Senrenity green

Serenity. Working her goggles.

"Growing up, I had to be strong for my sister.  Now I'll be strong for my friends too.  "


Name: Serenity Sterling

Creator: Rektys

Approved by: Tsubori

Age: 19

Gander: Female

Race: Human

Height: 5'6ft

Weight: (She won't tell you)

Hair: Dark brunette.  

Team: S.T.A.R (Leader)

Color: Evergreen green


Serenity has fair skin with deep green eyes and dark brown hair.  Although she may not appear it at first glance, Serenity is muscularly fit.  The result of seemingly endless hours of phyisical body training.  Serenity has a large burn scar across her back.    

Serenity doesn't consider herself much of a girly-girl and will rarely wear make-up unless she finds cause to dress up.  Serenity's usual attire consists of a black tank top beneth a large leather light brown jacket, a black skirt with frills decorating it's rim, a metal buckle belt with her designed symbol, and heavy combat boots sharing her jacket's colour.  And of course Serenity is never seen without her sigiture, green tinted goggles with leather strap.  A gift from her younger sister.  

Weapon & Abilities

Rwby weapon great sword detail

Quick description of the Onyx Ruin.

The Name of Serenity's weapon is the Onyx Ruin a large cannon/ broadsword.  A heavy weapon not easily weilded but thanks to many years of training Serenity has built her body to use the behemoth effectively alone or with others.  

A large hunk of metal hollowed out through the center to make the cannon.  It fires as a single shot blast firing specalized dust round such as comburtible fire dust.  The weapon loads with a pull back lever located behind the trigger.  The weapon has three grips along the weapon allowing for easy exercusion for maneuvers and switching between a melee stance and ranged stance.  The weapon also has a smaller detachable blade if Serenity found herself too weak to carry the Onyx Ruin or needed to switch to battle tactics that required more movement.  

Serenity actually has no special aura powers like most huntsmen and huntresses but she makes up for it with her brain power.  Serenity is a gifted tactician learning all about her allies as well as her enemy, Serenity can tell you each weakness and strengh they have.  She commands her team to pin-point detail in the heat of battle knowning who shoulld strike when and when the enemy is about to strike back.  


Serenity being a big sister acts accordingly, helping others, protecting others. However she doesn't know when to turn her sisterly instincts off, be it with her little sister or her team mates and has a tendency to go overboard in the tasks of protecting them.  Always the first one into the fray of battle she's also the first to put herself in harms way for the sake of protecting others.  

Without a doubt a strong character, Serenity has the boldness and smarts to lead her team effectively.  Although she may be a little over the top Serenity cares for her friends.  She may push her team pass their limit but she only does it for their own good, to make them stronger.  She's reminded of her over loving nature from time to time and usually calms down when mentioned yet she always returns to her tough love demeanor.  


Eight years ago Serenity and her younger sister Lilly went on a family holiday.  The classic poster beach scene with mom, dad and the daughters having fun and enjoying themselves.  Something that seems like a loss memory to her.  Upon the last day of the sterling family holiday young Lilly and Serenity were kidnapped by the local crime syndicate.  They were held hostage for fourteen days before the accident.  Fourteen days of beings scared, worrying if they would see their parents again.  Serenity had to be strong for her sister, she never allowed the thugs that took them to even talk with Lilly.  They were feed cups of water and bread which was stale half the time.  The thugs wanted a ransom with a number that was out of their parents reach.  Serenity refers those fourteen days the worst of her life.  

On the fourteenth day Lilly went into fit, Serenity screamed for help and was dragged from her sister by a man with a gun while she watched others surround Lilly.  It was in this moment Lilly's Aura awoke within her unleasing her power of pyromancy.  A burst of flame set the room and the thugs into blackened ash, the building took to blazes, the thugs fled with only the thought of saving themselves while Serenity  went to her sister's aid.  Serenity took Lilly out from the burning building but not without scars, Serenity had part of the burning ceiling fall down on her back.  A scar ever reminding her of that day.  

After the abduction the Sterling sisters were reunited with their parents and went home to try live normal lives, but after what had happened Serenity couldn't simply accept a normal life.  She vowed to get stronger for herself and her sister, to never let anyone she cared for be hurt again.  And so Serenity trained and prepared herself to take on the role of a huntress, a proud and strong profession.  

Now on her second year at Beacon academy, Serenity trains hard with her team to protect the serve.  

(S)Serenity Sterling

(T)rip Milagan

(A)bbeygail Riley

(R)upert Rennox

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