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Strolling Jokalope

Della Azure

Previous Owner



Crossbow, axe

Weapon Derivation

Portable Explosive Crossbow Hook



[x] Slashing

[x] Piercing

[x] Bludgeoning

[x] Other: Shooting


  • Ammunition:

[ ] Dust (Mechanized use only)

[ ] Bullets: (List Caliber)

[x] Other: (Little bombs made of Dust)

[ ] None

  • Delivery Method:

[ ] Gunpowder

[x] Tension (Bow, Slingshot, Etc)

[ ] Thrown

  • Dust type:

[x] Red - Fire

[x] Orange - ???

[x] Yellow - ???/Thunder

[x] Green - ???

[ ] Blue - ???/Water

[ ] Cyan - Ice

[x] White - ???/Impact

  • Dust status:

[x] Powdered

[ ] Uncut


Its name comes from Joker and Jackalope, and Strolling refers to Della's behavior. It uses explosive ammunition made with Dust. She can use her weapon as a hook too, and can shoot proyectiles when hooked to something or in mid-air. She uses 5 kinds of ammunition (from less to more powerful):

  • Clubs
  • Diamonds
  • Hearts
  • Spades

(They follow "Bridge" order. The more powerful the ammunition is, the more unstable is. Unstable proyectiles are better for "hooked" or close attacks, while stable ones are better for long-distance attacks.)
And the most powerful one that's used for final shots:

  • Joker

(It's more powerful than Spades but it's as stable as Diamonds. Della uses these carefully since these are hard to craft). She can load up to 12 proyectiles, and can mix them up according to her needs. The main weakness of this weapon is that it isn't able to deliver "direct" attacks, but has a good area coverage. It's an automatic weapon so it doesn't need to be prepared for shooting, besides loading ammunition.
Strolling Jokalope also has an axe/staff mode, which is rarely used by Della since she's more of a ranged fighter than of a melee one. In this mode, the shooting function is unavailable.


  • Previous owner: None
  • Current owner: Della Azure. It was built by her.
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