"I don't act as if I have choice, I act because I do." -Shane Fortis
Shane Fortis

Shane Fortis

Name: Shane Fortis

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 152lb

Hair: Dark Silver

Eye Colour: Dark Blue

Skin: Pale

Team: None Currently

I.Q. : 176

Vocation Before Beacon: Student At Signal(Graduated), Grandfather's Apprentice, Father's Assistant(unofficial)

Likes: Reading, gaming,  training, challenges, dust, working with others, people trying to prove something, those that have lost something, revenge, romance, cold, ice, sparring, fighting

Dislikes: Easy fights, people who brag, control freaks,  being corrected, people who underestimate him, losing, idiots

Fears: Losing, failing to protect others, letting his friends down, becoming a villian

Skills: Strong, expert swordsman, dual wield swords, dust proficiency, above average situational awareness, high reaction time and perception, high pain resilience, good stamina and endurance

Weakness: Ranged combat/weapons,  over protective, fathers memory, easily excited, can get over attached to others, limited sight once glasses are removed(rare occurrence)

Aura Colour: Cyan

Weapon(s): Razors Edges, powder dust, dust crystals 


Shane is 5' 10" and weights 152lb. His hair colour is dark silver with a couple gray highlights. His eyes are dark blue in colour but are mostly concealed behind his black glasses with a light gray custom tint on the lens. Under his coat, he wears a light gray t-shirt with black jeans that have a dark blue trim around his ankles, his shoes are also black running shoes with dark blue trim, fitted for him to be able to fight comfortably and move easily.

His over coat is long and gray with dark blue trim on the edges, inside his coat are small pockets to house his dust in powdered and crystal form. Shane wears black fingerless gloves made with carbon fibres to protect his hands in combat. His twin katana's are kept  on his back in dark blue sheaths with a gray trim around the edge. His glasses are made out of carbon fibre infused plastic and are fitted to his face so that they don't come off easily when fighting, the only circumstances of this is when his opponent physically rips them off. The frames are 1/2 inch thick, and 1/4 inch thick around the lenses. He tinted the lenses himself and are made out of reinforced bullet proof glass to avoid them from shattering in his eyes(a modification his grandfather made before he went to signal).


Shane is mostly relaxed and calm. He is friendly to everyon he meets and always tries to make friends with others. In only a few cases does he express hatred towards others, and that's only because they hurt someone he cares about physically or mentally, or they make fun of him because of his attatchment to his deceased father. He attended Signal academy and graduated at the top of his class in academics, and was one of it's best combatants.

He is percieved as as someone who doesn't really care about work or the future due to his lax nature, but is incredibly intelligent for his age. He has an advanced understanding of dust and it's properties and is capable of analyzing a situation in a few seconds. He uses his intelligence to his advantage to often work around his enemies or opponents to confuse, disorient, and keep them on the defensive.

Shane never knew his mother, and his father was killed at a young age, making him over protective to all his friends to ensure he doesn't lose anyone else. He is willing to go full out in a fight in order to protect those he cares about, even willing to risk his life to protect them. Alongside his caring nature, he also wants to have romance in his life the way his father did before he was born.  As he grew up before his dads death, he heard about the happiness that his father and mother had, and wanted to have that experience despite his young age. This can also allow him to feel a little more over protective to girls he cares about, and get himself into quite a bit of trouble.

Although Shane is strong and capable both mentally and physically, he fears failing, and disappointing others. He'll readily go out of his way to get someone a lost item they care about, or stay up all day and night to finish a project for his group. This idea of putting others first can drive him to exhaustion. In combat, when he is protecting others, he'll often remain fighting when his limit has been reached despite the wear and tear it can have on his body. Often times when he is pushed past his limit he will often use his semblance to end the fight quickly. Although mostly a weakness, this has benefitted him somewhat by allowing him to increase his stamina and endurance.

Weapons And Abilities

Shane's weapon is a Nagitana of his own design, and helped to be forged by his grandfather. It generally remains in it's twin katana form, but it is capable of being connected by the katanas kashira to become a naginata very swiftly. This allows him to swap out the speed of the dual swords for the range of the naginata quickly in order to keep enemies on the defense. Unlike his peers at Signal, he opted out of incorporating a gun into his weapon, instead using the knowledge of dust he gained from his father to enhance his blades in different ways. Inside the handles of his weapon in it's katana form, he can insert a tube filled with powdered dust to be used inside the blade to give it the properties of the used dust. His favourite to use is cyan for ice damage, but he has been seen using other types of dust, and even using to seperate dusts at once. However when the swords are connected to become the naginata he loses the ability to change dust until he splits the weapon back into two. 

As his weapon remains in two, Shane is very profiecent in dual wielding, and it is often his first choice when entering combat. He is quick and aggressive with his weapon in it's twin katana form, and is capable of fighting a long time with it in this state. He prefers to use the blades to move in close to strike out at his opponent with a great speed, either hitting them or forcing them dodge. He is also easily able to use the blades for defense as well as offense, attacking with one blade, and then using the other to block an attack. Often when fighting this way, he keeps himself and the blades in constant motion.

When needed Shane can put the katana's together to for a naginata. Although not his favourite form, he is skilled in using it. Unlike the twin katana mode, he prefers calculated and focused attacks rather than speed and agression.  Although  he tries to avoid prolonged use in this form, he is able to hold off enemies for awhile if he needs to. He often uses this form to fight/hold off larger opponents such as large Ursas if he is alone or protecting someone, however if it comes to a Nevermore, or Deathstalker, he'll gladly switch out to his twin katana form in order to keep it off his allies till they can recover and come to his aid. A more favourable way he uses this is to quickly connect the swords to make tha naginata to attack opponents just out of reach, and then switch back to dual swords when he gets close again.

Shane utilizes powdered dust in many different ways. His most common way it to use it is having it in small cylindrical tubes to insert into the handles of his nagitana in dual sword mode in order to use the dusts effects on the blades thanks to a special chamber inside the blade that the dust is deposited into that travels the length of the blades. The dust remains in use until the tube is depleted of the powdered dust, or it is manually ejected. Shane also uses these tubes in combat themselves as a form of projectile against enemies with firearm weapons, or if they are out of reach of his nagitana. He uses them by throwing, and breaking them in front, or around his opponents. The main dust  he uses for this is white impact dust, the shattered tube would release the dust causing a cloud and the enemies attackwith the fire arm would ignite the dust. However this technique can fail when the tube doesn't shatter, or if the enemy doesn't fire around the dust cloud, although a partner could easily solve this problem. If a vent that can reach an enemy he will also pour the dust into the vent and wait till it emerges from the opposite vent for the same effect. 

Along with the powder tubes as projectiles, he'll also use any crystals he has on him as a form of explosive. However he has only been able to accomplish this with a partner. He would throw the crystal and his partner or enemy would shoot the crystal causeing the crystal to explode and activate it's properties. He has theorized that he could break the crystal with his blade to cause the explosion, but this remains untested due to the self destructive nature of this theory. 

Outside and during combat Shane uses his intellect to perform many different tasks, from school work, to chores, and even aiding in his perception and and situation awareness. He can use his intellect to figure out ways to turn the enviroment against his opponent, and also annalyze wether he needs to retreat, or if he should continue his assault. 


Shane's aura is cyan in colour and possesses healing abilities like all other auras. When his aura is in use he has a cyan glow around him, indicating when it is in use. However he never uses his aura to attack directly through his weapon. He only uses his aura as a power boost when he is at his breaking point. When his aura is activated, he gains the ability to control ice through touch, and his weapon. When he uses his semblance, his eyes turn light blue, skin goes ghost white, and his aura glows brightly around his body, and his body temperature drops dangerously into the negatives. When he walks with his semblance active he leaves behind frost with each step, and his weapons are covered with ice that continuely freezes after every hit desptie the dust thats in use at the time. Also when the semblance is actice Shane can freeze any in-animate object completely with a touch, and can begin to slowly freeze an animate object like a beowolf, or sparring partner. The cold from the blades and Shane's touch often hinders their movement and hurts them.

Team Position

Shane is defiantly a front lines person for his intensity and aggression displayed in combat. However he can also work well by holding back and directing the team in how to attack, and how to use the enviroment against their enemie(s).

Back Story


After Shane was born his mother died shortly after his birth, causing his father to raise him alone. When Shane was five he exhibited an interest in his fathers work and became his at home assistant whenever he brought dust home to study for the Schnee Dust Company to determine different applications of the substance. Although he never allowed Shane to handle or be near the dust due to his age, he told him very basic knowledge so that he could understand his fathers work to some extent. As Shane grew he learned more and more, he got very close with his father, and was soon able to understand most of his fathers research notes. 

When he was 10, his father left for a trip to look at a new dust mine and determine what precautions should be taken with the mine, and the best plan to construct the nesisssary mine and train station. However on his way home, his dads group was attacked by a Nevermore. With the group unequipt, they were all killed by the creature. Shane was informed by the police and transported to his grandfather who was an old hunter, for care in his house near the emerald forest. His grandfather began to train Shane in order to help get his mind off of his fathers sudden death, and eventually Shane became a natural fighter. Shortly after his fighting ability began to diminsh due to his damaged eye sight from reading so much, causing his grandfather to make his glasses for him, and sure enough his ability to fight was back to what it was.

When he turned eleven his grandfather left him alone to go on a meditation retreat for a few days and left him with food, water, and an old sword he had used in his days of being a hunter, believeing that boy was able to take care of himself. One night Shane had accidently left food out and it attracted a lone beowolf thaat got into the house, scared Shane did the only thing he could do and attempted to fight the creature. Only to be beaten by it, on the brink of death from the beowolf his aura activated along with his semblance, giving him the power and energy to defeat the beowolf. His grandfather returned home a day later and saw that his home was filled with ice and snow, and his wounded grandson. After he wass treated, his grandfather congratulated him on his bravery and explained the use of his newly awakene aura, and semblance. 

When he turned 12 he was enrolled into Signal academy by his grandfather and took the studies seriously and enhanced his combat skills with the instructors corrections, and input. Soon the time came to make his weapon, and he called in his grandfather for aid. After careful design and implementing his knowledge of dust, Shane drew up the schematics for Razors Edges. With him creating the inner mechaism for dust transport through the blade, and his grandfather forged the Nagitana around the mechanism. After training in his time at Signal he became close to a girl named Alexis Vegala and was very over protective of her due to his want to keep people from suffering and pain, and avoid invoking the emotions he felt when his father died, this landed him in the infirmary many different times due to exhaustion when protecting her from bullies. His teachers began to get concerned with the ferocity Shane had when sparring other students, especially those that had wronged Alexis. After being made aware of his aggression Shane vowed never to fight again, only to be conforted Alexis. He confessed that he didn't want to become a villain and hurt people and was terrified that he would do something to make others suffer, Alexis quickly put his fears to rest and told him that he will do what is right because his heart is always in the right place.

After his talk with Alexis, Shane tried to remain more in control of when he was sparring and held back against other students. When he graduated Signal, he was excepted into Beacon academy to further his training as a Hunter, but was distraught when he learned that Alexis wasn't going with him due to her low combat scores. His grandfather consoled him and told him that he will see her again one day, and that he would have other friends to make at Beacon. After their talk Shanes Grandpa congratulated him and told him he was proud of the progress Shane had made, and his parents would've been just as proud. 

Shanes Friends/Teams

Currently none(will change in the future)

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