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Sigvard Norðri
Age 17
Title 'One With Ice'
Color White
Gender Male
Race Human
Handedness Right
Complexion Dark skinned
Hair Auburn
Eyes Black
Height 5ft7
Weight 70kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team WEST
Partner Trond Suðri
Occupation Huntsman


Beacon Academy

Sigvard is a student at Beacon Academy.


Sigvard is a member of Team WEST.


Trond Suðri

Trond and Sigvard are both best friends, theu seem to hang out with eachother every day and are always talking together. They are both very loud people and complement each other with their skills. At the initiation, Sigvard and Trond were partners and already became fast friends. These two are always working together, relying on team work to win.

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