Aw, com'on. I'm not in the mood for that nonsense.
— Suika Natsuko

Suika Natsuko (西瓜 夏子, lit Watermelon Summer Child)
Age 17
Title Oasis
Nickname Melonhead
Status Active
Color Red
Gender Female
Handedness Right-handed
Hair Pink
Eyes Red
Semblance Ricochet
Height 158.5 cm
Weight 54 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Partner Lime Prime
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Siblings
Additional Info
Special Skills
  • Musician
  • Talented tactician
  • Inferiority Complex
Character Theme

In the Sunlight (Wild Arms XF)
Battle Theme

Bullet Drive (Megaman ZX:Advent - ZXA Tunes version)
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Suika Natsuko is a student of Beacon Academy. She's the first member of Team SLMN. A bit of a prankster, she doesn't like taking heavy actions, instead letting most of her teammates do the work. She wields a pair of metal rods called Fireworks.

Current Revision: 0.98


Suika is thin and short, making her light on her feet. She wears her hair in a ponytail.

Her normal attire consists of a short pink kimono with watermelon decorations. She wears loose slacks. Her clothes are also too big for her, making her look larger in terms of body size.

She has a cherry blossom tattoo on her left leg.


Suika is notable for her mischievous personality. She likes playing pranks on her fellow students and has earned the ire of more than one professor because of it. Though usually she reserves her pranks for bullies.

Other than that, she doesn't like doing much activity, preferring if her teammates handle student affairs and other work. In short, she's lazy.

Despite that, she's the strategist of the team.

She's easily bored and the only thing that entertains her are activities where her life is on the line. Suika likes living on edge in short.

Weapons and Abilities

Suika's main asset is her brilliance in battle. Though laid back and lazy, she has a natural talent for tactics.

Her weapon of choice is a pair of Short-Range Impact Rods (SRIR) called Fireworks. It acts like an ordinary pair of metal sticks with what appears to be a grip at the bottom where a trigger is located. It vaguely looks like a simplified single-shot rifle.

It mainly uses Red Dust as ammo. In close-range, she uses them in tandem with Grimm Chance, specializing in countering attacks.

Her main strategy is to make herself look like an incompetent idiot whose weapons often 'misfire', letting herself get hurt to observe how her opponent fights. Due to this, she's more resilient that she looks, being able to endure a lot of blows. Once she gets an understanding of the opponent's fighting style, she'll begin to make full use of her capabilities, matching the skills of her foes, but never surpassing them. She reserves her full potential against the Grimm.

Her aura is colored pink while her semblance focuses on glyphs specializing in Ricochet, which she uses to ricochet the bullets she fires. She can only fire one shot at a time, since she needs to use her other hand to cast the Glyphs in a set area.

Due to this setup, she can use her Semblance to hit a target from multiple angles, making her shots difficult to discern, especially once she gets trigger happy.

Notably, she's quite acrobatic, being very nimble and mobile. She's incredibly dangerous in the air since her range of attack is wider, giving her full use of her Semblance in any direction. This originates on her days as a circus performer when she performed alongside her sister, before becoming a musician.

She specializes with the maracas.


For as long as Suika remembers, she and her sister, Sakura, were part of a travelling caravan of circus actors.

Her sister, Sakura was known for her acrobatic feats that rivals that of what the Hunters can do, but without making use of any abilities whatsoever.

Suika herself was not known for much. She worked behind the stages as a musician alongside a few others who knew how to play an instrument. She managed to learn a few acrobatic moves from her sister, but that wasn't noteworthy enough for her to be noticed.

While her sister basked in the limelight, Suika was striving hard to earn money to enroll herself in a combat school, to get out of the circus. It's not like anyone will remember her, right?

As a form of self defense, she studied Grimm Chance, the Narasimha style, training with various students. Early on, she tried being creative and used it with a maracas. As her training went on, it became a pair of metal rods, before finally becoming her current weapon of choice.

Sure enough, several years later, Suika left the circus, enrolling in a combat school in Atlas. Though she strived to be the best she can, she still fell short, always being the second best in her classes. As a result, she lost her drive in proving herself, and decided to just be who she should be.

Though she still excelled in class, she didn't study hard as much anymore, trying to overcome her envy of those above her. She coped by trying to put on a fun-loving mischievous front. It partially worked.

By the time she came to Beacon, she didn't realize she would be invaluable to a particular group of people, who already heard of her skills in her previous school...

"Really... If you put all of your best, you'll just feel tired. Just go with the flow, like I do."

Additional (yet irrelevant) Information

Weapon: Fireworks (Short-Range Impact Rods)

  • A pair of metal sticks with a break open mechanism. Red Dust ammo is loaded in the bottom.

Accessories: n/a

Alignment: True Neutral

  • She doesn't care for moral dilemma, often ignoring the conflict in front of her if it's a pain.

Likes: Cherry, Biscuits, Watermelon

  • She likes cherry, since it reminds her of her own sister. It's unclear if she eats cherries out of spite or out of love.
  • Having been saving money, she's been eating biscuits most of her life. Now she considers it her favorite food, often looking for different varieties of them.
  • Strangely enough, she loves her namesake, especially during hot days.

Dislikes: Bugs, Monkeys, Pie

  • She hates bugs, especially centipedes.
  • A monkey in the circus once tossed a banana peel at her when she was young. Now she doesn't like being near them.
  • Having seen the clowns in the circus throw pie at each other, only for her to clean it, she now has a minor disdain for pie.

RPG Stats:

  • Class: Trickshot Monk
  • Strength: B
  • Defense: C
  • Dust Usage: B+
  • Aura Usage F
  • Dust Resistance: C
  • Speed: B
  • Evasion: C
  • Luck: B


  • Suika's personality, is in a way, takes inspiration from Suika Ibuki from Touhou Project. She's lazy, but when she takes action, it tends to end well.
  • She embodies the trope Brilliant, But Lazy.
  • Grimm Chance is property of TorrentAB.

Name Applicable to Remnant?

  • Suika is japanese for Watermelon, known for their pinkish red insides.
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