One word I will not say is Give up! I will never give up!
— Star
Star Elaine
Crystal Fenalina
Age 15
Title The Aurora Borealis
Alias 'El'
Nickname Shooting Star
Color Gold
Gender Female
Species Kitten Faunus
Born May 18
Handedness Ambidextrious
Hair Silver
Eyes Violet
Height 5'10"
Weight 115 Ibs
Professional Status
Occupation Huntress in Training
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown.
Additional Info
Emblem [[File:
Stars emblem
Likes Friends, Fun, Studying, Tests, Faunus, Her weapon
Dislikes Snobs, People rude to Faunuses, Dust corporations.
Special Skills Classes, Battles, Aura, Weapons.
Weaknesses Easily angered, scared of heights, scared of failing.

Star is a huntress in training at Beacon Academy. This character is owned by Artemis'sHunter.


Star is a slim, yet fair skinned girl. She has small feet, but long hair that goes to her lower back. It is slightly wavy at the end. She has small hands and light feet. Her eyes are a beautiful shimmery violet that compliments her silver hair. Her body is slim and petite, easily allowing her to huddle into tight spaces. She is 5'10 a bit tall for herself, but she doesn't mind. Star is average weight for her height and age.

Star wears a white one strap tubetop with a golden pin on it and a golden sleeve connected. She wears a short, grey battle skirt with her emblem on it. She has plain light grey boots and a necklace with a grey pearly from her mom on it. Star has a sash across her chest with a pocket in the back specially enchanted by magic so she knows if it has been stolen. She has a gold bracelet on her right arm near the elbow.


Star is a funny girl with a nice attitude. She makes people laugh everyday if they're down in the dumps. She can make people tell her the truth in a kind, sweet, harmonic way. She has an affinity towards studying and will do almost anything to protect Faunuses. She hates, no not hates, despises the White Fang because they are a group of no good cowardly faunus who hurt and attack others. When someone aggravates her she has this fiery aura around her especially during bloodshed.

Star also has a bloodshed, destructive, death side for which she cares of no one. Not even herself. This was started long ago in her history. When Star becomes this mood she has footsteps and attacks of power and pain. Star truly represents a real star. A star has a bright, kind side; the one you see every night which is Star's outer shell. Inside she is destructive and rude but that's only her inside self.

==Weapons and Abilities==
Star's weapons

Star has skills and abilities relating to light since that is her element. Her secret element though is her knowledge. She can play mental games with you, such as making you go crazy or going delusional. One of her abilities is Blinding Light in which she can summon a ray of light to stun and hurt the enemy or Grimm. She also has much more but she hates revealing them.

For Star's speed it's above normal but below Special ability. Star's special ability is mentality. She can create your best dream or your worst nightmare. Star is very weak now being to lift much yet her weapons and her agility can cut through anything. Her aura is amazing when in full battle mode and she has the heart of battle. To trigger her evil side make her sad or incredibly mad and she will burst into flames seriously.

Star has dust whip which allows her to use the whip part and change elements at the same time. Whatever thing the whip grabs it will feel the effect of the dust currently being used. It requires a huge package which is why Star rather uses her dagger lance. It can kill in a shot if aimed directly toward vital organs. Once it strikes it electrifies the victim.


Long ago there lived a Cat faunus and a human. The faunus was called Hail and the human was known as Cougar. They fell in love deeply and married secretly for the White Fang had grown even worse. Soon Hail had a child, born on a wishing star they called her Star. Very soon her parents were killed, but she survived when the White Fang attacked. Her ears were hidden in her hair since they were silver as well. She ran away other faunus showing her the way. She grew up earning money little by little doing errands and going to school. She was bullied at school everyday until one day she decided to take it on herself. She beat up the kids who hurt her and pushed her and laughed at her. She was the fiery, blood seeking monster that enveloped her soul. Star finally turned back and cried running away.

She soon took a ship to another kingdom and stayed there earning as much money as she could. She found a way o earn profit for herself and her friends. Soon they had to depart for they had joined the White Fang willingly. Star was sickened and depressed. She loved humans. They were kind and caring, well most of them of course. She soon grabbed a magazine and started reading it one day. She loved it since her father was a genius. It has passed into her DNA. She soon went to Sigma, a mini hunter and huntress school. She made her own weapon, Dust Whip and her Lightning Dagger Lance. She was an exceptional student, always on top of the class.

She soon received a letter from Beacon and enrolled now living the life she was supposed too. Star made friends on the first day and lots of things. She unpacked her stuff and relaxed. After years of running and fighting she was safe. She opened her suitcase. Inside was a secret dust drawer that she hid from everybody else. She was happy yet a little grieved as well.

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