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Sigvard Norðri
Age 17
Title 'One With Ice'
Noise Pollution (by Emma Austri)
Color White
Gender Male
Race Human
Handedness Right
Complexion Dark skinned
Hair Auburn
Eyes Black
Height 6ft2
Weight 70kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team WEST
Partner Trond Suðri
Occupation Student

Sigvard Norðri is a major character in The Four Huntsmen, Sigvard a member in Team WEST, he owns a Large Circular Saw Blade (LCSB), named Terä Leikkurit.


Sigvard is a tall boy with black hair and sharp eyebrows. He has a big nose and blue colored eyes with a black pupil. His hair has very promient streaks and all lot of them reach his eyebrows. For attire, Sigvard wears a black sweater, covered with lots of padding, he also has his mother's name on the back of the shirt and the letter 'N' on it. Sigvard wears black trousers and he wears a white body warmer vest.


Sigvard is very noisy and is very loud. He was even described as 'noise pollution' to Emma Austri. His loudness even causes him to shout out things that aren't supposed to be shouted out, obviously getting himself into serious trouble. Sigvard seems to have a very boasting attitude when speaking, as he is typically very loud always. Because of this, people seem to want to pick fights with him, not because of his height but his tone of voice he uses to speak towards others.

He is also very observant, as he can always tell the first sign of something when it happens. Sigvard's observantness has helped himself in the fight in the Emerald Forest, knowing that the fake White Fang members where there for Ozpin and him only.

Moreover, Sigvard has a very tough outlook for his own code of fighting, he seems to think that making noises is the best way to get heard.


Sigvard grew up in Atlas as an only child. He enjoyed living in Atlas. Despite this, it was cold there. Sigvard had to wear lots of clothing. He lived with his mother, who was very agressive handling with other people as she had a high rank in the Atlesian Military and Sigvard liked it like that. His mother was very intelligent, being capable of telling if someone was lying.

Being very quiet and very tall it led to others trying to pick fights with him due to them feeling intimidated by his height. But he never fought back against them and forgot about it. Then, when he got bullied, he shouted for help, which caused an avalanche, thus injuring the bullies by accident. This incident made Sigvard a little popular due to his loud voice. He wasn't very good at socialising though, so he never understood how to keep secrets, leading him to blurting them out on accident.

His mother didn't like how soft Sigvard was and decided to have him enrolled to one of the combat schools in Atlas. After his weapon was created, Sigvard trained himself in to fighting Grimm.


Trond Suðri

Trond and Sigvard are both best friends, theu seem to hang out with eachother every day and are always talking together. They are both very loud people and complement each other with their skills. At the initiation, Sigvard and Trond were partners and already became fast friends. These two are always working together, relying on team work to win.

Powers and Abillities

Athletic Ability

Sigvard's recognisable trait is his superb strength. His strength makes him a very deadly asset as he can use it to push opponents away or punch them while he's not holding his weapon. The strength of Sigvard allows to overpower his oppnents when he's trying to attack.

Additionally, Sigvard is known to have good balance. It is quite hard to get Sigvard to fall down and he is able to fight on moving objects with ease. Sigvard's balance helps him to stay in action in a fight to assist his team mates.

However, Sigvard is quite slow. This makes dodging his attacks quite easy due to his lack of speed. Sigvard's speed limits and is normally the last person in a group to make it to a destination. 


Terä Leikkurit is Sigvard's weapon of choice. It is a large circular steel saw. In the middle is a cross handle where Sigvard holds the weapon. The cross handle allows Sigvard to spin Terä Leikkurit. 

Sigvard uses Terä Leikkurit very offensively. He normally spins the weapon around as it is an effecient way of chopping parts of Grimm down due to the circular saw nature of the weapon. Terä Leikkurit helps Sigvard also in the fact that he can throw the weapon which can cause massive damage to Grimm. However, if he misses, it is quite hard for him to retrieve the weapon.

Sigvard is able to use Terä Leikkurit defensively as he is able to block shots using the saw. However, someone could easily aim for the handle, which is where Sigvard's fingers are, causing him to drop the weapon. 

Battles and Events

Fight Chapter Outcome
Sigvard Norðri and Trond Suðri vs White Fang Members Chapter 5 Victory
Bridgette WestEmma Austri, Sigvard Norðri and Trond Suðri Chapter 5 Victory


  • Terä Leikkurit is Finnish for Blade Cutters, which emphasise it's cutting.
  • Sigvard's favourite food is kiwi.
  • Norði means North (Nordic mythology) which relates to the North pole which is full of white snow.

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