These stats are a generic translation to flesh out Seth's abilities.

Ability Stats

Strength(STR): 12

Dexterity(DEX): 17

Constitution(CON): 10

Intelligence(INT): 13

Wisdom(WIS): 10

Charisma(CHA): 8

Specific Skill Scores

These skills are based out of 100, where the higher the number the better one is at it.

Leadership: 47

Gunsmithing: 24

Forging: 24

Trap Detection: 36

Dust Identifier: 53

Grim Identifier: 57

Swimming: 79

Climbing: 83

Driving: 63

Barter: 59

Explosives: 32

Firearms(Revolvers): 71

Melee Weapons(LongSwords): 73

Hacking: 25

Unarmed Combat: 50

Lockpick: 68

First Aid: 39

Survival: 72

Dust Usage: 51

Cooking: 41

Pickpocketing: 37

Sleight of Hand: 46

Aura Control (Offensive): 53

Aura Control (Defensive): 13

Combat Prowess

Ratings based on a scale of 1 to 20.

Attack Rating

Unarmed: 7

Melee 1-handed: 14

Melee 2-handed: 14

Ranged: 14

Dual Wield (Melee and Ranged): 14

Dual Wield (Melee): 14

Dust: 10

Aura: 12

Defense Rating

Blocking: 9

Evasion: 13

Counter: 13

Redirect: 4

Shield: 1

Aura: 3

Armor: 13 (Based off that he no armor but high DEX)

Ability Keywords

Dual Wielder: This character can use two weapons at once

Longsword Proficiency: This character is adept at using longswords

Revolver Proficiency: This character is adept at using revolvers

Dust User: This character is capable of using Dust

High Jump: (Req. DEX 16) This character has an increased jump height

Fast Runner: (Req. DEX 14) This character can run faster when they run at full speed

Survivalist: This character is capable of surviving in the wild better than the average person

Analyzer: This character can identify the style an enemy or ally is using if given enough time to watch

Loner: This character has decreased Charisma since they don't hang around people too often

More to be added soon

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