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— Slate Oso
This original character was created by CardinWinchester. Do not steal the character or info.
Slate Oso
Age 17
Title The Silent Banshee
Alias Slate
Nickname Bear
Status Active
Color Grey
Gender Male
Race Hispanic
Species Human
Born May 7th
Handedness Right
Complexion Tan
Hair Jet Black
Eyes Dark Grey
Height 6'
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Partner Blauw Ahab
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
Additional Info
Emblem Slateemblem
Likes Being helpful & Music
Dislikes Being Ignored & destruction
Special Skills CQC & Dust
Weaknesses LRC & being a mute
Character Theme

Slate's Theme



Slate often appears in what appears to be a white shirt covered by a dark grey blazer. The shirt itself does have black trimmings. He sports grey dress-up pants that resembles those often wore with a zuit suit. He also wears brown dress-up shoes that have been broken in. On the right side of the front side of the blazer is a bear with a stitched mouth and a tear down in it's cheek. It also appears that he has a pocket watch in the his left pocket indicated by the silver chain that is hooked to his pants running into his left front pocket.

Physical Detail

Slate being a fairly tall man is actually the east built off his team. Despite his wider shoulders, Slate has little muscle tone that is covered by his tan skin. The male's hair is often messy and seems to be in a bed-hair style that seems to compliment his tire eyes complimented by bags under them. The male's hands are large, though he strangely withered down nails. Most of all, he seems to drag himself around when he's not doing anything that requires his full attention often making him look tired or depressed.


Not much can be said about Slate due to being a mute, but it seems that he has little confidence as he often stays back, until spoken to. He seemed to be ignored despite knowing what to do. He is the most undervalued member of Team JBBS, thought is does have it's benefits. He will often mock his teammates without a single one knowing what he means.
As to others, he will often stand back and stay to himself. Often listening to music when he's alone or with others often not being brought up. His taste of music often displays his mood and often expresses his emotion. Most often then not, he listens to jazz music which also seems to inspire his style of clothing.
Though growing up on the streets have harden him, he enjoys a type of style that is often paired with 'classic' to most. Though hard to express displeasure in his teammate's style, he does not seem to care for armor nor use it as his style seems to render the use of armor useless: close, but quiet.
While lacking a voice, he can notably mellow out his teammates and other voices out fairly easily as he focuses. Not one for jokes, he often takes offense to small things as he still has a street mentality about many things. This is displayed in how he eats quickly and doesn't share fearing all of it will be taken. Though he sides with Bryan compared to others, Falk's style does prove that he can trust him as Slate sees strength being a needed requirement to lead. 

Weapons & Abilities

Amp Gloves

Amp Gloves as they have been named notably reference amps used by instruments to produce louder sounds. By implementing different dusts, the gloves create ripples in the air and create a sound after the impact of his punch is thrown. As the name implies, it amplifies the power of the punch and sends the power through the body. Notably electricity is sparked from the impact and creates ripples through the human and grimm body before launching them. The sound varies depending on what he hits, but to some degree it does sound like a scream.


Slate who studied books crossed aura and learned how to use his aura. Baring a grey aura, Slate is able to use it enhance his perception of his surroundings and his defensive capabilities. Using it to manipulate the dust in his gloves to release their attacks in combination with his punches makes him rather skilled in their use.


Slate's semblance is 'Silence'. Silence as the name implies quiets the sound of focused areas close to him. Though not able to use it to silence others, it can silence the sounds projected by his weapon and his footsteps. Though it does not require much stamina, he must be focused to use it and if he is thrown off, it can break Silence and it's affect can no longer be active. 


Slate's greatest strength lies in his ability to blend in and conceal most sounds he produces. He becomes one with his surroundings and uses it to navigate around often getting close to his prey without being noticed. Combined with his aura knowledge and Silence's ability, he can blend in and silence his attacks.


Slate not being able to communicate vocally causes much grief and trouble with his teammates that it even becomes a gag. In many cases, he may know the best info, but with no voice, he cannot communicate it to his team leaving them baffled and confused. Even more so his colorblindness also hinders him greatly as he cannot fully distinguish dusts from one another. Both aura and Silence require stamina usage. Silence also requires Slate's focus.


Slate was disowned as a baby. Nothing more or less to go on about his origins, but it was clear he was crippled to some degree: he was a mute. He had no cry nor any usable vocals. The orphanage who took him in, raised him until the age of eight when it was shut and the children were left to fend for themselves.
With no family nor friends, Slate quickly took to trash to eat and grow. Often feasting on scraps, he fought off stray cats and dogs. With no voice and not being able to see colors, Slate had to use other senses to determine things such as sound and smell.
As he continued to grow, he noticed things and even begun to learn how to read by listening to others and saw what they read. Not being able to sound out things, the boy had to learn what they meant. Taking to thieving, he often stole books and literates, until he was caught by a book shop owner.
The man tried to get no confession, but the boy tried to admit words and yet nothing came out. The man quickly learned he was a mute and punishing the street rat would do no good, decided to help him and give him a place. Slate took to reading and the man taught him, while Slate went behind his back still not knowing any better.
It wasn’t until he attacked a boy and mugged him that Slate crossed his weapons. A pair of gloves. Having grown familiar with dust and the books, the boy began to take them apart and learned how to use them behind the man’s back.
Slate one night took off and never returned. Time passed and he stole dust often harming himself before figuring out what to do. It wasn’t until he attacked a man that he learned his place. The man was a Hunter who noted the boy’s abilities and saw that a street rat who had figured out how to use dust-based weapons may have some use.
The Hunter trained him for the short time before enrolling him into Beacon by faking his identity and gave him his new persona: Slate Oso. Slate who could not speak and not being tied to others made him blend in fairly easily.



  • Slate's original weapon resembled Yang's weapons before her debut trailer, but with lightning.
    • So, he was stripped of his secondary weapon, Amp Boots and changed to reflect sound.
  • Slate being a mute may reflect why he was disowned at a very early age.
  • Slate's name also reflects that he is also colorblind as many things appear to be a shade of grey, white or black.
  • Slate Oso translates to 'Grey Bear'
    • The bear may reference his close-range attack


  • Slate was inspired by Lopez from RvB.
    • Not understood or misunderstood by his team
    • Skilled, but looked over and ignored
  • His title is a play on Banshee's screeches
    • Combined with Silence silencing his attacks, it hides the sound, yet keeps the effect
  • Silence is based upon the concept of a silencer
    • Though using his aura, he can eliminate the sound

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