Grimm register: Yara Aeriver
Other users may use this Grimm for battle, but please consult Shingeki no Kyojin if you want to edit this page.

Grimm Classification:

Bat Grimm

Grimm Title:

Shadow Screecher

Threat Ranking:



Has a narrow head with the usual Grimm characteristics: red veins flowing through the bony armor. Resembling a fruit bat, the leathery wings are black like a regular Grimm. It's quite similar in size to the Nevermore. Bones can be seen jutting out all along the spine of the Shadow Screecher. The ears are large and pointed like a fox's, which suggests that this Grimm has high auditory sense.


Able to create strong gusts of wind clocking in at 250 mph. Can stun or surprise Hunters with a very high-pitched, loud screech. Also able to detect Hunters in hiding with this technique.

  • Strength: Very mobile and unpredictable with its movements.
  • Weakness: The wings might break if enough fire is concentrated there.

Additional Notes:

Occasionally will try to chomp on someone.

Overall Consensus:

Caution is advised. The best thing to do is try to predict its movements.

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