"Trust me, I may be pretty, but if you look too long I'll rip your eyes out." 


Name: Simone Usiki

Alias: Simon Usiki

Nickname: Psycho, Doc

Age: 17

Height: 6'

Weight: 140 lbs

Hair: Black with red tips, long

Eyes: Red

Skin: Slightly tanned

I.Q: 180

Handedness: Ambidextrious

Likes: Blood, pain, those who face their fears, those who are strong

Dislikes: Weaklings, whiners

Skills: Fast, above average stamina, can read opponents, actually likes pain, likes killing, rarely hesitates for any reason

Weaknesses: Has problems with controling her actions in some combat situations, diagnosed with mild psychosis

Aura colour: Red 


Simon is a tall woman with a well endowed body, her long black hair goes to her thighs and ends with red tips. Her red eyes and face are usually relaxed or bored when inside a classroom, but if there are a lot of people or monsters around her expression sharpens and she'll look around at everyone. Simon usually wears a white tanktop under a white, dress shirt that resembles a school uniform, with either a combat skirt or cargo pants. If training she wears a bloodstained tanktop and trackpants, both outfits usually boast heavy, black boots. She can often be seen with finger-less black, light guantlets that are made to help her punches hurt more. When wandering around she wears a long sleeved, white jacket. On her biceps are clips for weapons as well as knife clips on her guantlets. She wears a long, black pouch on her lower back at almost all times unless training.


Simon's real name is simply Simone, a slight difference that most may not pick up on, but she prefers to be called by a boy's name. Simon is a highly confident teen, one that doesn't really care for how others think of her unless they are afraid of her, which most people are. Simon is very disturbed, being diagnosed with a mild psychosis some time before enrolling in Beacon. This psychosis doesn't really affect her too much when she is in the classroom, but in combat she has been known to actually rip apart those she fights, whether they're dead or not. She doesn't have a very much control of her actions once killing is involved, which may work to her advantage in some cases, but may work against some of those who are supposed to be fighting with her.

Simon has a very bored and uncaring personality when around most people, but at the same time she is strangely flirtatious regardless of race or gender and isn't afraid of using her body to distract those she intends to maim. Despite this, she only shows true affection to those who are brave or who have very little regard for their own safety, even showing a sense of humor around them, as dark and twisted as it may be. Simon loves the feeling of being feared and works to stay feared by the majority, she isn't above having those who don't really care around however. Strangely, Simon can joke around with those she considers friends, but this is largely acting or simply her adding her dark sense of humor into other people's fun. Unfortuneatly for those she fights, Simon loves pain and blood and doesn't really care who it comes from, even if its her own, this can cause her to try and hurt an opponent more than simply winning a fight.

Weapons and Equipment

Simon's arsenal has been refered to as, excessively intimidating, simply for what most of her weapons are made to do rather than what they look like, for the most part. For instance, her most prominent weapon resembles an axe with a blade that hangs down to the wielder's fingers and ends with a double barb. She holds this axe with one hand and swings it to harm, though it can decapitate a fully grown human with a well placed swing. When activated, the blade of this axe flips around and the handle extends, turning the weapon into a spear with a head that can stab and slash.

Clipped to her forearms are two knives that have a flick draw system for her to get into her hands easily even with her jacket on. These knives are weighted for throwing and have five inch blades. These weapons unfortunatly aren't what Simon is known for however. Clipped to her biceps and are inside the pouch on her back are a number of meathooks with a folding design, each with both an edge and an intimidating barb. Attaching these hooks to Simon are cables which she can use to throw a hook, pin it to an opponent and drag them towards her as the cables can withstand a lot of weight, if they get caught on something she can simply disconnect the cable attaching it to her. These hooks are her goto weapons in most situations, especially if she's fighting someone she just so happens to not like as they can cause devastating damage and give he a larger range than her spear. Finally, Simon's guantlets are designed to add weight to her fists, giving her better striking power, but they also give her a line of defence as the gauntlets can withstand blades and claws.


Simon is very good at what she does, and what she does is hurt people. She is athletic and has an impressive amount of flexibility which she is very quick to take advantage of, on top of this she is rather intelligent. While some may be interested in weapons or in robotics, Simon diverts her intelligence towards the mind and body of those she wants to kill, namely both people and Grimm. As such she is very good at reading people by how they act and can sometimes even know her opponents first move before they do, which has won her fights in the past. On top of this, Simon has a degree of strength thanks to her attempting to train regularly, which she can use in battle. As strange as it sounds, Simon can actually act as a psychiatrist given her knowledge on the human mind, as well as aid in medical procedures or perform first-aid with her knowledge on the human body, though complex procedures are out of her league.


Simon doesn't use her aura very often, usually she'll only use it against monsters or out of reflex. That said, Simon's aura grants her a mild healing factor, which explains why she has very few scars, on top of this it has a mild rebound effect on attackers, which can protect her from damage as long as her aura holds up.

Team Role

Unfortunately Simon cares very little for her fellow students, with possibly her team being exempt from that group depending on who they are. As such, she rarely makes decisions with other people's well being in mind, or her own for that matter. Therefore she makes a poor candidate for a leadership role, and instead falls into a group's support role, with her not really caring enough to push it.

Fighting Style 

Simon's fighting style differs greatly depending what she fights, for smaller monsters or humans she uses her hooks for the most part, while her axe/spear is used on almost anything. When using her axe she'll often move her body while she swings, both dodging and adding weight to her swings, with her also being able to punch or use a hook or knife in her free hand. While her axe is in spear mode, she holds it like a staff and will often swing it through the air to both attack and defend, using it to deflect attacks more than block them.

Simon's knives are usually used when nothing else can quickly be grabbed, as such it is rare for her to willingly choose them over her axe or hooks. Even so she uses them as one weapon, following a swing with a swing, a stab with a stab, something she has gotten good at, given the knives' lack of size she rarely relies on them for blocking. Simon's hooks are argueably her most valuable weapons as she carries a number of them around at almost all times. She can use them in her hands as cqc weapons, in a boxer's stance with one or more in between her fingers, or she could grip the cable and swing them through the air at her opponents, or at her environment to get the upper hand. The cables themselves can withstand weapon blows and can be used to block airflow if needed. Finally is Simon's unarmed capabilities, which are surprisingly honed. Next to her hooks and possibley her spear, her unarmed skill is one of her most prominent features as she can easily take down most opponents in fist fights, using her entire body to beat her opponents, she can hold her own against some opponents unarmed even if they have a weapon, but in this situation she may just disarm them and attack then.


It is currently unknown where exactly Simon was born, or who her parents were as they've been dead for so long. However Simon learned from a very young age that she liked blood and pain, eventually she had a heated argument with her parents over beating up a local boy, she was found later that day covered in blood with her parents dead, they were covered in stab wounds, the police never found out who did it as they assumed it wasn't the little girl when in fact she had killed them. Simon was put into a foster home and was monitored from then on, she was seen to have violent tendencies towards those that were either mean to her or who were violent themselves, causing her to have many fights growing up, the one's in charge of the foster home urged her to use violence to protect humans by enrolling her at Sanctum.

This only seemed to make it worse however, she seemed to take sparing a lot more seriously than most of the other students, in fact she was actually withheld from entering a tournament because of the "excessive violence" she showed to her sparring partners. She actually inherited her axe from her parents, which she recieved when she was admitted to Sanctum, however she didn't feel it was enough, recalling that her father was a butcher she got the idea of meathooks with cables attached and managed to forge a set, though this took a lot longer than most weapons. Despite her weapons, Simon fought many battles unarmed, eventually getting her to strive for guantlets for her fighting, but she still trained periodically with her hooks and axe/spear. At some point someone tried to take advantage of her, the body could not be recognised by the time the police arrived and the young girl was looked over by a psychiatrist who simply stated that her sanity could be in jeopardy after all she'd been through. She was deemed to be fit for schooling in time for her admission to Beacon however.

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