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Shahr'Kaii (Shahr-KI)is a type of sword fighting that combines the art of the sword with martial arts.


Shahr-Kaii's history begins in the village that bore it's name. Far removed from any kingdom, the people there had only themselves to rely on. They tried to remain as peaceful as possible to keep from attracting Grimm. However, the village's isolation and lack of huntsman made it a target for bandits, and when bandits struck, Grimm were not far behind. To combat them, the people of Shahr-Kaii invented a fighting style that dispatched both bandits and Grimm alike as quickly as possible. This fighting style became known to them as Siiyo. With it, the people of Shahr-Kaii kept bandits and Grimm at bay. In doing so, they were able to grow their village, turning it into a small town. Survivors of their assaults spread tales of this new fighting style. However, this prosperity would not last.

Eventually, better trained bandits invaded Shahr-Kaii, besting Siiyo and raiding the town. Fortunately, the people of Shahr-Kaii survived this and the Grimm ounslaught that followed. Yet, this caused them to reflect on their fighting technique as it became obsolete. After a lengthy reconstruction, they revised their fighting style to focus more on outmaneuvering single opponents. This revised style became known as Karnimo. With this new form, they were able to beat back these better trained bandits. Once they were dealt with, the people of Shahr-Kaii continued to improve their town and their way of living.

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Shahr'Kaii uses a variety of techniques to maximize its effectiveness. It includes six different styles of martial arts and knowledge of human and Grimm anatomy.

Bodily Target Zones

Shahr'Kaii utilizes the six bodily target zones. These zones are what the forms reference when being practices:

  • Zone 1, The Head: Attacks in this region are usually vertical and parries in this region are usually horizontal. However, a Zone 4 parry are successful, and Zone 2 and 3 parries have been known to work at certain times.
  • Zone 2 & 3, The Arms and hands: Attacks in these regions are usually horizontal and parries in these regions are usually vertical. An attack to the shoulder is one of the few occasions where an attack in these region is vertical. The parry for this attack is a Zone 4 diagonal block.
  • Zone 4, The Torso: A typical parry is a downward vertical block at the back while any successful attack in that region is usually fatal.
  • Zone 5 & 6, The Legs and feat: Attacks in these regions are typically low horizontal slashes and downward diagonal strikes while parries in these regions are low blocks.

These basics are usually established by the Siiyo style.

The Three Circles of Defense

These are the typical ranges of defense for Shahr'Kaii:

  • Outer Circle: The furthest line of defense, it is used to block strong, sweeping strikes. The blade is often held diagonally pointing outward.
  • Middle Circle: The most utilized line of defense, it is used to block quick attack. The blade is typically at a ninety degree angle.
  • Inner Circle: The closest and most dangerous line of defense, the only block position is placing the hilt near the naval cavity and using the bottom of the hilt as a pivot point.


There are various styles of Shahr'Kaii.

Siiyo (SEE-yo)

Known as the Hurricane form, it is the most basic style of Shahr'Kaii. This style is the foundation for all of the other styles, being as it was the first to be developed. It focuses mainly on quickly dispatching an opponent and moving on to another. It is the most unpredictable of the styles.


  • Simplicity: Anyone can learn this style without difficulty.
  • Great against multiple opponents: Main purpose of this style is to move with the flow of battle.
  • Unpredictability: Constantly moving from one area to the other makes tracking near impossible.


  • Mastery: Despite it's simplicity, it is the most difficult of the styles to master. It can take decades to fully master the style.
  • Terrible against single opponents: Hard to move from one target to the next when there is only one target.
  • Offers little defense: Only real defense is to keep moving.

Karnimo (Kar-NEE-mo)

Known as the Waterfall form, it is the most elegant of the Shahr'Kaii styles. It focuses on the graceful footwork and sword placement. It often utilizes a single-handed grip for more maneuverability. It also is the most sword-oriented of the styles. The main purpose of this style is to outmaneuver the opponent.


  • Easy to perform: Moves flow like a river.
  • Great against single opponents: Main purpose of this style is to outperform the opponent.
  • Precise: Can hit a scurrying mouse with little effort
  • Rare: Not a lot of people are trained in this style, so most are unfamiliar with it.


  • Difficult to learn: It is very structured and requires a lot of repetition and drills.
  • Terrible against multiple opponents: Hard to best multiple opponents at one time.
  • Terrible against projectile deflection: Meant primarily for dueling.

Vui'Ko (Vuy-Ko)

Known as the Mirror form, it is the most defensive of the Shahr'Kaii styles. It focuses on close and conserved movements, where the slightest of movements can block powerful attacks. The main purpose of this style is to tire out the opponent, blocking every blow until the opponent can no longer move. It often uses a two-handed grip for better control.


  • Strong defense: Main purpose of this style is to outlast the opponent by blocking all his/her attacks.
  • Energy conserving: It utilizes as little movement as possible, thus draining energy less quickly.
  • Versitile: Can be successful in a variety of situations.
  • Great at projectile deflection: Main purpose also applies to ranged attacks.


  • Weak offense: Most attacks while using this style would seem counter-intuitive, as it leaves the user open to attack.
  • Long: Fights can last for hours at a time.

Ayturo (Aye-TUR-o)

Known as the Tornado style, it is the most agile of the Shahr'Kaii styles. It focuses on agility and speed that is usually enhanced by Aura. It utilizes the three axes of rotations: up/down, left/right, and forward/backward. It is primarily meant to address the lack of offense that the Vui'Ko style had by using wide, strong, and fast attacks. It is also the style that utilizes the most of the martial arts of Shahr'Kaii.


  • Stong offense: Attacks are powerful and fast.
  • Focused: Despite being broad, the attacks themselves are concentrated.
  • Elusive: Hard to get hit by opponent while continually rotating.
  • Great against single opponents: All that rotating and speed can overwhelm opponents.


  • Weak defense: Only real defense is rotating around and remain elusive.
  • Terrible against multiple opponents: Hard to concentrate attacks on multiple opponents.
  • Exhaustive: All that rotating requires a lot of energy.
  • Is only advantageous in open environments: Hard to move about if there is not much room.

Yuiru (YUY-roo)

Known as the Avalanche style, it is the strongest of the Shahr'Kaii styles. It focuses on shear brute force to defeat opponents. It often uses reverse-hand grips. Like the Ayturo style, it was to address the lack of offense that the Vui'Ko style had. However, instead of using wide, strong, and fast attacks, it uses the opponents attacks to fuel it.


  • Strong offense: It is all brute force, great for overwhelming an opponent
  • Strong defense: It turns the opponent's attacks against him/her.
  • Psychologically intimidating: Practitioners of this style are quite imposing to face.


  • Rigid: Not much movement with this style.
  • Lack of Speed: Move set sacrifices speed for raw power.

Fa'Nii (Fah-Nee)

Known as the Hybrid style, it is the most practical Shahr'Kaii style. It is basically a combination of all of the previous styles, maximizing the strengths of each style while minimizing their weaknesses. It also is the style that utilizes Aura and Semblance the most. The main purpose of this style is to give practitioners of Shahr'Kaii a style that is easy to keep up with.


  • No Weaknesses: It maximizes the strengths of the previous Shahr'Kaii styles and minimizes their weaknesses.
  • Easy to keep up with: It requires very little practice, like riding a bike.


  • No Strengths: Unless applied to its nth degree, practitioners of this style are only competent swordsman.

Kav'Rou (Kav-Row)

Known as the Volcano style, it is the most aggressive of the Shahr'Kaii styles. It focuses on powerful, kinetic strikes, a combination of the Ayturo and the Yuiru styles. Primarily, it is meant to destroy an opponent both physically and mentally. Because of this, most practitioners avoid this style. It also focuses mainly on offense.


  • Strong offense: Kinetic strikes are a great way to knock down a opponent.
  • Psychologically intimidating: Practitioners of this style are frightening to fight against.
  • Fast: Attacks are brief and swift.
  • Unpredictable: Movements are chaotic and energetic.


  • Weak defense: Kinetic strikes often leave the body open to attack.
  • Physically demanding: Requires a lot of energy.
  • Mentally demanding: It requires a highly aggressive mindset to successfully pull off.

Aduo'Yio (Ah-DOO-o-YEE-o)

Known as the Twin Blade style, it is the Shahr'Kaii style with the most versatility. Unlike the previous styles, it specifically uses two swords instead of one. It also is a combination of sorts of the Karnimo, Vui'Ko, and Ayturo styles. It utilizes fluidity, speed, and agility. It also uses martial arts, giving even more options for combat.


  • Options: It has a wide variety of combat options.
  • Versatility: It can be used in a variety of scenarios.
  • Fast: Movements are swift and agile.


  • Twice the concentration: Controlling two blades requires a lot of coordination.
  • Both hands are occupied: Although it give many options, it make two-handed blows impossible and strong blocks difficult.


  • Shahr'Kaii is based on the fighting styles of the Jedi and Sith from Star Wars.
    • Siiyo is based on Shii-Cho
    • Karnimo is based on Makashi
    • Vui'Ko is based on Soresu
    • Ayturo is based on Ataru
    • Yuiru is based on Shien/Djem So
    • Fa'Nii is based on Niman
    • Kav'Rou is based on Juyo
    • Aduo'Yio is based on Jar'Kai
  • This fighting style can be used by anyone