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I like to obsess about the details, usually because everyone else forgets about said details and ends up in trouble for it.
— Silvio explaining his tendency to nitpick
Silvio de Vespa
Age 17
Status Active
Color Silver
Gender Male
Race Human
Species Caucasian
Born Atlas
Handedness Right
Complexion Fair
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Semblance Counterblast
Height 158cm
Weight 67kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Signal Academy (formerly)

Beacon Academy

Team Team STYL (NoS)
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Bianca de Vespa (mother)

Nerio de Vespa (father)

Additional Info
Emblem Silvio de Vespa Symbol
  • Hanging out with friends
  • Reading science fiction
  • Riding his motorbike
  • Tinkering with machines
  • Anything made with parsnips
  • Loud tuneless music
  • Pointless arguments
Special Skills
  • Acrobatics and Parkour
  • Engineering
  • Marksmanship
  • Polearm wielding
  • Low stamina
  • Overconfidence
  • Short temper
Battle Theme

Six Times The Passion Of Ordinary Flamenco
Silvio de Vespa is an Atlas-born student who lives in Vale, attending Beacon as a first-year student.


Silvio is slightly short with an average build and light olive skin, sporting long dark brown hair with a silver highlight down just past his shoulders. He usually has it either hang loose or ties back into a plait with dark green ribbon. Silvio also has slightly thick eyebrows and keeps his face clean shaven.

Typically he wears a white shirt with silver cuff links under a dark blue waistcoat along with light brown trousers and black Oxford shoes or boots, depending on the terrain and weather. He has a brown belt with a holster on the back, used to carry his weapon on the back of his waist along with six extra magazines. Silvio also wears his iconic dark green greatcoat when out in the field, emblazoned with Atlas' symbol on the shoulders in silver, and also dons a pair of silver fingerless gauntlets with metal plates on the back of his hands and arms. When riding his bike Silvio also wears a customised black helmet, painted with a silver line running around the sides. The faceplate and visor can retract into the rest of the helmet by pressing a small button on the side.

Though usually obscured by the rest of his clothes, Silvio almost always wears a simple necklace with a small circular white crystal hanging from it. He also wears a sports watch on his left wrist. His greatcoat has numerous inside pockets which are used to carry things such as his scroll and extra magazines of various dust cartridges.


Often cheerful and polite, Silvio believes that teamwork and sharing resources is the most effective way to overcome issues. He enjoys hanging out with friends, even if nothing in particular is happening. Silvio normally thinks before acting, taking time to assess the situation and take into account his own knowledge. He also treats people with respect and chivalry until they give reason to do so otherwise, usually if people don't reciprocate the same graces. Despite this, it usually doesn't stop his from having a sharp sense of humour, typically using one-liners or sarcastic comments. These are often friendly jabs meant in good spirits, though can also be more to rile up opponents.

Most of the time Silvio keeps a level head and tries to think logically through problems, that said, Silvio has a bit of a short temper and is quick to snap under a lot of stress, particularly when the people close to him are threatened. When this happens he's prone to lashing out relentlessly without a second thought, often physically attacking someone until they yield or someone manages to stop him. In order to stay calm Silvio likes to go with the flow of events and gets annoyed with pointless bickering. He's also somewhat of a perfectionist and insists on doing things in a particular faction, while this can be a useful trait for paying attention to detail, it has on occasion been very annoying to others.

Everyone who wants a free asskicking please form an orderly queue, no cutting in line now.
— One of Silvio's verbal jabs

During combat Silvio maintains his chivalrous attitude, he dislikes using underhanded tactics and prefers a straight match. He tries to make full use of available assets without pushing anyone too far and is normally not against accepting help when it's offered. Though not naturally violent, Silvio enjoys hunting grimm, especially when facing a challenging opponent and isn't too difficult to beat. Finding that fights which are too easy are boring and a waste of time. Despite having his limits, Silvio demonstrates a fierce strength of will and is not easily deterred, driving himself to the edge if it means protecting others.

Silvio maintains a strict rule of refusing to kill people, calling a "waste of a good soul" and striving to take the high road, regardless of what they may have done. However, he is comfortable hunting animals for food and pelt, focusing for a quick clean kill to minimise their pain.

Weapons and Abilities

Silvio's levelheaded attitude helps him plan out strategies for combat and think things through logically, letting him take better advantage of factors such as the environment or allied forces. He is also quite skilled at using various computerised and mechanical systems and a quick learner when encountering new machines. Silvio enjoys tinkering with both computers and other machines for fun, in practice this helps manipulate other machines for his own advantage, such as picking locks, or even find parts in them to exploit. As a self-proclaimed engineering enthusiast Silvio is very fond of working on his motorbike and frequently is found keeping it in top condition. Additionally Silvio frequently brushes up on his first aid skills to treat basic injuries sustained while out in the field.

While direct, Silvio's combat style is aimed at keeping opponents at a distance, either using a long-reaching melee weapon or a shotgun. Silvio wields his pike for more than its blade, attacking with the weapon's pole for nonlethal strikes or using it as a anchored point for kicks. To make up for his average strength Silvio focuses on using technique to his advantage, this includes actively moving his centre of gravity to put the maximum amount of force behind his blows. If faced with multiple opponents at once, Silvio will usually go for the weakest targets first while using his long reaching weapons to scatter them. However, he does not have much defence against very close range attacks and is more likely to dodge attacks rather than block them. This becomes a relatively easy pattern to spot in his moves, as well has his tendency to favour Argent Dusk's shotgun mode over its glaive form. After some time practising at Signal, Silvio became adept in basic acrobatics and parkour, using his weapon to vault over objects and manage his balance while running.


  • Argent Dusk
Silvio's weapon is a large grey and black transformable weapon, capable of switching between a glaive-guisarmes and a pump-action shotgun. In its first mode the Argent Dusk forms a polearm fitted with a sharp blade on the end with a small hook, the rest of the weapon is a large pole with a flat end and a thicker handhold which unfolds into the weapon's stock and trigger in its alternate mode. The weapon's internal firing mechanism is rotated to project the blast out of the lower end, which can be used to throw the weapon forwards upon firing.
When switched to shotgun mode the lower half of the glaive folds in to become part of the stock while the upper part collapses to a smaller size to become the weapon's barrel and slide. The tip of the glaive retracts down beneath the barrel to become a smaller bayonet. While a ranged weapon, Silvio can use the shotgun as an emergency melee weapon by using the recoil from its shots to swing it around at speed, attacking with the bladed tip.
Argent Dusk can retract its tip into the body of the weapon and fold in half in its shotgun form, reducing the weapon's size and obscuring the blade for transportation. The weapon holds a clip of ten rounds with two additional magazines clipped onto either side of the body for storage. For general combat Silvio carries 12 magazines, alternating the loadout as he sees fit, though has space for more in necessary.
In addition to standard ice, fire and wind dusts, Silvio uses a number of dust blends to combine their effects.
  • Coldsnap Rounds
A mixed cartridge using mostly ice dust with a small amount of wind dust for added speed. The Coldsnap Rounds are generally used to immobilise targets or errect temporary shelter.
  • Inferno Rounds
A combination of lightning and fire dust, Inferno Rounds are used for purely destructive purposes for their raw power, producing a fiery explosion on contact.
  • Flare Rounds
Made from two thirds wind dust with one third fire dust, Flare Rounds are made for chasing down fast or airborne targets.
  • Frostbite Rounds
A more complex combination perfected after extensive testing, the Frostbite Rounds are made from ice, wind and lightning dusts. These are less frequently used due to their higher cost, but produce powerful explosions of ice shards on contact.


  • Counterblast
When activated, Silvio's semblace can react violently on contact with incoming attacks, creating an explosive discharge to redirect the blow. While the semblance's default discharge is proportional to the force of the incoming blow, he can increase it himself, though repeatedly using the semblance is physically taxing for him and can leave Silvio exhausted after too many detonations. Heavy attacks may be redirected away, however, the resulting explosion can stagger Silvio, due to the explosive recoil.
This can also be used as an improvised method of enhancing Silvio's own unarmed attacks, but is usually reserved solely for defence. The ability cannot differentiate between friend and foe so Silvio must regulate it himself, consciously activating it when needed.


  • Melee: 8/10
While it may not be his strongest skill, Silvio is far from an amateur with Argent Dusk, designing it so that he would always have a melee weapon on hand. While he lacks raw physical strength, Silvio has trained to compensate using his technique.
  • Ranged: 8.5/10
Silvio is most happy in ranged combat, using his marksman abilities and excellent visual prowess to engage targets with Argent Dusk's shotgun form.
  • Armor: 7/10
Silvio's armour is light yet reasonably strong to give him a decent amount of protection from hits. His normal outfit trades off protection for agility, though he sometimes has heavier and more durable armour. Silvio's semblance, Counterblast, serves as a additional protection when activated and is useful for dissipating heavy-calibre attacks.
  • Dust: 8/10
As an engineering enthusiast Silvio is well versed in using dust, he frequently relies on various types for Argent Dusk, occasionally creating compound dust cartridges to combine their effects.
  • Aura: 6.5/10
Silvio lacks any major aura reserves and has difficultly shrugging off large hits. Instead he focuses on dodging or parrying incoming attacks and does not use his aura in offensive strategies.
  • Speed: 8/10
Silvio is surprisingly agile despite carrying what seems at first glance to be an unwieldy weapon, using the Argent Dusk in its glaive form to augment his balance. He is quite acrobatic, using his weapon in combination with parkour abilities to move around the area quickly.


Born in Atlas to Bianca, a huntress and Nerio, an engineer working for a private technology firm. For a few months Silvio's family lived in Atlas until they decided to move to Vale, where he grew up and went to school. Even at a young age, Silvio demonstrated a talent and passion for engineering and maths, likely traits inherited from his father. Eventually Silvio became interested in huntsmen weapons and began drawing various different designs in his spare time, even if they turned out to be too fragile, unwieldy or just impractical.

Silvio often watched the airships flying around Vale carrying huntsmen and huntress to their missions, daydreaming about becoming a legendary huntsman leading an expedition to reclaim lost territory and drive back the Grimm. Some people teased him and called him an airhead for fantasising in such things, but Silvio was hardly deterred by the comments. At school he became close friends with a small group of other children who he got on with well, leading Silvio to write a story about the four of them as the legendary huntsmen of his daydreams.

Silvio's parents suspected that his drive to be a huntsman was partly due to his mother, though while they had always taught him to stand up for himself and for those who are weaker, they never had expected him to take this mentality so seriously. Despite this surprise, both of Silvio's parents embraced his decision to become a huntsman, and enrolled him at Signal Academy. While there he formed friendly (though at times less so) rivalry with his classmate Titia Flavius. The two often clashed fiercely during sparring matches, yet ironically both tied their total number of victories against one another.

Under the tutelage of his instructors, Silvio finally perfected his favourite weapon blueprint, Argent Dusk, and successfully manufactured it himself. It was partially inspired after his mother's own weapon, Queen's Spear, a large polearm which could transform into a powerful rifle. Though a difficult weapon to master, Silvio showed a persistent determination to succeed and eventually developed his own fighting style to use the Argent Dusk at its fullest potential. At age 17 Silvio finally graduated from Signal Academy alongside Titia and took the Beacon entrance exam, to which he was accepted.


  • Silvio's name is a play on his colour, silver. Like the rest of the team, he's named after a metal.
  • Silvio has no idea why he dislikes parsnips, but has hated their taste for as long as he can remember.
  • He has a habit of starting the timer on his watch to see how long a fight will go on for.

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