Ooops...I didn't mean to fry 'em THAT much. My bad.
— Sienna Oheň


Name: Sienna Oheň

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Race: Human 

Nickname(s): Siena, Siena O, SieO

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 120 lbs.

Character Theme: ()

Entrance Theme: ()

Battle Theme: ()


Sienna Alt

Sienna's Alternate Outfit (Art Credit to Flora)

Sienna doesn't have a whole lot that make her stand out from a crowd. Her shoulder-length sandy blond hair, magenta colored eyes, and deeply tanned skin don't really make peoples' heads turn. If anything makes people sort of stop and stare, it's the black streaks that

Sienna Oheň

go down from each of her eyes, and her choice of clothing colors that make her really stand out.

An orange colored, crimson trimmed short-sleeved jacket covers a short, crimson colored short-sleeved shirt; both of which expose her midriff. She wears a pair of grey jean-shorts that expose her lean legs and more of her tanned complexion, and is held up by a dull orange belt. She wears a pair red trimmed, white ankle length socks under a pair of crimson colored, sienna soled tennis shoes. She also wears a pair of crimson colored, burnt orange trimmed finger-less gloves on her hands. 

She's almost constantly wired off the battlefield, and is almost never seen without her crimson and grey headphones, constantly listening to music when she's not frying humans or Grimm alike with her flame-oriented arsenal. And she's often seen with red rimmed, white lensed glasses that protect her eyes from the flash, glare and heat that is created by her weapons. She also wears a burnt-orange headband that helps to keep most of her sandy blonde hair out her eyes. 


Sienna's personality on the battlefield is much like her arsenal: fiery and feisty. The reality that exists off the battlefield is much different from the one on the battlefield. But it's no secret that either on or off, she's a quiet little pyromaniac, and can be found toying with something flammable either way. Despite that, she's quite mellow when you get to know her. That is, if you can get through to her past the music she's listening to. 

If you do manage to, her personality is not one that you'd often find in a pyro. She's very mellow and relaxed off of the battlefield, and she's quite charming, somewhat flirty, and has a somewhat soft-spoken voice. And people are often surprised that she's a bi, too, more preferring to be with girls than guys, but doesn't mind hanging out with guys that don't try to pathetically hit on her. 

However, get her on the battlefield, and her personality seems to do a complete 180. Her face has a maniacal grin, all to happy to drown her opponents in a sea of fire and death. With her personality, the saying "It's often the quiet ones that need watching," seems to apply to her. 


Her weapons, predictably, revolve around fire. Surprisingly, they seem to be effective against both human and Grimm alike: 

  • Phoenix Fury: A Dual Stage Flamethrower Broadsword (DSFB), it's kept primarily in its sword form in a crimson sheath on her back. Using Burn dust crystals, it's more a of a flame rifle than flamethrower, but its just as effective as one. And its sword form has a lethally sharp blade, and Sierra is proven to be surprisingly competent in wielding it. 
  • Dueling Dragons: A pair of Dual Gauntlet Mounted Grenade Launchers (DGMGLs), when inactive, are a seemingly innocuous pair of bracelets. The grenades themselves pack the explosive equivalent of FRAG-12 grenades, and can wreak havoc on human or Grimm opponents. They come in either regular or incendiary type. She keeps each type in separate pouches, changing when the tactical situation changes on the battlefield. 

Her Semblance --Bonfire-- ups the intensity of the flames from Phoenix Fury and allows her to lower the temperature of the flames that tend to be generated by her weapons. When either are used, her eyes glow a deep crimson color. 

Battle Style

Sierra is the type to keep it at range at first, opening up with Dueling Dragons to keep them at a distance, preferring not to get up close and personal with her opponents if she can help it. If she feels like it--and she often does--she'll use the incendiaries against them. If that doesn't work, she'll use the flamethrower to keep them at range. 

If that doesn't work, she'll use her sword, using it with surprising competence, its blade hacking into opponents, be they human or Grimm. That...and she's not above using her fists in a fight. And people are surprised how hard she can hit with those fists of hers. 


Sienna lived a relatively normal childhood for all of her life, never having to deal with any real tragedy at any one point. Born to a pair of working class parents, Sienna was often left to her own devices, and by the age of eight, developed into a bit of a pyromaniac. Of course, since her parents were out working, they really never knew about her pyromania until she was close to eleven years old. And when they found out...they were slightly frightened by it. By then, Sienna didn't really care whether her parents were frightened by her pyromania or not. 

Two years later, she was sent to Signal, albeit almost reluctantly by her parents. At Signal, her pyromania was still evident, but that was overlooked by the teachers because of how well she did there. Of course, that didn't mean she didn't get in trouble. However, the incident was minor, and the event largely dismissed by the time she finished her days at Signal. 

After that, she successfully applied to Beacon, where she'd hope to excell. That and not be caught out for her quite obvious pyromania. 


  • Sienna is a name coming from the burnt-orange color of the same name, Sienna
  • Sienna's last name comes from the Czech word for "fire', Oheň
  • Her full name means "Orange Fire"

Weapons Notes

  • First of my characters to utilize a flamethrower as a weapon
  • Second of my characters to utilize a Grenade launcher type weapon

Character Trivia

  • Her overall theme is, "It's often the quiet ones that need watching," and is evident in her backstory.
  • She has a tendency to be a bit of being a bit ditzy. 
  • She's sort of a Jekyl and Hyde type as far as personality is concerned when on and off the battlefield. 
  • She also has a motorcycle named 'Brimstone Dragon' that she got from her father two years after she entered Signal academy. With help from certain students (I won't name names), she boosted the engine's horsepower and performance a year after she first got it.

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