Fan Fiction:
Soldier On
Author Tsubori
Genre Theme song
Official Characters Bartholomew Varega

Description: {{{Desc}}}

Soldier On

My past, it binds me,

A piece of this history.

My goal, just a pawn.

The greatest gift; To soldier on.

Left Right Left, heart keeps the beat.

Faces that I'll never more meet.

Left Right Left, keep facing straight.

Fight who I'm told, no place for hate.

Risk life and limb for my home.

Augment these bones with steel and chrome!

The shock and awe hangs heavy in my heart,

Battlefield; the canvas waiting for this art.

Swing this blade, and sever these loose ends!

Soldier on, alongside shadows of my friends!

Soldier on, conviction push me here.

Soldier on, no room for pain or fear.

Soldier on, for a world that gives no thanks.

Soldier on... Until among those shadow's ranks...

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