Dear God, I hate the smell of cow in the morning.
— Stephan Kalashnikov

Stephan Noir Kalashnikov
Age 18
Title The Marksman
Alias Bird of Prey
Nickname Stephy
Status Alive
Color Black
Gender Male
Race Fauna
Species Kestrel
Born January 14th
Handedness Left Handed
Complexion Pale
Hair Black
Eyes Golden
Semblance Thermals
Height 6'2"
Weight 220 Pounds
Professional Status
Affiliation White Fang (current)
Job Types Sniper Support.
Personal Status
Relatives Mother and Father.
Additional Info
Emblem Emblem - Stephan
Likes Fish
Dislikes Veggies
Special Skills Sniping
Weaknesses Hand to Hand combat

This character was made by EvergreenLeaf Do not use if you'd prefer not to be gutted while alive without anesthesia. Thanks and have a good day living.


Stephan is a long and lean boy, much so for his age of 17. He has a pale face with tousled black hair with striking gold irises which always seem to be rapidly contracting and dialating, much like a bird of prey zooming in on its next meal. He wears a camo vest with a brown shirt underneath and cargo pants. His belt that holds up the cargo pants has multiple sniper round clips hanging off of it. He wears steel toed boots with excellent grip, and black gloves on his hands with a rubber lining. The most prominent feature, however, would be the multiple feathers along his arms, marking him as a faunus.

In terms of accessories, Stephan wears a necklace made out of spent casings, and has a white fang tattoo on his right arm from previous affiliation.


Stephan could be called antisocial and odd to talk to. Being a kestrel faunus, his eyes have a tendency to look like they're x-raying you when you look into them, probably because they're utterly contracted that you cannot see much of the pupils, if ever. Stephan also likes to eat with his hands, he grips his food with one hand and bites into it by bringing his mouth close to it. He isn't a sloppy eater, and makes sure to leave no entrails, but it is a bit of an oddity to see, to say the least. He can be humerous when he wants to, but remains utterly focused on whatever he is doing at the time, whether it be schoolwork, a conversation, or using his weapon to take down Grimm. When in combat, he remains utterly and completely focused on the job, oblivious to all distractions except for the sounds around him. 

However, he is extremely distrustful of humans, as he was discriminated against as a child, as well as while he attended Sanctum, thus making him reserved to humans around him, and not trusting one with anything, come it be his weapon, to even just holding something for him for a few seconds.

Weapon and Abilities

Stephan uses a SAHIEC Sniper Rifle (Semi-Automatic High Impact Electro-Charged Sniper Rifle) which

Sniper Commission 1-Leaf

Stephan's Sniper

he uses to great affect. He made it from a previous sniper rifle he had when it broke down, and it has served him well since. The weapon in particular looked like a strange mix between an assault rifle and a sniper rifle, however, it has a few enhancements which are generally not seen among said weapons. 

The weapon itself is  semi-automatic, with a silencer at the barrel. He can rapidly fire bullets from it without having the weapon make much sound. The fire rate is equivalent to a pistol, which I will get into more detail later. 

The stock is made out of a mixture of silicon and rubber, making it shock absorlant, as the sniper has a very high recoil due to firing electrically charged bullets, which I will get into more detail later. The stock can also extend or fold, depending on the situation.

The cartridge itself accepts clips from the bottom of the rifle, each clip holding up to 20-30 bullets at a time. Stephan's rifle is 

semi-automatic with a feeder, so no bolt is required to manually load bullets, allowing him to take down multiple targets faster. 

The rail is the part of the rifle that makes it what it really is in this case. The rail is electrocharged and speeds up the capabilities of the rifle by charging the entire thing. Generally, this would electrocute a normal person, but Stephan, wearing gloves with a rubber lining, thus, not getting shocked. The rail allows the rifle to be fired at the rate of a pistol, if not faster and even charges up the bullets to increase the amount of damage done, much like a railgun, but not as extreme of damage, say twice the amount of a normal sniper shot. The bullets are still regular sniper rounds, although filled with impact dust, but the electricity makes them faster and more potent than normal. 

In hand to hand combat, Stephan is not as great of shakes as he is with sniping. He fights purely defensively, and will only resort to this tactic if he ever runs out of bullets. He can use his gun as a kind of blunt tool, but prefers not to as the rail cannot withstand much blunt trauma and will break, rendering the sniper useless.

For sniping, Stephan can jump onto tree branches easily and stay compeltely still amongst the foliage. If he is discovered, he uses his powerful legs to dive off the tree and scamper off ot a different location, all without making a sound, silent like a bird of prey moving onto another vantage point before it makes a kill.

Leaf's Design

The Pistols that Stephan uses in their forms of blades out, and blades retracted.

As a secondary weapon for close combat fighting, Stephan uses two pistols which are located in two holsters on either side of his pants. The pistols are semi-automatic and fire .28 calibre shots, 

the magazines holding up to 12 rounds, giving him a total of 24 rounds to deal with. Extra clips of ammunition can be found in pockets on his veset slongside sniper rifle magazines. The holsters themselves can also hold up to two extra magazines of ammunition. Extra clips can also be found in regions along his cargo pants.

The ammunition in the magazines come either in impact dust, lightning, or fire. The magazines colour coded towards the kind of ammunition held inside of it. 

The pistol itself has a neat attachment, and that is a blade right beside the barrel. If a Grimm/opponent comes too close to comfort, Stephan will lash out with the pistol, the blade's razor sharp edge being able to inflict deep wounds, if not always fatal. It's sharpness also helps as Stephan's weak swings can become more of a threat, as the blade cuts easily. The holsters are steel lined and durable so Stephan doesn't cut himself while the pistols are stowed away, not that that happens often as the blades are retractable.

Stephan's semblence is one that enhances his perception. His eyes become like a thermal scope and allows him to see heat signatures through his eyes. The brighter the colour, the hotter the heat signature. Cold things, such as the ground under the shade of a tree, will be seen as a dark blue, wheres something like a mouse, will be seen as bright red or orange, the colour varying with the amount of heat emmited. This is especially useful when he is looking for hiden targets, they can hide their bodes, but not their body's heat. Used with the scope, Stephan becomes the ultimate hunter.


Stephan was born to two faunus parents as a kestrel faunus. Although the most prominent features of him being a faunus as birth were his eyes, golden and glowing in the dark, born with the night vision that most faunus possess. He was treated no better, or worse than faunus before him. 

When he turned two, his feathers began to sprout all over his arms, his parents, who had hoped that nothing besides his eyes would mark him as of an inferior race, had their hopes shattered of being able to have their son incorporated into a human lifestyle.

He also developed a kind of awkward poise, prefering to stand on his tiptoes and walk around, rather then being flat footed.

Finally, at age four, Stephan was fully in control of his body and was able to use it with ease. He became an excellent diver and jumper. physically fit and adept at defending himself from the boys who bullied him on a day to day basis. His parents wanted to move to a different place, but lacking funds due to their bosses being harsh, they were forced to deal as they were.

Stephan's father had grown up in a household shattered by the faunus wars. He had seen his own father shot right in front of him, and his mother persecuted and then hung. The wars were now over, but there still remained the gleam of discriminatory acts, he didn't want Stephan to be as helpless as he was, so at night, he would take his son down to an abandoned gym, and teach him how to fight there.

Stephan's awkward poise and form made him more of a defensive fighter,, and he became physically defensive, being able to take hits, but not being able to throw much in return. It would appear, that the feathers along his arms caused drag to his punches, weakening them considerably.

After a while, his father stopped teaching him, content with what his son could do and then told his mother about what their son had achieved. His mom was much worried, would teaching their son how to fight at such a young age reinforce the steriotypes about them? But in the end, she was grateful for the fact that her son could finally defend himself.

A few months after Stephan turned ten, his parents had sent him out to get groceries one night. And by a chance of fate, was held up by a car crash near the store after he entered and his walk home was delayed. 

When the boy arrived, there were people surrounding the house, armed with torches and crude swords, banging at the door, yelling for his parents to come out. The frightened boy took cover behind a garbage can and watched as the scene unfolded.

His father came out and tried to reason with the people there. It appeared that they had caught wind of what he was doing with his son and demanded an answer. His father tried to calm them down by saying that he was planning on sending his son to Sanctum the following year to train to become a hunter. This was followed by jeers and laughs, and the people there pushed at his father. 

Stephan, unable to take this anymore, ran out and confronted the people there, demanding that they apologize and that he actually was going to Sanctum. 

This was followed by some confusion. Could the boy be running along with his father's story? A few people in the crowd demanded the Stephan fight them weaponless in order for them to truely gague his strength. 

This was a bit of a blow. He had only fought defensively, never offensively, the only way he would be able to hurt the people there was to trip them up onto something painful and uncomfortable, but that didn't matter now, the challenge was thrown, and he would have to follow through.

When the fight started, Stephan was scared, but then he realized that his defensive style of fighting, although not really doing much in terms of damage, was wearing out his attacker more than it was to himself. At the end, all it took was one shove to bring the man down. 

Fight after fight, it continued on, but his stamina had increased due to all those training sessions and challenger after challenger went down due to fatigue. 

Finally, the crowd had dispersed, and Stephan, finally victorious went to his bed and collapsed. 

The very next day he awoke to a loud hammering, he got up abruptly and saw that his dad was doing what looked like reenforcing the house, sheets of metal were stacked everywhere and the walls were now metal plated and the door had been replaced with a heavy duty iron door. He was surprised to see such events transpire in the time space of a single night.  

The reason for this became clear when every night, mobs of people came and demanded they come out, Stephan's parents were fired from their meager job of agricutural odd jobs and were eventually forced to move.

They left in the dead of night, parents and child, running as fast as they could out of the town where they lived and moving to a nearby forest. Stephan took up the job of hunting for his family and made sure to catch fish and small animals for them to eat. 

A few months of this, and his father came to him and told him that they were moving from the woods. Stephan was very disappointed upon this news. He had adapted well to woodland life and giving into his natural instincts while hunting gave him a sense of ease and a feeling that he belonged. 

They went on the road again, and Stephan was surprised to see his father hand him a transcript as well as a letter of acceptance to Sanctum. It appeared that one weekend while Stephan was hunting, his father had taken a trip to a nearby town and submitted his son's transcript and promptly gotten an acceptance letter in return. Stephan was slightly disturbed by this secrecy, but at the same time was glad that he would finally be able to go a place where he could fully establish himself as adept and be accepted amongst people as a hunter. 

Come time to go to Sanctum, and Stephan gets the harsh reality check that he's treated no better at Sanctum than he was back at his old town, in fact, he is treated worse.

Bullied, made fun of, belittled and whatnot, Stephan recieved no little bit of mockery from his classmates for every little thing, whether it be the way he eats, the way he walks, or the way he fights. 

Having not picked up a weapon, Stephan had little in the way of fighting except his defensive style, which proved to be utterly useless against adversaries with maces, swords, and of the like. when faced against an opponent faster than he was, Stephan buckled easily. 

A teacher at Sanctum noticed the boy's difficulites and decided to give Stephan some coaching, showing him some rudimentary weapons. After failing with swords, knives, a mace, chakrams and even a bladed shield, the teacher hands Stephan a rudimentary rifle. 

No one is more surprised than Stephan when he managed to hit the bullseye consecutively. When trying to do the same with a pistol, he managed to get close, but it would appear that his stance actually was better for a rifle because he was still and balanced, rather than requiring a kind of flexibility that he did not have for a pistol.

For the next few months, Stephan built up his proficiency with the rifle, and attached a specially made scope to fit his needs. Amongst this, the teacher who trained him also began training him in the way of Aura, and eventually, Stephan unlocked his Semblance after two years of training his aura. 

At his second year of training at Sanctum, Stephan finally decided to pick up pistols again, in order to become a close range fighter as well. He became more of a threat, but he was still mocked due to being defeated often in combat training, although he did manage to get the occasional win.

Learning how to use the pistols required half a year of hard work and endurance. He managed to build up the flexibility and ease in his wrists required for such maneuvers, as well as a strong support in order to be able to handle the recoil in one hand. 

Gradually, he upgraded from simple revolvers, to semi-automatic pistols, eventually getting to the twelve clip semi-automatic pistols he uses today. To be able to use the guns in severe close combat cases, he attached two blades on either side of the barrel of both pistols, making the blades as sharp as scalpels. He cut himself often at the beginning while using them, but eventually managed to bring up his skill and proficiency to be able to wield them easily, as well as forging two stainless-steel custom holsters that could both house the pistols, and extra clips of ammunition. He also made the pistols such that the blades housed on either side of the barrel could be retracted, making the pistol easier to stow away, as well as allowing for surprise blade attacks. 

Finally, in his third year, Stephan became a formidable force. Starting to win battles more often, although not all the time, and slowly gaining respect from his fellow classmates. But the damage was done, he would ahve nothing to do with them, and would take cruel pleasure from beating them down in traning. Not exactly excelling at classes, but also not exactly being the average student, Stephan managed to stay a complete unknown for his time at Sanctum, although secretly hoping he'd get recognition from some of the stronger people in his classes, mainly the ones that kept on beating him.

Finally, in his final year, Stephan managed to build himself up enough that when he applied to Beacon, he got accepted. However, as a way to prove himself, he decided to enter the Mistral Regional Championship, as he had been winning more and more often.

It came as a huge blow, the first round he was in, he got defeated effortlessly by a certain Sven Searfeld and his tonfa. However, Stephan took slight mirth in the fact that his opponent got beat as easily as he had in the second round of the tournament. 

Undeterred by his defeat, Stephan comes to Beacon with high hopes of being able to prove himself, and make sure that everyone knows that a faunus can strive to be better than the rest.

During his third and fourth year, Stephan joined the White Fang and took part in covert operations, the most serious one being a sniper support on a full scale attack on an embassy. Deaths by his hand would probably go into the thirties.


  • Stephan's middle name, Noir, is French for Black.

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