Name: Serra Dibitia

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 145

Hair: Black


Serra theme


An attractive girl to say the least, Serra has fairly pale skin and almond shaped eyes with piercing cyan eyes. Her shoulderblade length black hair is straight and usually well maintained. Unbeknowest to most, on Serra's lower back, from the top of her rear up to mid back, is a tattoo of sakura trees, though the petals are replaced by dust crystals. Serra's frame is curvacious and feminine, covered by a strange looking sleeveless longcoat held up by a length of the clothing going around behind her neck. The material is soft, and other than a part to cover her ribs, is armorless. On her arms, she wears armored metal bands at the bicep on each side, then with Ci Qipian and Baozha Sheng, her combat gauntlets, on her hands at almost all times. Underneath her left gauntlet, Ci, is a small ring with a green dust crystal on it, something she liked the look of when she stole it.

Serra's pants are basic tightfitting material, akin to spandex. She also wears a belt though, holding a pouch with a few necessary items on it. Her five special knives line her left leg, often covered by her longcoat, which she's strategically chose for several reasons, from concealment to... distraction of male enemies, especially when accompanied with her rather ample chest. All in all, Serra is far from a standard person you'd meet on the street, between the Cyan trim on most of her clothing, her gauntlets, and her pale skin.


Serra is a friendly enough girl, coming across as kind and sweet to most of her friends, though it is slightly difficult to bring her trust to that level. Serra often lives in the moment, enjoying fun times and not particularly well built to deal with stress. She is somewhat weak willed, easily giving in to the forces of fear and anxiety. That said, Serra will indeed kill should she need to, but will try to avoid the situation where it's required.

Despite her upbringing, Serra is extremely intelligent, but not in the traditional sense. Her memory is near flawless, able to remember things from almost any point in her life, and this powerful memory helps her opperate her weapon, for without it, she'd have accidentally stabbed herself many times over by now. 


Ci Qipian

Ci Qipian is Serra's special gauntlet, utilizing electric powdered dust to maintain a magnetic connection to each of her five throwing knives from each of her five fingers. With small motions from her fingers, she's able to cast away or draw in the throwing knife designated to that finger, though this can be turned to push, pull or off based on a small rotator switch inside the gauntlet on each finger. While this weapon takes a lot of skill and concentration to use, as well as planning, the knives can make for amazing stealth weapons.

Baozha Sheng

Her other gauntlet, while smaller than Ci, serves a very effective purpose that also relies on the throwing knives, and their location. On Bao's palm, there is a star within a pentagon; five points, each connected to eachother. When this weapon is activated, the design will glow cyan, and holding a finger on any line in it will cause electricity to arc between throwing knives, if they are within eight meters. 

Each of the points on the design represents a different throwing knife, requiring a very keen memory and eye to use even the slightest bit effectively. Lastly, there is a dot in the middle of the star, and if this is pressed, all the knives will arc electricity to eachother, and to Bao itself. While excelent for covering ground, Bao isn't perfect for eliminating the shock, and some of it does indeed pour into Serra's body, giving her a weak shock, but still one strong enough that the dot shouldn't be used unless it's an emergency.


Serra was born to two teenagers who were pretty heavily into drugs. As such, the pair realized they'd be unable to care for a child and merely discarded her on the streets of Vale. The girl was found by another low income couple, but these two were far more responsible, caring for the malnourished girl. It was a pretty standard childhood, if a bit on the crappy side. When Serra was seven, though, she realized exactly how much she was impacting her adoptive parents, costing them enough to make quite the difference to their quality of life. So she left a note for them, detailing her realization, and that they shouldn't try to look for her, and that she'd be fine.

Apparently, they too, realized this, as they never looked for her, young Serra living on the streets for some time before getting enough money via begging to get a low-end inn room. From there, she realized begging wouldn't be enough. Thus, she began to sneak into houses when people were out, stealing valuables and selling them. This netted Serra a much more comfortable living, but she still had to steal often, not that she minded much. She actually rather liked the adrenaline she got from it. Eventually, Serra signed up for school, attending Sanctum and getting by by continuing her thievery. 

Of special note is a robbery where she broke into a house, known for housing some mechanic genius or somesuch, and among other valuables and cash, she found a special ring, with a green dust crystal in it. Drawn to the beauty of the ring, she decided to keep it as opposed to selling it, wearing it under her two weapon gauntlets. Eventually though, her time at Sanctum ended and she heard something amazing about Beacon. Free room and board. This motivated Serra more than one may think, and she applied to beacon, being accepted due to her high grades. While she's unsure of what danger awaits her there, it can't be any worse than the streets of Vale, can it?

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