Scratch behind my ears~! Higher...higher...Fweeeeeeeeeeeeh~
— Shirayuki
Shirayuki Yaiba
Age 17
Title Pilebunker
Nickname Yuki
Status Active
Color Fiery Orange
Gender Female
Race Fox
Species Faunas
Handedness Right
Complexion Fair
Hair Purple
Eyes Yellow
Height 5'6"
Weight 50 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon
Team Team SSTK
Partner Kimi Shiyami
Occupation Student, Dessert Baker
Additional Info
Likes Snacks, Cute things, Punching someone in the face
Dislikes Discrimination
Special Skills Point-Blank Ranges, Baking
Weaknesses Ranges outside of punching distance, Her ears
Character Theme

Siren's Call
Battle Theme

Protectors Of The Earth
This character was created by Kimiyosis. Picture belongs to Eushully.


With the height and weight of an average of the general populace, Shirayuki would have passed as a human, of not for her ears. Looking into her bright yellow eyes gives the impression that the light of a nearby fire is being reflected within them. Has long purple hair, braided with red bands. When not in uniform, she usually prefers to wear a rather loose red yukata, with designs and decorations upon it. It can be said that this is all she wears. The Tekken can be seen hanging on her lower back. A pipe is sometimes carried by her, and is usually in her right hand.


A dessert devouring fox of a girl, Shirayuki usually prefers to keep to herself and very close friends, due to the constant discrimination given by the normal humans that she sees everyday. As such, it is rather difficult for her to become acquaintances, much less close friends with anyone. Her gentle and kind side is reserved solely for those close to her. If she doesn't know you well enough, she will come off as an arrogant and dominant fox who likes to pull pranks on others. If she does have a friend, she will fight for them, even jumping between the friend and an enemy. Her ability to calculate any math and probabilities is top notch, and soars through the mathematical classes with ease. However, when it comes to any other academic classes, she has a tendency to doze off, and end up missing almost all of the lecture. Only reason why she hasn't failed her classes, is due to the constant assistance given by Kimi. She does use a pipe, but no one knows exactly what is being used inside it. Not even Kimi.


((Written in 1st person from Shirayuki's view))

The Outcast

No one like me. They all made fun off me, and kept calling me all sorts of names. Some even said that I was no different than the Grimms. Oh how satisfying it was to throw something heavy at the human's face. All these humans, just so pitiful and annoying. I looked at the rest of the nearby humans, my so called 'classmates', and asked which one was next on my list of things I need to beat up. Of course, they may have stopped insulting me directly, but now no one would even do anything when I'm nearby. It is as if I don't even exist. Who knew humans could contain so much contempt in their hearts? Finally, I just couldn't bare the insults and mockery anymore, so I took off for the life of traveling.

The Prelude of Darkness

During my time on the roads, there was an incident I nearly gotten killed by. I had heard the sounds of multiple vehicles coming from my back, so I had stepped off the road, an into the shadows. But as the cars past me, a screeching sound could be heard, followed by sounds of something exploding. Multiple explosions. I hid there for at least two hours, before I slowly came out of my hiding space. And in front of my eyes, I found what remained of that convoy. Burnt skeletons of vehicles, bodies thrown everywhere. It was a rather sickening sight. However, while observing the wreckage, there was a gun, that seemed to be still rather operational. Picking it up, I left the scene as swiftly as possible.

Piercing the Darkness

While traveling down an empty rode, I realized that I wasn't alone. There was another girl, who was lying on the ground covered in dust and scrapes. I walked over to her, and stroked her face. A village is nearby, but I presume that since this girl probably went into a strict village, who have very strict policies against newcomers. Feeling sympathetic towards this human, who has also became an outcast, same as myself. The girl asked me an odd question, about scratching begin my ears. She would be the first human to ask something like that, instead of criticizing my species. I lowered my head, allowing her to scratch, while still lying on the ground. I introduced myself, but this girl didn't even know her own name! I had to wonder then. Just how much of an outcast does one have to be, to not even remember the name that they were given on the day they were born. I sighed out of pity, before giving her an original name. Kimi Shiyami. I told her that I will be there for her, and I adopted her as my sister ever since.

The Job

We were running out of money and food, and I had no idea what we could do to earn our living. Kimi then suggests that we take up some sort of hired arms type of career. I at first did not like such an idea, but the growling of my stomach convinced me otherwise. We barely managed to get a job, and that was the easy task of guarding a small town. Alright, it wasn't the most easiest of jobs, but easier then I had first thought. Sure, there were times where we had a few close calls, when the Beowolf came into the town, or several attacking from different directions. We still managed to get some free time to do what we wanted. I went to the bakery quite often, making lovely cakes and crepes, while Kimi made weapons for the wo of us. She made me the Tekken Boutou, which I must say, is a weapon that I rather enjoy using. Now, I can finally throw away that old gun, that often at times malfunction. Although Kimi does continously remind me not to hit someone in th face with it, but oh well.

The End of the Prologue

We found our job to be much more difficult than ever anticipated, as the townspeople started whispering to each other, something about an invasion of Beowolfs. This was soon confirmed, as the accumulative growls of those monsters could be heard from the distance. Formulating a plan, both Kimi and I slowly pulled back the perimeter, trying to defend the civilians from harm. All we had to do, was hold out and protect the evacuating town, at least until the Hunters and Huntresses arrived. It was hard work, and even though we tried our best, more than ten people were killed that day, before the Hunters arrived. They were impressed that we managed to -barely- hold back the Beowolfs, and one of them suggested for Kimi and I to join Beacon. He even said that he would recommend us to the head of the school. Of course we couldn't say no. We gave our fair wells to the townspeople, and we left for Beacon.


Kimi Shiyami: Shirayuki's closest friend and adoptive sister. Kimi was the girl that Yuki had saved two and half years ago, from the foreigner hating villager. Though Yuki is the one who saved Kimi, she feels in debt to the younger girl, for the countless number of times she has been saved academically through the copy of notes hand written by Kimi.

Tokari Kansen: A fellow sweet lover, and also a lover of cute looking things, like Kimi. However, Shirayuki views Tokari more as a young child.

Tierisch Kriegsschiff: As the sole member of the team with the most combat experience, Shirayuki consistently asks for his opinion when planning any dangerous strategies out.


Combat: In combat, it is extremely dangerous to be anywhere close to Shirayuki, especially behind her. Her attacks revolve revolve around beserker charges, with buckshot being fired to the back. Also, becareful about being in front of her at the wrong time, since even after she lands the punch, if th enemy's head isn't heavy enough to stop a full roundhouse punch boosted by 12 gauge rounds, it will knock it aside, while the punch continues to whatever is right behind the head.

She has absolutely no ranged combat abilities, since the gauntlet's gun, is a shotgun, and further more is aimed to her back.

Non-Combat: Surprisingly, for someone who wields such a brutal weapon, she is capable of making delicate desserts. Crepes, pudding, cakes, etc. you name a dessert or sweet snack, Shirayuki probably has the ability to make it. Her ability to create all these sweet, mouthwatering creations, is matched by her love to eat these desserts, and love of sharing them with those close to her.

Her mathematics is also extremely well, as to the constant calculations of trajectories, angles, and velocity are required to wield a recoil augmented pilebunker. On the contrary, the rest of her academic grades are well below average, border lining the failing mark.


Name: Tekken Boutou

Classification: Explosive Recoil Pile-Bunker(ERPB)

Location: Currently held on Shirayuki's back.


-Literal translation of "Shirayuki Yaiba" is "White Snow Blade", which is a direct contrast to Yuki's fiery natures and her rather barbaric method of fighting.

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