an expert when it comes to Dust and Aura, being the top of the class during her time in Beacon. While she can use any and all types of Dust, Serene prefer to use Water and Ice Dust the most, as they provide the most versatility in battle, especially Water Dust. She can cast various of Dust spell from water wall to absorb damage, or ice projectiles for long range attack, or even transform her scepter into various ice weapons. According to the school's record, her most powerful spell is a hailstorm summoning spell.

Serene has below average speed, strength and endurance, but with very high agility and grace in battle - capable of dodging long ranged attack as well as blocking it as if she is dancing. However, she is very poor at close range combat, always having to rely on her Semblance.

Her Aura's color is light blue, and Serene has a lot of it as well as being very good at manipulating it. Most of the time, her Aura will shield everything 5 feet around her rather than being a thin layer, giving her extra reaction time. She is also capable of overwhelming (and in some case, completely nullify) Dust attacks by projecting her Aura around the attack and rendering her opponent's Aura useless.

Her Semblance is "Serene Mind" -  As soon as her Semblance is activated, she becomes repulsive to other people's Aura, to the point that an attempt to make direct contact with her will result to both parties being pushed away from each other (Result may varies depend on how overwhelming her enemy's Aura is). With this, she can easily dodge any close range attack until her Semblance wears off. This is useless against opponents without Aura and ranged attack.

After the "Darkening": Serene gains full control of any type of liquid around her, capable of changing viscosity or basic forms (water/steam/air/ice/etc) of it. She can bypass Aura by controlling moisture, forming water with it and drown anyone who approach her without her permission, as well as causing draining their blood to kill them if she desire to. She also has limited control over organic as long as there is water in it. Her water and ice power has been boosted greatly since.

Serene is also immune to poison and venom, or rather, she can remove them from her bloodstream before it can affect her. She can also adjust the chemistry of the liquid to create another type of liquid.

However, Serene's blood has become incredibly thin and making her weaker as time passes. She also can't handle anything hotter than 15oC or dry environment, having to coat her legs and arms with a thin layer of ice to keep herself cool all the time, as well as constantly healing herself, otherwise she would risk having herself dried out and eventually vaporized.

In Battle:


  • She rarely (almost never) start a fight and always remain calm and level headed in front of any potential enemies. However, if a battle can't be helped, she will never hold back and almost always aim for the kill - preferably before her enemies could even make the first move (Unless she knew it was for training purpose/She still won't hold back). Most of her attacks are sneaky and can't be seen until the very last moment.

With Teams:

  • While her fighting method hardly changed when fighting with team, it becomes less sneaky compare to when she's fighting solo (mostly because her teammates (Kyrrah/Tatsu) would randomly tell her where to attack). Because of it, she will focus on defending herself and her teammates, as well as healing/supporting them more. It doesn't stop her from attacking if she is given a chance to.


  • Serene Symbol

    Serene's Symbol

    Sylph: A reckless nuisance at her worst. She dislike her carefree and reckless attitude, and her inability to think before she acts. Serene often gives her the cold shoulder, and is pissed off easily when she pulled pranks on her.
  • Gnome: One of the few people that actually understand her, and Serene enjoys spending time with her.
  • Salamander: He's an arrogrant fool who spend too much time using his fists instead of his brain - never uses his ability to its full potential, and she oftens calls him out for being "shallow” and “barbaric”.


  • Prefer rainy and snowy day.


  • Serene's combat outfit is designed by Pinlin.
  • Serene means "peaceful" or "calm", and there is a color called "Serene Sky" blue.
  • Nevee means "snow".
  • She is based on Undine - the spirit of Water.





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