This original character was created by CardinWinchester. Do not steal the character or info.
Title Gaja
Classification Elephant
Ranking A
Abilities Can easily pierce, crush or squash smaller targets.
Strength Tremendous strength and great endurance.
Weakness  ???

Grimm Register

  • Originally: Bryan Bane
    • Location to be Registered: Emerald Forest


Sparkie is a large Gaja, a beast that is tremendous and often mistake to be a part of the forest. Like other Grimm, it has a mask over it’s face, but reaches over it’s massive ears and has two large tusk that easily pierce both flesh and bone. It has a massive trunk that can tree’s in half if coiled along. Mainly black, the ivory colored armor is lit by red markings, but it’s eyes are a darker red. The knees and tip of the trunk have normal armor. The entire back is covered in moss and has rock shape spikes. The odd part is that Sparkie has many scars along it’s body that glow red and are noticeable when Sparkie is enraged.


Can easily crush, pierce or step on smaller targets.

  • Strengths: Tremendous strength and great endurance.
  • Weaknesses: ???

Additional Notes

  • Regular Gaja often move with other Gaja
  • They seem to be more docile Grimm given that they seem to be more hesitant to attack humans.
  • Typical Gaja move in more Tropical Forests
    • Sparkie is a rare variant.


  • Gaja comes from Hindu mythology that refers to Elephants
  • Gaja is a word in Portuguese that means ‘an attractive woman’
    • This is linked to Hindu mythology which Gaja are connected to fertility.

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