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What ever you do, Don't touch without my permission!
Don't make me laugh. You never had chance to win against me.
— Sigal Konani
Sigal Konani
Age 17
Nickname Kona,Siko
Status Alive
Color Violet
Gender Female
Race Faunus
Species Panther
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Tan
Hair Black
Eyes Violet
Height 5' 7"
Weight 120 lbs.
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Rosa Konani (Mother)
Additional Info
Likes working on technology, reading, running
Dislikes Racists, jerks, perverts
Special Skills Intelligence, agility, marksmanship, somewhat strong
Weaknesses somewhat arrogant, lacking in leadership skills


Sigal CG

Sigal Konani (Art Credit to Flora)

Even with the scar and the ears, Sigal would still be considered attractive by any standards. Her shoulder length jet black hair doesn't do anything to hide her ears or her light violet eyes. Her gear and clothing does little to hide her lithe frame or tan complexion. She wears the scars on her face as sort of a badge of honor, despite how visible and gruesome looking it is. 

She wears a light violet colored short-sleeved shirt, it's short length exposing her midriff and showing off her assets. This is covered by a dark violet dark colored, button up collared jacket with a white trim that she chooses to leave opened. She wears a pair of gently worn pair of grey jean shorts, held up by a dark pink colored belt, that barely hides her lithe and lean legs. Over a pair of white ankle length socks, she wears a pair of violet colored tennis shoes. And on her hands, she wears a pair of violet colored fingerless gloves on her hands. 

On her back, she wears a light violet colored cybernetic backpack that, at Sigal's chosing, reveals a frightning secret hidden inside them. On her belt, she has a utility pouch of the same color on the left side of it. And more often than not, she wears a pair of violet-trimmed pair of tinted glasses to protect from the flash of her primary weapon. 



Sigal's Emblem

Sigal is smart, and she isn't afraid to flaunt her intelligence to show how much better than the competition she feels that she is. This leads to her being arrogant, and the arrogance has gotten her into her trouble in the past. However, if one can get past that arrogance, you find out that she can be easy to talk to. 

And like most faunus, she despises the racism that is thrown her direction because of what she is. And like most girls, she can't stand being around perverts and their ilk. 

Despite that, she is not exactly the person you want to be around with, lest her arrogance rub off on you. However, she will show you some respect if you're that much more intelligent than her. 


Sigal, having been taught and mentored in the art of weapons and mechanical engineering, has made weapons and equipment that is accurate, effective and surprisingly lethal at any range:

  • Spider pack: A backpack on her back that, when she presses a hidden glove mounted control in her left hand, it unfolds to reveal three pairs of cybernetic legs that she uses to walk with when the terrain calls for it as well as having a nasty pair of weapons that spawn from the arms as well. The top two right arms combine to form a railgun type weapon that, when charged, can tear through both Grimm and human alike. The top left arm reveals a wickedly sharp sword that can cleave through opponents with ease. The bottom two pairs of legs serve as her platform for mobility, while giving her an appearance of quiet menace.

When either her Aura or semblance is active, her body glows a magenta color. 

Battle Style

Sigal, when in a fight, prefers to stay out of the range of her opponents. She uses the legs of her Spider pack to stay out of an opponent's melee range, be they human or Grimm. More often than not, she'll often open up with the railgun's charge attack, hoping to knock the opponent out of the fight hard and fast with its charge attack. 

If that doesn't work, she can attack up close with the sword arm of her pack. And because of it being mechanical, it consistently hits hard and is sharp enough to cleave an oppenent in two. If that doesn't work, she'll use the arms themselves as weapons, the ends of them being razor sharp. 

If -and only if- the fight gets real desperate, she isn't above using her fists. Although it may not look it, she's plenty strong despite her size. 


Sigal has lived a somwhat happy life so, bar the discrimation that all faunus have faced throughout their life. The Konani family was no exception to that. Raised by her mother Rosa, she started to tinker with gadgets from an early age, and found out she was really good at making things from materials at her home. 

Her mother, noting this, decided to reccommended her to a mentor to teach her engineering. Her mentor, a former weapons engineer, taught her everything he knew once she reached the age of 7. She immedately respected the man for his intelligence and knowledge, making careful notes of what he told her. And at age of 9, while working on a project with her mentor, got into an accident that left her face with it's distinctive scar. 

At the age of 12, she left her mother and her mentor for Signal, excelling in her classes. While there, her arrogance began to foster and grow, feeling that she was better than her classmates at Signal. It sometimes got her in a bit of trouble, but she dismissed such harrassment as merely petty jealousy of her intelligence. And while there, she created her weapons packed Spider pack, and was extremely proud of her creation. 

After she finished Signal, she went to Beacon determined to better herself and be better than the environment she was raised in. However, she still has a grudging respect for her mentor despite being five years removed from his tutilage. 

Author's Notes

  • Sigal's first name in Hebrew means 'Violet, purple'
  • Her last name name in Hawaiian means 'Bright'
  • I thank those in the chat for inspiring her weapon creation

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