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What on Earth did you think you were doing?
— Sienna Demeter
Sienna Demeter
Sienna Demeter
Age 17
Status Active
Color Sienna
Gender Female
Race Human
Handedness Right
Hair Brown
Eyes Sky-blue
Height 5'4"
Weight 130 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team FRST
Partner Flanagan Branson
Additional Info
Likes Nature
Dislikes Pollution
Weaknesses Forgetful, naive

Sienna Demeter, a bright student at Beacon Academy, is partnered with the headstrong Flanagan Branson on Team FRST. She wields the massive Terra Riveter, a sort of lance capable of dealing massive earth-based damage to widespread areas.


From a small community

First in her family to go to Beacon

Physical Appearance

With a height of only 5'4", Sienna is easily one of the shortest people at Beacon, but the second shortest on her team (as Rajah is actually an inch shorter than her). Her skin is slightly tanned from hours tending her beloved garden, and she has brown, curly hair and sky-blue eyes.


Sienna is a bubbly person, lifting spirits with her old sayings of wisdom which often come out of nowhere and are usually earth-related. She is very loving of the earth and hates when anyone defiles it with garbage or litter so carelessly. She will get incredibly angry at people for littering; her teammates most times have to interfere before she gets violent. Though, since most people do respect the earth, she rarely is seen in this state. Sometimes her teammates Rajah or Flanagan will tell her that the competition were littering to get her battle mode engaged. 

Due to her bubbliness and seeing the good in everyone, she is extremely naive. She is a target for Rajah's tricks, but due to her forgiving nature, she mostly just brushes them off. There were quite a few tricks that made her happier than before, much to Rajah's dismay. 

Her partner, Flanagan, is uptight, often too serious and stressed. She provides a balance for him by being fun and relaxed, which keeps his real goals in check. Sienna also needs him just as much since she is forgetful and the things Flanagan does keeps her mind on track, especially for classes. 

Takehime and Sienna do not talk much but they do enjoy sitting outdoors in nature, reflecting. Sienna has to break the silence at some points because she is so overwhelmed by Remnant's beauty, which Takehime agrees with. The girls have to escape the boy's feuds, and having mediation helps elevate the burden. Flanagan and Rajah think that the girls gossip about them (incorrectly, of course). 

Her bubbly nature keeps her energy high, so she goes often outside to train in the woods or run for exercise. She has been yelled at for going off alone, but she is capable of taking care of herself, especially against the Grimm. This is due to her belief of the Grimm as defiling the earth of its natural beauty. 

In Battle

When fighting alongside her teammates, Sienna is 


Sienna's weapon is the devastating Terra Lancer, a lance-drill that is capable of incredibly effective, wide-spread hits. The force of its attack is said to be enough to register as an earthquake.


Sienna's semblance is earth. Even after long battles, she rarely comes away with scrapes or cuts, due to her skin becoming a natural armour that she taught herself to keep running 24/7 after years of practice.


Sienna's aura is reddish-brown, just like her name.


Sienna is the bubbly person of the group, lifting her teammates' spirits with her old sayings of wisdom which often come out of nowhere and are usually earth-related.


If the ground is not ready for crop, do not sow early.
— She says interrupting Flanagan's stress rant.

Be happy fruits of the earth! We will spread our fruitiness across Remnant!
— She says this to cheer her teammates on.

I like clay!
— She gives this answer when she is asked for her favorite color.

LITTERING? You shall face the doom of my Terra Riveter! No, no! Let me at him. Let me him!
— She sees someone littering so she snaps. Thankfully her teammates pull her away.


  • The name Sienna is a shade of brown. In Greek Mythology, Demeter was the goddess of the harvest (among other things), and was mother to Persephone. Every year, at the end of Autumn, her daughter would unwillingly leave the realm of the living for that of her husband Hades, and Demeter would become so depressed that the land would wilt until her daughter returned again at the beginning of Spring.

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