Welcome, here we will explain how Advancement in Fanon Staff Works, and what each position entails.

Chat Moderators

These people have the power to kick, and ban people from the chat. Their job is to keep the peace, and remove any trolls or vandals. They will have chat badges.

BRTE: Monitors chat and enforces rules if necessary.

Ender: Active Times= 8am to 12 or 1 am (give or take a few hours before or after). Timezone= eastern UTC-5:00.

Novice: GMT 0, active most days from 8 AM to 12 AM.

Jord Australian standard timezone, active 4 PM - 9 PM+ weekdays, 8 AM - 6 AM weekends.

Nox: GMT, active most days at most times, kinda an all rounder really.

Character Reviewers

These people give useful reviews and have the right to accept/reject characters. They also have rollback rights. They can revert harmful edits to the Wiki. They will have usernames highlight and icon next to it, along with comment glows.

Current Members:

Alex - Active some time after 2:00 EST on most days, though will randomly appear throughout the day. I am online pretty much every day and can usually be found on the chat.

dC: -03:00 UTC. I'm online pretty much everyday; schedule can vary because of real life, but chances are I'm online from evening to midnight.

Sam -  EST (Times though the week vary) Between everything outside in life, I'm usually on here every day be mostly from late midday to even 2am est.

Leaf - PST I'm generally on here in some way shape or form for at least a few hours everyday. Times are extremely sporadic but attendance daily is consistent.


These people have all the rights of a chat mod, and a rollback. They are able to ban people from the Wiki, and review characters. They will have both chat badges, highlights and comment glows.

Current Members:

Flora: Fanon's CSS editor, graphic/monthly theme designer, actively keeps trolls/harmful anon off both chat and wiki, occasional reviewer, chatmod and cleaner of fanon. Active from 0:00 to 15:00 on both chat and wiki (UTC timezone)

Amet: The Italian Stallion, resident drummer and Reviewer. A people's person, really. Loves everything A7X...tends to fangirl a lot. Active most days (GMT -5, EST Timezone).

Hype: (GMT -5 : Generally active during Mid-day to Evening): Contrary to my name, I am not that hype...somewhat. I maintain the peace in the chat whenever the need arises, as well as review pending whenever needed or overworked reviewers. Ever rarely do I graphic, but I say I do a pretty decent job at it. If I am needed and busy, just PM the afk guy, and I'll see you when I get back.

Prime Minister Bureaucrat

These people have the power of an Admin, along with the ability to assign admins. Current Members:

Tsu : A bit of an all-rounder. Mods when needed, reviews wen needed, debates all the time. A bit of a boss, really.


Here we use a work your way up policy. This entails that in order to gain a new position, you have to be a member of the proceeding group. For example, in order to be a chat mod, you have to first be a part of the Clean up crew. This does not guarantee that you advance, but it does entail that you meet the requirements.