An iceberg is a common analogy for any complex person, meaning that most of what they are lies under the surface. When the ice melts, its inner layers are revealed.
— Anonymous
Skyler Caelum
Age 16
Title The Battlemage
Alias Blizzard
Nickname Eskimo, Sockhead
Status Alive
Color Sapphire
Gender Male
Race Human
Born April 13
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Fair
Hair Black
Eyes Blue
Height 5'8"
Weight 120 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Partner Alyssa Ostrum, Garrett Byrrus, Evelyn Viridus
Occupation Student
Job Types Specialty Missions
Jobs Scouting, Defend Against Attacks, Destroy Enemy Weapon Supplies
Additional Info
Emblem Triangle3
Special Skills Aura Manipulation, Baguazhang
Weaknesses Physical Hits, Aura-Cancelling Objects or Abilities

Leader of Team SAGE and one of the only students at Beacon Academy to not have a weapon. His codename is Blizzard and he specializs in aura manipulation, which he has a lot of. He has yet to master his powers as well as overcome the bizarre symptoms that prevent him from doing so in the first place.


Skyler is 16, though it would be impossible to discern his age by looking at him, as nearly every physical feature is masked by thick cloth and goggles; on an average day, he is found dressed from head to toe in layers of coats and cloaks and a thick windsock hood. He stands at about 5'8" and has a very slender build, with one of the lowest physical strengths of any student at Beacon. He's light and fragile so nearly any hit landed on him would hurt a bit more than other students would feel.


Skyler always complains about how cold it is, but aside from that he is a perfectly happy teenager. He has a great sense of humor, is quick to laugh, very optimistic, and smiles often (though it usually goes unseen because of the cloth that covers his face). 

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