Sierra Volpe
Age 24
Status Active
Color Orange
Gender Female
Species Faunus
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Fair
Hair Orange
Eyes Purple
Height 5'9 1/2
Weight 120 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Predators
Partner Ares Yu
Occupation Mercenary, Terrorist, Wanted Criminal
Additional Info
Likes Starting conflicts, killing people
Dislikes Pet Peeves: Successful conflict resolutions
Special Skills CQC, Agile, Tactics, Night vision
Weaknesses Long Range, Lack of defense
Character Theme

Ylvis - The Fox
File:Ylvis - The Fox

Sierra Volpe is a mercenary, engaging in terrorist activities, and is a member of the Predators. She is currently partnered with fellow member and businessman Ares Yu in instigating a second Human-Faunus War, starting with poorer villages.


Sierra has a fair complexion, with long orange hair ending in 9 long strands, and with two orange fox ears, with a tall stature and purple eyes. She wears a revealing cross haltered, zip up crop top that exposes her midriff and cleavage, underneath a cropped zippered, collared vest, with black leather pants, knee armor, and black armored leather boots. She wears three belts, two of which arranged in an x shape, fastening pouches on the left side, and a small orange and black asymmetrical back skirt covering her right pant leg.






  • Sierra is derived from Sierra Brown. It also stands for mountain range in Spanish.
  • Her surname, Volpe, is Italian for fox. Her color motif is therefore orange, after the brown fox, but is commonly perceived as having orange fur.
  • She is based off of the ancient Korean legend The Nine Tailed Fox.
  • Consequently, the names of her weapons are allusions to subsequent Nine Tailed Fox characters in popular culture - Ahri from League of Legends and Kurama from Naruto.
  • She is the first character I designed to have an "asscape."

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