..I like to say that I'm a good person, but I'm not even certain of that myself.
— -Silke
Silke Viorel (Born Sapphire Auren)
Silke by safva
Age 17
Nickname Silky
Status Active
Color Sapphire
Gender Female
Race Faunus (Cow)
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Fair
Hair Icy blue
Eyes Golden
Height 4' 11"
Weight 97 lbs
Professional Status
Team Team JCLS
Partner Celadon Lisian
Occupation Artist

Student (At Beacon)

Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Parents, Aaron Taupe (Adoptive father), Ciel Maugarde (Adoptive mother), Ferrer Taupe (Adoptive brother), Jaye Auren (Biological brother, Cerise Auren (Biological older sister), Jett Auren (Biological older sister)
Additional Info
Emblem Silke512


Silke has light icy blue hair that reaches down to her neck. It is rather wavy, and her bangs are swept over her left eye. Her left eye has a scar on it that is visible when her bangs are swept out of the way. She also has bright golden eyes, that are rather captivating. She has extremely fair skin, and has a rather muscular build.


Silke is a highly creative individual. She doesn't exactly want to become an artist or anything in the creative field, simply because "creating" something gives her the sense of accomplishment. Silke is very aware of social injustice, being a Faunus, and she knows how to empathize with other Faunus and be kind to them. She will feel most fulfilled when fighting off a bully of sorts, or helping others through their problems. Silke tends to be a great listener, always offering to listen to people's problems, and she genuinely wants to help others. She always accepts and values people as individuals. She believes others have the right to be themselves, and they should express themselves.

Silke has a great deal of tolerance and acceptance towards dealing with negative judgement from society and people. Silke is a very deep and intelligent person, being able to grasp most concepts with ease. Silke also has a great deal of insight to people's characters. She will quickly understand where a person is coming from by asserting their motives and feelings. Silke can also easily understand and grasp different situations and she can quickly grasp new concepts. Silke is also a very calm person. It takes quite a lot to make her angry. Silke is a cuttingly sarcastic individual, who will generally say something sarcastic when she wants.

Silke generally deals well with people. She is generally extremely secretive towards people, and she tends to keep a "cool" and calm demeanor up in order to hide her flaws. She tries to be friendly, but at times she can come off as apathetic and unfriendly. This can put her in awkward situations. Silke also has zero tolerance for people who are prejuidiced against Faunus. Silke also prefers to be alone, as she is an introvert.

However, Silke is extremely sensitive to any form of criticism. She may also percieve criticism where none was intended. Silke also has skewed and unrealistic ideas about parts of reality. Silke is also known to blame her problems on other people, simply because she believes that a lot of her problems have come from other people rather than from herself, and she often believes herself to be a victim who is treated unfairly in life.

Silke is sometimes unaware on how her behavior affects other people. When Silke is under great stress, she will brood over the problem excessively. Silke may develop strong judements that are difficult to unseed against people who she percieves to have been oppressive or suppressive to her.  Also, when Silke is under great stress, she may obsess about details that are unimportant to the big picture of things.


Silke was born outside of Vacuo, to a rather poor family with not a lot of funding. Her two older sisters, Jett and Cerise, became Huntresses by obtaining funding through family friends from Mistral. At a young age, her parents didn’t want her to know about her twin, so they gave them matching Dust tattoos and separated them. Silke was playing in the forest one day, and an Ursa attacked her, leaving her partially blind in one eye. Silke ran a bit of ways and fell unconscious. When she woke up, a young boy was dragging her to his village. The boy was named Ferrer, and his father, whom he lived with, was named Aaron. The doctor who tended to Silke, named Ciel Maugarde, adopted her. Ciel was secretly a Faunus as well.

Ferrer and Silke grew up as a brother and sister, but Silke was subjected to constant bullying because of her Faunus heritage. One day after Silke was badly beaten up by the teenagers who had bullied her for so long. Silke ran away, as she couldn’t take the constant bullying and the constant rocks being thrown at her head.

Silke made it to Vale by pickpocketing and stealing a lot of money from Aaron and Ciel. She left letters for the three of them, and vowed to never return. Silke met a Faunus who was in the White Fang, and this made her feel compelled to join the cult, simply because she knew what it felt like to be subjected to the daily prejudice of being a Faunus. However, a young man named Viridian Brisbane approached Silke and told her that she wanted no part of it, and that she would be branded a criminal if she joined. The Faunus became very angry with Viridian, and attacked him. Viridian easily beat the Faunus.

A few of the Faunus’s associates came to attack the two, and Viridian fought them off and carried Silke away. They both hid, and then Silke asked Viridian if he could train her to fight like that. Silke then introduced herself as Silke Viorel, an alias she had created in order to escape her past.

Silke went through rigorous training, and this caused her to be a well-seasoned fighter.

She then enrolled at Signal, and she told Viridian she would return at the end of the school year. She returned to Viridian in the summer, and then went back to school. At the end of going to Signal, Silke enrolled at Beacon, using the money she had made during the summer for tuition. 



  • Ferrer TaupeOne of her teammates, and yet her closest friend and adoptive brother, and also her partner. Silke tends to push him away when he bothers her, but he always comes back to her, showing his loyalty to his sister. He tends to annoy her greatly with his sarcastic and witty jokes, which don't amuse her much. He tends to call her by her second given name, Ringer, much to her dismay. She will always be loyal to her brother, no matter the circumstances. Because of Ferrer, Silke does not want to seek out her biological parents, as it would crush him if he met them, bringing in the reality that they are not biological siblings, only adoptive ones. Despite this, Silke believes that Ferrer will always be her brother. Ferrer and Silke got into an explosive argument one day, where Ferrer admitted he didn't like the fact that Silke is a Faunus, which left her heartbroken. Ferrer then packed all of his things and left Beacon.
  • Aaron Taupe- Silke's adoptive father. Silke loves him just as she would a normal father, believing him to be her father, despite the fact she knows he is not. She trusts Aaron with all of her heart, and will always  be grateful to all he gave to her.
  • Jaye AurenHer twin brother. Silke is happy that she reconnected with him, and is happy to be finally making up for the lost years. Silke respects her brother greatly, and only wants him to be happy. She greatly dislikes him being unhappy or upset, and will do anything to make him feel better. Silke is willing to do anything for her brother.
  • CIel Mauguarde- Silke holds an immense amount of love for her adoptive mother. Silke and Ciel shared a close bond, and Ciel always made sure that Silke was well taken care of. One day, after Silke was badly beaten up, Ciel revealed that she is a Faunus, too. This somewhat made Silke feel better. Silke will always be grateful to her adoptive mother for all she gave her.


  • Marin Garnett - Marin's sweet and shy attitude always interests Silke, often leading her to be overprotective of the Faunus. She knows that they are two of the same speices, and that they should never abandon each other. Marin's gentle personality towards Silke brings out her calmest, which is why Silke is so fond of him.  Marin might possibly have romantic feelings for Silke, but Silke does not notice them whatsoever. Marin subsquently went missing, which devastated Silke, as she thought of him as a family figure to her.
  • Lili "Zephyr" Rosewood
  • Viridian BrisbaneViridian is Silke's mentor and teacher. Viridian taught Silke the many ways of combat, also ensuring that she would be successful. He is a hunstman who is rather experienced, though he tends to keep his identity a secret. Silke is fond of his polite and calm nature, both of which Silke learned to mask herself with. Silke also tends to call him Kyoshi, which he calls her Kouhai in return. Silke is the only person who actually knows of Viridian's true self, his real personality. Silke often worries about him. They share a close platonic bond.  
  • Celadon Lisian- Silke's partner and friend. Silke holds a lot of respect for her, and wishes to become closer. Silke even gave Cellie her old weapon, her pair of iron boots that were crafted by her adoptive father.
  • Lapis Nemea-
  • Sky Álvarez-


  • Olive Capulet - One of her former teammates. Olive is constantly being lazy and making uncaring and rude comments to her, but always flirts with Ferrer, which annoys Silke to no end. Silke finds her behavior intolerable, although she never shows this and goes on about her life. Although they ocassionally fight, Silke would never be rude to her for the sake of the team. Silke would also never harm Olive for the sake of the team, although Olive might. Silke distrusts Olive, and hasa strong dislike for her. Silke is very aware of Olive's motives: to be team leader herself. Olive went missing along with Silke, devastating her as well, despite all of their conflict.



Combat and Abilities

Silke is an extremely acrobatic fighter. She uses martial arts and other techniques in her fighting style. Silke is extremely reflexive, and acts on instinct most of the time. She is agile and quick, but runs out of breath rather easily. She also uses Dust as a combative weapon, as well as Aura. She uses the Dust within her boots, along with in the bullets for Iron Heart and Steel Heart. Her semblance is unknown.

She is best at close range combat. She fights primarily through long and close range combat, so she is more experieced at those. She isn't very good at medium ranged combat, although she wants to get better. In battle, she tends to hesitate, when deciding on her next move. She tends to be able to study and create strategies fairly well.

Silke has a high amount of endurance and speed. She is able to withstand a lot within combat, and she is very quick on her feet, being able to dodge a lot of attacks. Silke is also very precise with her attacks, being able to hit where she wants rather quickly. Silke is however, not that physically strong and it is easy to overpower her once her endurance is worn out. The amount of damage dealt with her Dust-based attacks is uneven. However, her precision in gun aiming is off and it is more likely she will miss with her left hand rather than her right hand, but it is likely she will miss with both. Silke is also prone to not paying attention sometimes, enabling her enemy to overpower her.


Silke owns a Dust controlled Zweihander/Claymore//Rifle/Kurisagama which is identified as a Dust-controlled Polearm Chain Rifle (DPCR). She has named it Waning Crescent. The metal appears to be white in color. When in Zweihander form, it has a double-edged blade and a long handle. A button can be pressed to release the long blade from the hilt, and the blade is attached to a long chain (kurisagama form). The blade can be retracted back into the hilt simply by pressing the button again. Also, while in zweihander form, it can be transformed into a sniper rifle and a sword that also uses the kurisigama feature.


  • Silke alludes to the nursery rhyme Hey Diddle Didle.
  • Silke's partially blind in her left eye, which is covered by her bangs.  
  • Her first name is Sapphire, which is a blue gem. Her alias Silke is a reference to the fabric which is typically shiny and cream in color and it can also be related to the color cornsilk, which is a light cream/yellow in color.
  • In the Meyers-Briggs personality type, Silke falls under the INFP.

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