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Smith Vortigern





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1.90 metres


75 kg

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Professional Status




Personal Status

Claire (Deceased Wife)
Zephyr (Son)
Vulturn (Son)
Caroll (Daughter)

Smith Vortigern is the head of the Mimsy Family, the 'weakest' family, and hence a member of the Vortigern Clan. Married to his late wife Claire, he is the father of ZephyrVulturn and Caroll and the only member of the family that remains as an active assassin in the Clan. His weapon of choice is the traditional family weapon, the Black Water Free-Flow, while his Aura has the semblance of Bypass, which Vulturn has inherited, but Smith is far more advanced in its usage.


Smith Vortigern is a tall man, just like his sons, with pale vanilla skin, onyx-black eyes with dark eyebrows, with black hair that is slicked back in a light Caesar cut. His style of fighting has led him to develop a thin-looking musculature, but he is still well-built and toned under his clothes. His face is imposing, with a long structure, sharp and large cheekbones, and a brow that is usually found in a stern frown. His eyes are the only thing on his imposing face that really indicate his emotions when he is in the middle of an assassination mission or in combat.

During his work, Smith is always found to be in a immaculate black suit, black leather gloves, white dress shirt and a red tie. A clip on the red tie carries the symbol of the Vortigern Clan. Underneath all that is a black form-fitting spandex suit that act as a final defence to the corrosive effects of Free-Flow. In times of harsh or cold weather, he adds on an protective anorak.


Smith Vortigern, as an assassin, takes the professional approach, appearing very introverted who almost always speaks without emotion in a calm, formal manner that could be considered muted or blunt. Just like how his son, Vulturn, was trained, Smith takes a very rational, logical approach to things and barely allows most emotions to have any bearing on his performance as an assassin, being willing to kill any target without hesitation and with little exceptions. The act of killing itself is almost trivial to him due to his track record and he almost compares it to being like breathing, all the while culling anyone who stands in his ways like a very methodical and coldly vicious fly swatter. The only exceptions to this behaviour are his three children.

When out of his assassin persona, Smith is a very relaxed and friendly guy, being a very inspirational leader and teacher to many people, such as his subordinates in the Clan and his various partners and especially his eldest son, Zephyr. He has strong faith in the mission of the Vortigern Clan, but has even greater faith in his own personal mission: to protect his family. Having lost his wife, his eldest son and left alone to take care of his last two children, Smith had to bear with the stress of being an assassin, taking care of his family and meeting the demands of the Vortigern Clan, which would have persuaded him to leave the Clan had it not been for the assistance of his mother Estelle Vortigern in taking care of his kids. He also finds his line of work too ugly for his children and hence has no intention of forcing them into the family business. Unfortunately, he has no idea that his kids are in fact being trained into assassins under the guise of Estelle's 'assistance' and hence became an unwitting accomplice in allowing their abuse.

It is an understatement that Smith is extremely dedicated to his kids, though being an assassin had him constantly away from home, resulting in him not noticing their mistreatment, while putting the blame for any sort of mistreatment he does manage to see on himself for 'not being there enough for them'. This disconnect between them would result in Vulturn blaming his father for being so 'self-centred' and never being able to consider the possibility that someone else, namely Estelle, was responsible for the abuse.

Weapon and Abilities

Character Attributes
Alignment: Family-First
Strength: B Aura: A
Defense: A+ Agility: B
Endurance: B Technique: A++
Intelligence: B Leadership: A
Experience: N/A Semblance: N/A
Smith uses his family's traditional weapon, the Black Water Free-Flow , which is specially-treated liquid Dust. It reacts to the user's Aura, bending to his will to form a shapeshifting weapon. The sheer concentration of Dust makes it able to disrupt the structure of soft foreign objects such as their user's flesh. Free-Flow, due to the Black Dust inside of it, has the special trait of being able to manipulate its density and solidity, meaning that it can form solid weapons. Under Smith's control, Free-Flow's special trait is amplified, to the point that it can become nearly diamond-hard and its speed in both movement and changing its density is in split-seconds.

Fighting Style

Smith usually manifests Free-Flow in the form of little needles the length of his finger, which he then 'flicks' at his opponent. Each needle are in fact specially designed like little cluster missiles that upon being thrown immediately disperse into tens of tiny needles that are a third the size of the original, swarming their opponents before they can even dodge. The reason why they can be so tiny is because if even one needle hits the opponent, they act like an syringe, injecting the Free-Flow into the body, letting it flow through the blood stream and in mere seconds, into the heart. The corrosive nature of Free-Flow immediately does the rest. The only defence against this is to have full-covering body armor or have one's Aura acting as a barrier, such as Jaune's.

By himself, Smith has excellent all-around physical statistics and he is also proficient in the Vortigern way of movement, allowing him to possess both precision and speed in his dashes, slipping through in the tiniest gaps. However, as someone who mainly stands in one spot, firing off from range, and does little else, Smith has not as much gymnastic flexibility as compared to his son. As an assassin and hence being trained to deal with Hunters, Heroes and Humans, Smith is knowledgeable in the anatomy of humans and the art of killing them. He is also specifically trained to be stronger than Hunters due to it being required in his line of work.


Finally, Smith possesses a black-coloured Aura, with the Semblance of "Full Name: Bypass - Spatial Cleaver", which specifically deals with the negation of the physical limits of space and allows a user to shift objects from one dimension to another personal one, hence allowing the object to go right through other objects. What is unique about Smith's version of Bypass is that it creates a clean cut between objects that are in differing dimensions. For example, if Smith causes a finger of his hand to phase away, that finger is cut clean off from his hand, while in Vulturn's, it would have stayed connected. In the hands of Smith, who is professed as the most advanced user, Bypass is deadly as he can use it extensively from a distance, even without line of sight, another trait that Vulturn sorely lacks. He can use it on the foundations of buildings to make them fall apart, apply his Semblance on approaching weapons and bullets so that they phase through him (he can't risk his Semblance on himself, so he does it the other way around) and most distinctively, use it on the internal organs of people who don't have enough Aura to resist him, resulting in said organs falling right out of their bodies.


  • Smith's appearance is directly based of his namesake Agent Smith from The Matrix and Agent 47 from Hitman.
  • The way Smith demonstrates his ability to make organs fall out of his enemies is similar to the Conquerer's Haki in One Piece, though it is obviously much more bloody and lethal.
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