It doesn't matter who or what you are. It's about what you do and how you do it.
— Silver talking to V, Lilly and Reyna about the White Fang and all Faunus

Silver Zain-Shrike
Age 27
Title Team SLVR Leader, Co-Owner/Head Chef of The Silver Angel
Nickname Silver
Status Active
Color Silver
Gender Male
Race Human
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Tanned
Hair Brown with silver highlights
Eyes Brown
Height 6'3"
Weight 190 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation The Silver Angel, Hunters and Huntresses
Partner Vivian "V" Maroon
Occupation Leader of SLVR, Co-Owner and Chef
Jobs Cook and Owner
Personal Status
Relatives Vincent Raven-Father

Eliza Dove- Mother

Additional Info
Likes Training, reading, cooking, his friends, his family
Dislikes His absent memories, Bullies, his darker side
Special Skills Strong, Fair in leadership, deeply cares for others, loyal
Weaknesses Emotions can be too strong


Beacon Years

Silver has shaggy brown hair that has five strands sticking out, in which they are dyed silver.  Silver was tall and lean, his muscles starting to truly develop.  On his bare back there is a tattoo of a black raven in flight as well as a few scars from his childhood training.

For clothing, Silver wears a silver, sleeveless hoodie with with a long black string acting as it's zipper. He also wears a black shirt underneath with with silver flame designs on his sleeves. On both of his arms, he wears steel gauntlets and has two holsters. His pants are white from his knees and higher, while everything below are dark silver. Both his boots and his scabbards are black, along with throwing picks on one of his belts (on his right side). There are silver borders on the top of the actual holster. 


After graduating Beacon, Silver's appeance changed drastically.  Silver's hair grew out, and he tied it into a small ponytail.  His eyes narrowed and a cross-shaped scar was found on his right cheek.  His muscles had become more defined and Silver was now about 6'3".

For attire, Silver has a form-fitting black t-shirt and a jeans.  His silver holsters were strapped to his thighs and he had a belt with several pouches as well as a holster and small scabbard for Reaping Shadow and Guiding Light on the back.  Knee high boots were snug with tight string.  Silver fingerless gloves and a black band on his right arm were new, the band was to hide a terrible scar he recieved when fighting an Ursa Major in a previous job.  He wore a hooded silver coat with leather shoulder pads and a high collar.  Black flames were sown in on his sleeves and the bottom hem of the jacket as well.  Even still, there was always a grin on Silver's face.


Silver is a kind and caring individual. He often shows selflessness where ever he goes, due to the kindness he was shown at a younger age. However, he puts people before himself a lot which often gets him into a lot of stress. He keeps an optimistic view on life. An "idiot hero" who tries to see the good in all people and has an innocence and naivety around certain subjects.

When in battle, however, he becomes deadly serious, and will protect his teammates, no matter the cost. Even at the cost of his own life, his reckless nature coming through. He becomes almost cold, witty and realistic on the battlefield, where he becomes a warrior who will stop at nothing until victory is achieved. His impulsiveness still shines through and he can sometimes get in way over his head in a situation he cannot hope to win in. But, this side of him likes that challenge and it often makes his teammates worry about his well being.

As Silver got older, he became more in control of his own emotions and was known to be extremely patient and level-headed.  However, he still had a care-free spirit and a laid-back demeanor.  He had come to enjoy life more and made it a point to relax.  However, he had also grown wiser and more protective of his budding family as well, another trigger point for the sleeping warrior inside.

Powers and Abilities

Silver's Semblance is the power of strength augmentation that he calls "Hunter's Blessing". It, in essence, adds a little kick to his physical attacks. Not a lot, but enough to make a large boulder crack. However, this is a temporary boost that drains him afterward, almost similar to that of adrenaline wearing off. If he uses this ability too much, it could cause him to pass out since it is intense burst of strength.

Silver is more skilled in close combat than ranged, but he is a decent marksman with his pistols, Dusk and Dawn. He prefers to use his close quarters training and allow his swords to do the talking rather than his bullets. The unusual thing about his style, however, is that he holds his blades in a reverse grip. This is because Silver adopts a charging style in which he can run by a target and and quickly strike instead of having to reach back and swing. His combo attacks are fluid, as he switches from reverse to front grip with relative ease.  His weapon also reflects his abilities.

Sword Mode

Silver Swords

Dawn and Dusk Sword Mode

Silver crafted dual saber pistols he called Dawn and Dusk. They are similar in design to G-18 pistols, with the steel casing being dyed silver and the handle black. The barrel and majority of the gun is turned upward in this position, since it is foremost a sword. The blades are silver with black curving markings on them.  The guard, as well, is silver.  The crossguard looks like a bird flying in, color silver and the hand guard looks like a an eagle's head but then is just a regular hand guard. In this mode, he can use the gun function. But, it is inaccurate so he mainly uses the gun action to shoot already stabbed enemies.

Pistol Mode

Silver Pistols

Dawn and Dusk Pistol Mode

A large round piece was evident at the center of each saber, indicating their second function. The swords would rotate down and the two foot blade would collapse down back into the gun itself. The pistols then are more accurate and able to be used at ranges up to 50 ft. Each magazine holds 8 shots, and he has three mags per gun making a total of six mags and 48 shots. Ammunition consists of simple bullet rounds, no Dust.  The top of the gun opens for the reload process.  A little steel bayonet is on each pistol as well.

Character History

Life Before Beacon

Long ago, a dark loner and a paragon of light parented a child.  This child was said to have the color that balanced the two warriors, silver.  Silver was born into the Raven family, Vincent's heir.  Silver lost his mother before he even knew her, but had many of her traits locked deep inside him.  After Vincent turned on the Hunters and Huntresses, he took Silver into Forever Fall.  When Vincent began his plot to wipe out the current foundation of Hunters and Huntresses, he started to train Silver when he was just six years old.  Silver grew up to be a warrior, a old and merciless killer who was meant to destroy all that the current Hunters and Huntresses stood for.  However, some of Vincent's followers lost faith in this goal and saw the evil they were about to commit.  In an effort to right their wrongs, they tried to free Silver when he first turned nine and several other War Ravens in training.  Due to a strange twist of fate, Silver escaped but suffered a major blow to the head and lost all memory in the process.

The first thing that this new Silver now could remember was waking up on the roadside with a large lump on his head, feeling cold and hungry. Professor Giovanni Shirke, a teacher at Signal, found Silver and took him in as his own son. Shirke named him Silver because of his hair and that Silver was that day's lucky color. Silver grew up seeing the countless students going through Signal and saw some proceed on to Beacon at the top of the cliff. Even in his youth, Silver knew where he belonged. And so, with Professor Shirke, he began to train hard. Even at his young age, Silver was quite a loving person. He rediscovered Semblance in which he could multiply his strength and speed for short burst of time (roughly five minutes). If he went over the limit, he realized quickly his body would begin to work against him and slowly break down. Working to improve himself, he improved himself and honed his skills. During his years at Signal, he even learned how to cook, and do it well than most. Silver, in the end, was an above average by the time the event of RWBY Episode 1 took place.

Acceptance and Team SLVR

After being accepted to Beacon at age 17, he rode on the same airship as Yang and Ruby. It was on the ship that he briefly met his future partner, V. V couldn't speak to him through words, but he once had a friend who was mute as well and understood her sign language and the two soon struck up a friendship. After exiting the airship, he came across the eccentric Lilly Sachite and the rude Reyna Naval.

After the Entrance Ceremony and a night of good sleep, Silver was sent into the forests along with Team RWBY, Team JNPR, Team CRDL and several others to form their teams. He found Vivian and they became partners and after encountering Lilly and Reyna, defeated a giant Beowolf Alpha, took the White Bishop pieces and became Team SLVR, with SLVR as the leader. And from there, the stories of SLVR began. To deal with other expenses, Silver began to work at the Dragon's Den after he helped rid the shop of a few racists alongside Selina and her sister.

Past Resurfacing

After being in class for several months, Silver became acquainted with a fellow leader of her own team.  Silver became best friends with Angelina Zain, a young girl who was talented in combat.  He and her own team, ANJL, would often be in classes together and the groups began to have small adventures together.  Such as mishaps on fieldtrips, sneaking out for small pranks on each other and many other things.  However, things changed one day in Hunter's Rest. Silver was confronted by a group of people who bore black coats with a picture of a blue raven stitched in the back of their coats.  They confronted Silver, calling him their "long lost brother" and trying to get him to follow them.  Silver, however, dismissed them and said they had the wrong person.  With his team nearby, Silver still felt a little uneasy around these warriors.  The men soon turned violent and attacked Silver and the patrons of the diner, causing Silver to jump into action to save everyone.  After, the leader of the group swore his revenge upon Silver and his team.

After discussing the events with his foster parent, Shrike revealed that he had found Silver on the road and with the tattoo of the raven on his back.  So, he should be connected to these "War Ravens" but they don't know how involved.  After discussing this with team SLVR and ANJL, the teens vowed to discover more about this.  After some research, Angelina came back with infromation about Vincent Raven who could be who these War Ravens were worshipping.  Silver reacts to this, remembering hear the "Teachings of Raven" as a young boy but he isn't able to see the teacher.

A few weeks later, Silver and his friends were out on field trip when they were attacked again by Grimm and War Ravens.  The leader Silver fought before came back, even stronger than before.  The two teams joined forces, but Silver proved to be unmatched and Angelina took a powerful blow, rendering her unconcious.  Angered, Silver was able to call upon his masive anger and rage which triggered more of his warrior spirit.  Engaging the leader once again, Silver told the others to take Angelina, go find the professors and get help. Fighting with immense power, Silver was able to disarm the leader but hurting him severely in the process.  Nearly about to take the leader's life in cold blood, the professors and a now conscious Angelina manage to calm him back down.  Silver was then broken and hurt, realizing just how monstrous he could be.

After this event, Silver recovered in a few weeks and returned to his second year of Beacon Academy.  It was then he was visited by none other than Vincent who was "back from the dead" and searching to find out who was in charge of the War Ravens and put a stop to them.  During his return, Vincent tried to turn Silver away from Beacon and to join him.  However, Silver was unswayed and remained firm to the Hunters and Huntresses.  Silver learned more about Vincent and his past, including Eliza.  During a battle with the War Ravens, Vincent turned on the group to reveal that he was actually the one who created the War Ravens and that he was Silver's father.  After Vincent's retreat, Silver began to fall deeper into his loss of self, now knowing the truth and regaining the memories of his father's misdeeds. However, due to Angelina and his teammates' efforts, he began to have a more sure sense of himself and his feelings and began to remember of an old warehouse Vincent had.

Mounting an assault, Silver and the others discovered plans of releasing a massive invasion on Beacon academy, Grimm and War Ravens alike.  Silver also found a Scroll containing his mother's message.  Determined to set things right, Silver and the others made way to confront Vincent.  Meeting him and his army at the point specified on the plans, Silver confronts his father.  A battle ensues, with both sides strong.  Silver tries to get through to his father, speaking about the horrible things that will come if Vincent releases the beast.  However, Vincent is able to release a powerful Grimm that threatens to destroy everything.  Under the beast's mercy, Silver is about to die when Vincent realizes what he is about to do and takes the killing blow.  As he hands Silver Reaping Shadow and Guiding Light, he dies muttering how sorry he truly was.  Silver, combining his power with his parents' weapons, defeated the powerful Grimm and disbanded the War Ravens.  Thus ending the threat of the Ravens for a while.

Rest of Beacon

Silver had begun to develop feelings for a certain angel in his adventures, but was unable to express them because of his self percieved unworthiness and doubt.  However, Angelina proved him wrong and the two became lovers at the end of their second year.  During their third and fourth years, the two became even closer and starting developing plans that would lead to The Silver Angel.  After graduating, Silver began building his inn with the help of SLVR and ANJL and on opening day, married Angelina.

Life in The Silver Angel

Silver and Angelina bore a daughter, Oriole Dove Zain-Shrike and remained married for six years as the inn grew in size and popularity.  Soon, it was always bustling with people and interesting tales.  Silver still took jobs, as did Angelina.  He became head cook as well.

(More to be added)

RP History Flavor Testing: Year 1, within the first few weeks of school Valentine Prom Night: Year 1-2, after the Forever Fall incident Cooking for an Angel: End of Year 2


Silver affected many people, but only a few impacted him as well.

Vivian "V" Maroon- V was a little sister to Silver.  He would always be there to protect her, on and off the battlefield.  Their relationship was cememted when Silver saw V having her nightmares and offered to sleep in the same bed.  Since then, the two have adopted a brother/sister relationship in full.  V, for a while, had a crush on Silver.  But she grew out of it when she realized when she loved Silver more as family.

Lillian "Lilly" Sachite- Lilly was an interesting character for Silver.  She was playful yet innocent.  Silver, for a while, had a crush on Lilly but abandoned those feelings quickly as he discovered she was lesbian.  Since then, the two had a deep friendship as Lilly conveyed her deep spiritual connection to the world which Silver respected and soon developed on his own.

Reyna Naval- Reyna, still to this day, has deep feelings for Silver.  At first, the two butted heads a lot, Silver always rushing in and Reyna always thinking things through.  She is still a tsundere to him, showing her more soft side to him but harsh around others (especially Angelina).

Angelina Zain- Angelina, his wife and parther.  Angelina at first was a fellow student, then a friend, a best friend and finally his lover.  Silver slowly overtime fell in love with her, and at one point said that he, "Found the Dove to his Raven".  The two work well with one another, always working together and maintaining a sweet relationship.


This is LordKeyZ's first OC for RWBY

This was LordKeyZ's first Male OC

This OC was originally Violet until LordKeyZ changed him

His battle theme is "Hit Me" by Klaypex

A Shrike is a silver bird, suggested by DustpeltX



Silver: Age 17


Silver, Orie and Angelina (Silver is wielding Reaping Shadow and Angelina has Guiding Light)


Silver at age 27 (w/o coat)

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