Slyvia Merlin
Age 17
Alias Jennifer Miller
Nickname Spectre
Status Active
Color White
Gender Female
Race human
Handedness ambidextrous
Complexion pale
Hair silver
Eyes green
Height 5'
Weight 100 lbs
Professional Status
Social Rank Never speaks, stalks about, sticks to shadows, doesn't mingle
Affiliation Beacon Academy,Assassin's's guild
Team team ANJL
Occupation Assassin
Additional Info
Likes silence, stealth, shadows, challenge, justice
Dislikes crowds, noise, open terrain,Hutsman, Huntress
Special Skills infiltration, assassination, stealth, making dust based poisins
Character Theme

going under by Evanescence


Slyvia has green eyes and shoulder length green hair. She has pale skin and a wicked scar across her left eye robbing her of its use. She wears tight green vest with silver goring over a loose sleeved grey shirt with a hood. Her skirt is green and her she wears black combat boots with silver laces.

Weapons and Abilities

Weapons: under her sleeves she has a series of throwing knives set to quick release with a jerk of her arm. She also carries twin daggers with snakes encircling the hilts. At the base of the hilts are cartridges of poisons that paralyze and then kill. with the press of a button the toxins run through the snakes and then drip out their fangs into microchannels that run across the blades. She also wields a katana with a similar decoration and poison distribution system.

Abilities: Through long hours of training she has honed her ability to move silently and keep to the shadows. She has also trained her hearing to be razor sharp so as to be an early warning to danger and possible detection.


She tends to be a loner and is strongly independent. She is considered cold by people she meets. She never speaks a word in the presence of others. She hasn’t since the night her family was murder. She has been know to talk to her dead family when alone. Although she never speaks to her she loves her adopted mother dearly. She is the only one to whom Spectre has show any affection since her family died.  She has however been know to help the weak and defenseless. She is calm, calculating, and decisive. She takes in as much information as she can to evaluate every action she takes.

She has a strong sense of justice, however misguided it may be. She hates seeing the weak preyed upon. She dislikes those who takes advantage of others and hates murder, as ironic as it seems. She does not consider herself to be a murderer. She feels that she is a hero, carrying out a duty to all of mankind. She stands firm on the fact that the huntsman’s reputation is built on lies and deceit. She feels that they use their status as heros and the political pull it gives to hide the horrors they commit. She knows there is no proof, but she feels her family's murder is proof enough.


When Slyvia Merlin was a child her house was raided by a group of former huntsmen claiming to be active members. They executed her parents and sister under false pretenses. They acused her family of being worshipers of Grimm  When she tried to fight back one of the false Huntsman slashed her across the face leaving her with a scar across her left eye and robbing her of its use. The other attacker grabbed sevral logs from the fireplace and threw them around the room. The false huntsman left her in a burning house, screaming in pain. She managed to crawl from the burning building and hide in the forest in her backyard.

She was found later that night by a mecenary from a assassin group. The Mercenary had wanted a daughter for some time and decided to take her in. Her new mother gave her the name Spectre. As she grew her adopted mother trained her in the silent art of assassination. She learned to distill poisons, and crafted her tools of the trade. She didn't talk much but she loved her new mother dearly and was a quick learner. She studied hard and when she was 12 went on her first assassination job with her mother.

The two worked together for a couple of years, during which Spectre did much research on the skills and abilities of Huntsman. She went on many personal missions, pitting her skills against those who were traning at schools like Signal and Sanctum. She killed many and improved her skills. She learned how to use her aura so that she would be able to combat them better After two years of going on missions with her mother.  Spectre decided to go out on her own.

She decided to appy to Becon academy, under the name Jennifer Miller, using fake papers she acquired through her group's network. Now that she has been accepted she plans to study the huntsman in detail. She believes that if she learns how to be a huntress she will know how to beat a huntress. She will know their every weakness and how to exploit them.

Author's note

I plan to have her discover the true nature of the huntsman while at beacon and realize what she has done. I do not yet know what her reaction will be.

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