Seth Atarashii
[[File:Seth Atarashii|200px|center]]
Age 19 years
Gender Male
Race Human
Hair Dishwater Blonde
Eyes Gray
Height 6'3"
Weight 149lbs.
Professional Status
Team No Team ATM
Additional Info
Emblem [[File:
Seth's Emblem V 1

"The strong are cocky and will use tricks to deceive the weak. The weak fear the strong and obey them as they accept their tricks. The weak do have an advantage over the strong, however. The weak adapt and grow." -- Seth Atarashii

Seth belongs to Sorohn. Do not use without permission.


He has an average build and has lean muscles. He wears a gray shirt with blue jeans under a black coat. He wears boots but keeps the majority of them hidden under his jeans. He wears a belt designed to have two sword sheaths on the left side and a revolver holster on the right side.

The belt is designed using two belts so as to carry the weight of Seth's weapons. The coat is made of a lightweight material so it doesn't slow him down.

His hair is a little messy and is at medium length, or reaches halfway down his neck. He has no eye wear and generally doesn't wear a hat. He can be occasionally seen with a small satchel where he keeps a notepad and pencil.

Personality and Habits

He is mostly a loner and almost always seems to prefer being alone. However, he is a kind and helpful person. When asked he almost never refuses to help someone so long as he knows it is for something good.

He won't back down from a fight unless it is absolutely unnecessary. Needless or pointless fights annoy him and he won't be afraid to point out how idiotic it is.

He tends to remain silent until spoken to but when around friends or a conversation he will talk more.

When he is tense or has a bad feeling about a situation, he will have a hand on his weapons.


He has above average intelligence. He will analyze anything before him as quickly as he can. This is especially true when he is in a fight.

He is very agile. His agility allows him to strike fast when in a melee and aim fast when at range. He can run fast and jump quite high unassisted. He can run 37 MPH and jump 10 feet.

He has quite a bit of strength. But this is weak compared to his other capabilities. He is capable of cutting through things with his weapons with some ease. He is only capable of cutting through materials should he use his weapons. He can lift 200lbs and drag 300lbs.

In addition to his strength, he can force his aura through his weapons. However, while he can use it offensively, he is extremely weak with it defensively. This makes him fragile in comparison to other students at Beacon Academy.

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