It is a doll, I cannot draw, this is what happens.

Sophicles is a Aura Trained Animal, owned by Verdantos Grenice


From he was a kitten, Sophicles was trained under tha Combat Animal Training program. The program was created off of the idea, that since every living creature posseses Aura, that an animal can be trained to use it. The ed goal was that an animal could be trained to be a companion to Hunters, to help with the Grimm fight. This particular project was scrapped, with only 5 succesful products. Sophicles was the 2nd graduate of the program, the animals who grduated the program were sold to Hunters, and rich families for 50 million Lien each, the Grenice Family bought Sophicles, and gave him to Verda, as his eleventh birthday present. Verda treated him with intense caring at first, but, as his status, attitude, and quality of parenting detriorated, so did his care of the cat. He was often left to fend for himself, being kicked by the occasional house guest. Verdantos took him with him to Beacon, to prevent the people in the family from using him as nothing more than a millon dollar footstool. He is slowly learning to fight with the cat at his side, though it is often sloppy, as his style is incompatible with a partner excessively smaller than him.


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