Yeah go ahead call me angry I dare ya, give me an excuse to break your face!
— Shirley summing up her personality

Shirley Loto is a Team Member of Team ROSA. Often used as the power house and although she often lets her rage get the best of her, when she can focus she is the whirlwind that destroys everything.

Shirley Loto
Age 17
Title The Rage Fueled Whirlwind
Status Active
Gender Female
Race Human
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Tan
Hair Dirty Blonde
Eyes Blue/Scarlet
Height 6'9"
Weight 260 Lbs.
Professional Status
Affiliation Team ROSA
Partner Rosso Grimhilde
Occupation Team Member
Additional Info
Likes Fighting, cursing, making sure not to get hit
Dislikes Anyone that is not her allies, anyone that angers her
Special Skills Punching, Fighting, Flipping the Bird in five languages
Weaknesses Her anger can be used against her


Shirley is a muscular, sleek yet very strong woman.

She has shoulder length blonde hair covered in a red bandana, The left eye is Blue while the right Eye is scarlet (This is due to an old injury that caused her to lose sight in that eye).

She wears a white sleeveless button up shirt with the bottom unbuttoned to expose her stomach. She also wears white long, baggy trousers with red lining and with white knee-high boots and red evening gloves. She also has intricate tattoos on her arms and a lion tattoo on her back.


She is aggressive, violent, angry and very determined. She has long since had a bit of a short fuse often being the one that would the first to get into the fight and the last to leave. She also prone to cussing the most and insulting her opponent regardless of who they are.

Even with her anger when it comes to her friends she is still loud and prone to cussing at them but she will never let it go too far. She also rarely shows a nicer side and will let others enjoy those rare times until they point it out and she will deny the whole thing.

Outside of fighting she is surprising lazy often wanting to be left alone until the next fight.


Shirley was from a long line of Huntresses and she decided that even with her angry attitude she would follow in her mother's footsteps. She always found that she herself always enjoyed fighting anyway and that would be good enough excuse to battle when she wanted too.

She lost the use of her right eye in a training accident and even though her parents worried wishing to stop her training Shirley got even more determined and angry at the idea that such a thing would ever slow her down.

With all she learned she found a way to go to an academy to build on her skills and during her days at the academy she found herself using her anger on anything in her way, she would have gotten kicked out had she not meet Rosso, who defeated her and forced her to cool her temper.

Now she is usually seen working with Rosso and Rosso always makes sure her anger doesn't go too far or she will have to ask Shirley will have to be reminded of that event through one simple question. "Who's The Prettiest of them all?", in which she must reply Rosso so that Shirley can stand down.

Weapons & Combat

She fights with a Cestus "Vanilla Crush", Red Metal Gauntlets designed for a very simple purpose, to cause a good amount of damage with a punch. Inside the Cestus is storage for Dust that vents to the front of the gauntlets to add power to each punch. She is a very talented mixed martial artist. She is capable of counterattacking with grabs and throws and has a good amount of strength.


When she can get into close quarters combat she is very effective using her strength and grapples to try and knock an opponent down. She also uses the Dust to add extra power to each punch. Her determination also means that she will power through injuries to try and defeat opponents.


Her anger and determination can be used against her in order to make her get injured as she does not know when to stop. He weapon is only good close range, which means that she can be stopped from a far range. Her Cestus also weighs a good amount which makes her slow, when they hit it is powerful, landing a blow will prove to be the challenge though.


Shirley means White in Old English, Loto means Heart in Pacific Islander.