I'll make them regret using me as a scapegoat!
— Sirius Hemlock
Sirius Hemlock
Age 35
Title The Amber Wolf
Nickname Uncle Si
Status Active
Color Amber
Gender Male
Race Fauna
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Tan
Hair Black
Eyes Amber
Height 6'3"
Weight 180lbs
Professional Status
Occupation Assassin Caretaker
Additional Info
Likes The colour amber
Dislikes Current-gen weaponry


Sirius Hemlock is a man with an average built. Despite his age, Sirius has the appearance of someone in their late teens or early twenties. When meeting with others for the first time they tend to take notice of his short black hair, tanned skin, amber eyes and his playful smile. To those who don't know him Sirius appears to be human but he is actually a Fauna though he claims to lack some Fauna traits that others have. He tends to use his tail to cover the various pouches on his belt (as these tend to have questionable items in them). However, doing this causes him to be mistaken for a human. He has a horizontal scar on the front of his neck which is covered by his stripped bandana. Sirius wears a black long-sleeved, as well as a baggy black pants. He wears amber-coloured shoes and on his hands they are black gloves with amber cuffs. There is another pouch located near his right thigh though this pouch holds items that are actually legal. Strapped to his back are two "Cross Pick".


When Sirius takes on an assassination request there was only one goal in mind: the death of his target. He prides himself for only killing the target and no one else. It hurts his pride, and something else that Sirius can't explain in words, when there are witnesses involved as he has no other choice but to silence them quickly. It also hurts his pride when a target manages to get away, or worse fight back, since he prefers to end things cleanly without spilling too much blood. The scar on his neck is an embarrassment to him since it was given by a target who he underestimated and he fought with such skill that Sirius was forced to retreat and cancel the request. After a certain incident he started to develop a moral code and has since refused killing witnesses and has taken on fewer assassinations requests. This has made many of his clients look elsewhere for people to do their work. Sirius hates all the new forms of weaponry that are being made as they can be traced, if not over time, back to him.

When Sirius isn't on a job his personality becomes completely different. He is carefree, to the point where it has become a habit, that he even does odd jobs for the local authorities and enjoys chatting to them. He is often kind to strangers and is helpful to them unless the issue with Faunas is brought up. Sirius often spoils his friends' (and sometimes clients') children with sweets that the children have started calling him Uncle Si. His friendly nature combined with his youthful appearance has made him a target for romance among girls. This unsettles him greatly as he often says that he is older than he looks and, in some cases, old enough to be some of the girls' father. When questioned by others about his past tends to say that having his "niece" with him helped changed him. He then leaves before they can ask about his past. 

Weapons and Abilities


Sirius's hatred for new weaponry has caused to excel at using classical weapons (i.e. weapons from a long time ago). When going about an assassination he prefers to use a pair of ceremonial daggers (called "Romulus and Remus") he received as payment for a job at Mistral. These daggers are hidden in one of the pouches on his belt since they are of high value. The daggers weren't meant for combat or assassinating however Sirius discovered compartments that allowed it to hold a small amount liquid. He places poisons into these compartments and only has to cut the skin lightly of his target to give them death.

If faced with combat Sirius would rather run then fight since he would rather get paid than prove himself. If he is forced into a fight he chooses to dual-wield the two "Cross Pick" on his back. These are a pair of short pickaxes with serrated blades. Each pickaxe can also change into a crossbow that fires off Dust projectiles. Sirius loads these with various Dust depending on the situation though it can only fire a few shots before it needs reloading again. He also uses the dust in the pouches by throwing them at the enemy and firing at them, causing them to explode and cover his escape.


Sirius has taught himself on how to create antidotes for the poisons as well as extracting and using the poison from the plants. For someone his age, Sirius has great agility and strength since he is able to use the "Cross Pick" to climb up certain areas if a path isn't avaliable. Years of experience as an assassin has taught him that he must wait for the perfect opportunity to strike even if it means letting his allies do the majority of the fighting. Only when the target has let down their guard then he will strike. Experience has also taught him to listen closely to those around him and see if he can any get precious information without them realizing it. It has also taught to him on how to been seen by people but never remembered.


Ten years ago Sirius received a mission from an unknown group to kill an executive of the Schnee Dust Company. However, this time, members from the group had come along with him to complete an unknown objective. They snuck onto the compound and Sirius went on to complete the assassination while the group went elsewhere. After killing the target, an explosion was heard and Sirius rushed to the group's location. As he arrived he was suddenly attacked and wounded by the group. They told him that he was to be the scapegoat for their attack on the compound. After hearing their reason for the betrayal he turned the tables on his attackers and killed them. Another explosion was heard and he realised that they were trying to cover their tracks by destroying the compound. Sirius tried to flee the area but was stopped when he heard cries for help. He found a woman and an unconcious child trapped in one of the rooms but he only managed to save the child before the ceiling collapsed. Seeing as he couldn't save the woman in the room he left her. Sirius escaped with the child and made his way to a nearby safehouse. He later learned that the woman he left to die and his latest target were the parents of the child he saved. Sirius also learned that she had lost most of her memories before the incident due to an earlier explosion.

Sirius convinced Amber (the name he gave the girl) that he was her uncle and that her parents had died due to an unfortunate accident. After forging paperwork for Amber, they then left for Vale to stay in a house that Sirius had previously bought. To keep up the pretense that he lived an "ordinary life" he enrolled Amber into a nearby school and started doing odd jobs for the community. As time passed he started to decline assassination requests as he started to become used to his "ordinary life". Since the incident Sirius became a wanted criminal across Vytal restricting his movements and only leaves Vale if it's necassary. Sirius only accepted jobs that gave him information on the people who betrayed him. This made him lose benefactors but he still had his friends who were willing to help him get his revenge. 


  • Sirius has a habit of touching the scar on his neck whenever the name of the person who gave it to him pops up in a conversation.
  • If people see Sirius switch personalities for the first time they are generally scared of him and ask him which is his true self.
    • He simply replies that he doesn't know anymore. 
  • As a visual cue between which of his personalities he is currently in, he tends to pull up his bandana to cover the bottom half of his face when he is on a job.
    • Doing so reveals the scar on his neck.


  • Hemlock refers to a type of poisonous plant.
  • According to legend, Romulus and Remus were the founders of Ancient Rome.

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