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Stela. officially the Kingdom of Stela, is a sovereign city-state situated on a small island at the west of Vytal. It's the homeland of Ryan Chartreuse, who is also prince of this kingdom.



Geography and Climate

Stela has an area of 220 km² aprox. It has oceanic climate. Leafy forests and beautiful and abundant flora are distinctive of this place. Due to its isolated location, it's possible to find some endemic species of both animals and plants. Grimm are very scarce, almost non-existent, but these tend to be more violent than the average, and can be found in the forests.
Stela's terrain is almost flat, only having a few hills at its Northeast. It isn't a seismic or volcanic zone; however, Stela could be in danger if there's a seism nearby (in Vytal) that provokes a tsunami.


Stela is under a constitutional monarchy. The royal house is the House of Chartreuse and the current head of state is the Queen Esther Chartreuse, Ryan's mother.


Its currency is the Lien. Stela's economy mainly relies on mining (there's a small Dust mine under the hills). Stela's Dust is mostly Yellow Dust, which is more pure (and powerful) than the Dust found in other places, but since it's a limited resource that's harder to carry to other places it's an expensive variety. There's a growing interest on tourism as well, and a few people work in farming too.


Most of its population are humans. There's a significant percentage (around 30-40% of the population) of Faunus, that are descendents of inmigrants from Menagerie that came to Stela to seek refuge. Because of this, most of natives of Stela are not discriminative towards Faunus.


Due to geographical isolation, Stela natives have a distinctive accent.


  • Stela is slightly based on Sealand (since it's tiny and it's not in a continent) and other microstates such as Liechtenstein and Monaco (since they have a good economical situation). It's isolated situation is somewhat based on locations such as Basque Country and Easter Island.
  • Since Ryan is based on The Little Prince Stela would be something like The Little Prince's planet/asteroid.

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