I'm not trying to make friends. Friends are people you're obligated to care about, and caring about people just gets you hurt.
— Solstyce

Solstyce Hood
Age 18
Status Active
Gender Male
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Pale
Hair Green
Eyes Yellow
Height 5' 10"
Weight 145 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon
Partner Ras Aryun


Solstyce wears an old, brown bomber jacket over a plain, light green tee shirt. He wears a thin, black holster around his waist, a pair of worn, grey jeans, and black combat boot with green trim. His hair appears to be messy and unkept, but in reality Solstyce carefully moulds his hair into the same style every day and gets frustrated when it doesn't hold. He has a narrow face and thin, sunken eyes.


Solstyce lacks any form of empathy and is incredibly self-serving. He always wants to be in control of any situation, and usually loses focus if things change unexpectedly. He has a high level of self-preservation, and would rather leave someone to die than risk dying himself. Solstyce tries to keep a low profile when in public, as to not have to talk to someone for longer than he needs to. He hates dealing with other people, mostly because he thinks he's better than others. He always speaks his mind, and won't hesitate to hurt someone else's feelings by saying something cruel. Despite this, he recognizes and respects authoritative figures. 

He always thinks ahead and tries to plan for any situation that might arise, making him seem paranoid to people who don't know him. He hates failing at anything, yet derives great pleasure from watching others fail. If asked to help, he will only agree if he can recieve compensation for his work, and won't accept a promise of future payment. Due to his need to be ready for anything, Solstyce has a devotion to weapon crafting, and will build weapons to combat anything that he might need to fight, even though he can't carry them all with him.


Solstyce was born to a family rich in Huntsmen and Huntresses. He was born in Vale on the day of the Summer Solstice, which inspired his name. When Solstyce was nine, his father was killed by a man his father claimed was a good friend. Even though he was just a child, Solstyce couldn't help but feel like his father was a fool for believing that his friend would never do such a thing. At twelve, his mother remarried, and Solstyce recieved Ras Aryun as his step-brother. Despite contradicting each other in many ways, the two became fast friends through their mutual love of mischief, and later, petty theft.

When Solstyce began Huntsman training, Ras came with him but was kicked out early on due to behavioral issues. Despite this, Solstyce built Ras a weapon and helped train him to the point where Ras was passable as a Academy student. When Solstyce applied to Beacon, he spent months reading up on everything he could in order to prepare himself for anything that would happen while attending.


Ras Aryun: Ras is Solstyce's only true friend, due to the fact that Solstyce dislikes most others. Despite having little in common, the two rarely fight. However, their friendship is violent; Solstyce punches Ras whenever he says or does something wrong, and Ras frequently attacks Solstyce just to see the extent of Solstyce's healing abilities. The two manage to get in trouble frequently, due to Ras's disregard for any form of rules and Solstyce's lack of caring about anyone else. Solstyce will run with almost any plan Ras has, simply because he finds it interesting to see how Ras thinks.


Solstyce is very cautious, never moving before he's made a plan for whatever outcome his attacks will cause. Due to his feelings of self-preservation, his Semblance is rapid healing, to the point of recovering from bullet or stab wounds within a couple minutes.


Solstyce's weapons are two augmented multi-action dust revolvers named Ortus and Occasus. He has added an additional trigger to each gun, allowing him to shoot them twice as fast as he normally could. Due to his need to be prepared for anything, Solstyce attached large knives to the barrels of each gun, and both can be turned into cutlasses or spears in needed. Ortus and Occasus are painted bright gold and deep silver, respectively.


  • Solstyce's last name comes from the character Robin Hood.
  • Ortus and Occasus are the Latin words for sunrise and sunset, respectively.
  • His team's name is SLAR (pronounced 'solar'). Each member has resonent connections to solar events or sun dieties.

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